With the growing trend of violence in today’s society, perhaps one of the crucial prevalent concerns on the minds of girls all over the place is personal protection. It’s scary enough to be a single woman walking home from a late night of labor or to the corner store, and even just sitting at home alone for a quiet night in. But, doing so with none technique of self-defense is downright terrifying. And though there are plenty personal protection classes available, which each woman should take, sometimes we just need that added layer of security to guarantee ourselves that we will handle any situation that comes our way.

As a way to help protect yourself there are numerous tools, which will be of great use to a girl searching for extra protection. Small, lightweight, and conveniently compact, the stun gun pen incorporates the stopping power of a taser or stun gun and packages it in a fashion suitable for carrying in your purse or pocket without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. Some pens are even found on key chains for the added ease of transport and use. Even higher, most not only seem like flashlights but they really are flashlights, an additional advantage you should utilize when walking through poorly lit areas. Never again will it’s essential to leave your property and not using a quick and effective technique of protecting yourself within the event of an attack.

A stun gun, also referred to as an electroshock weapon, is a tool that delivers an electrical charge designed to incapacitate and subdue its goal using a high-voltage, low current shock. The charge is brought on by an alternating electrical current running between two exposed prongs on the top of the gun. This charge disrupts the muscle function within the body, and causes muscles to twitch or spasm uncontrollably. While the actual current is applied, the shock is definitely enough to paralyze its goal, allowing a victim to quickly and safely escape his or her attacker. The shock also causes pain within the recipient, and the more sensitive the realm to which the heartbeat is applied, the more pain the person will feel. They’re effective even through layers of clothing, so there isn’t any need to go looking for exposed skin to which to use the device.

The perfect areas of the body on which to put the stun device for optimum effect are the upper shoulder, lower rib cage, and upper hip. Moreover, often just the sight and sound of the electrical current pulsating between the prongs is enough of a deterrent to stop an attack before it starts. The consequences are temporary, and supply a safer and simpler alternative to other, more lethal weapons. They’re designed to be user-friendly, most requiring that the security on the pen be within the “on” position to operate. That is to make sure that it’s the intended recipient who receives the shock, not the user.

Most stun gun pens are in regards to the size and weight of a marker pen, making them far more convenient than the typical stun gun or taser.

The benefit of use, convenience of size and weight, and overall effectiveness of the stun gun pen make it a great means of private protection. It’s something all women should carry with them, since it’s higher to have one and never need it than need one and never have it.

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