Viome At Home Gut Test

 The Science of Viome

We use the advanced technology developed for National Security at the Los Alamos National Lab to identify species and strains of all organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, phages, yeast, parasites, etc.) in your gut, assess how active these organisms are, and analyze whether they are producing nutrients or toxins from the food you eat. We feed all of this information to our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence engine to recommend the exact foods you should be eating and foods you should be minimizing with the goal to keep your gut in balance.

Discover what’s happening inside your gut and get a personalized action plan to fix it. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all diet for your good health. After all, one man’s food is another man’s poison. In three easy steps, you can be on your way to feeling better, losing weight, getting better sleep, eliminating brain fog and having more energy!

Step 1 – We send you your easy to use at-home kit to collect your sample.

Step 2 – We analyze your sample in order to understand what nutrients and toxins are being produced by your gut microbiome.

Step 3 – Your food recommendations are delivered straight to your app!

The healthcare system today is reactive and is designed to suppress symptoms rather than find the underlying cause of diseases. Almost all of the chronic diseases are caused by inflammation, which begins with an unhealthy gut. Our moonshot is to understand the human body at the molecular level and apply cutting-edge technologies to make illness optional. We hope you will join Viome as the pioneer in the wellness revolution!