The Three Levels of Self Defense

There are three levels of Self Defense minimum. Often different martial arts schools teach several levels from 3 to eight levels. The bare minimum will at all times be 3.

In my personal experience 5 levels are essentially the most effective. But that does not undermine the three levels that are equally kind of as effective especially for beginners. Because the more levels may complicate things.

So let’s start of with the three levels.

1. Awareness and Evasion.

An important thing is to concentrate on your surroundings and what you might be up against. By determining your current situation, you will get a much clearer idea of what you should do. Either retaliate, defend or escape.

First pay attention to where you might be.

Are you alone?

Is that this a dangerous shady area?

Are you able to call for help? A

re there any escape routes?

These are only just a few things you’ll want to pay attention to. Then you’ll want to know your enemy. Are there one or multiple? Does he have a weapon and might you defend against it.

After this, you’ll want to determine the evasion process. If it is a weapon, what can you employ to defend yourself. A wood plank. A garbage can. Whatever you should use. Or if it is a firearm, possibly you need to just comply together with your attacker.

2. Defend and retaliation.

Defend yourself in any respect cost. If you happen to are being attacked and there is no way out of it. Defend.

Use what ever means you may have to make certain you aren’t getting physically injured. Use what ever weapons that you would be able to find. A bottle. A stick. A rock. Anything you’ll find.

Retaliation or counterattack comes after. You may either block the attack and hit your attacker with a swift strike to stun him.

3. Stun and incapacitate

Stunning your attacker could buy you a while and provide you with a possibility to flee. The perfect technique to stun your attacker is by hitting vulnerable parts comparable to the groin, eyes, head and throat areas.

Once stunned you may either resolve to flee or incapacitate your attacker. Meaning putting him out of the fight by a strong blow. Usage of weapons is simplest here. Either with hard blow on the pinnacle or the groin to take your attacker out of the fight and provide you with time to flee and call for help.

These are the three levels of self defense. Often other martial arts schools teach different types of levels. But it surely’s often a mixture of the above. Some schools teach 5 or more levels of self defense.

Final Words.

By being aware and never putting yourself in dangerous situations in the primary place can prevent you from needing to self defend yourself. By aware of where you might be, where you might be going and who you might be with. If you happen to are in a gaggle, you most probably will decrease the likelihood of being attacked by 99%. Never walk alone in the midst of the night.

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