Have you ever ever heard of trauma stored within the cells of the body? We may only be quite conversant in trauma when it comes to our memories brought on by experiences, but never within the physical body. On this product, we’ll learn that negative experiences not only dwell in our memories, but in addition affects and dwells in our body through our ancestors. Learn how it may well occur!

What’s The Bioenergy Code?

The Bioenergy Code is the one manifestation program based on the foundational ancient chakra teachings, cutting-edge neuroscience, and the BioEnergy Switch that’s inside everyone. It consists of the energy centers of the body which have been called Chakras. It consists of seven (7) Chakras that flow into the body for a well-being manifestation. This energy is what empowers an individual to live his best life.

The Bioenergy Code - Chakras

The key lies in discovering find out how to trigger an energy “switch” that was much faster and simpler than the traditional chakra teachings from slow to fast due to the newest neurological brainwave programming. It’s coupled with guided meditations and powerful visualizations from traditional chakra teachings. It helps address the foundation of the issues and traumas that the body cells have stored. It could help as many individuals as possible discover find out how to quickly and simply align the energy centers of their bodies in order that they can finally clear what’s blocking them from manifesting abundance.

This program helps the restoration and transformation of the self into recognizing the upper purpose. Also, this could make one feel the negative energy dissolving and positive energy taking control of the mind, body and experiencing a peace and balance in a single’s identity and purpose hence becoming more connected to the identity of the self. It has many phases which can guide all throughout this system.

Who Created the The Bioenergy Code?

The one who created and arranged this program is Angela Carter with the influence of Anthony in Kathmandu which she met when she was desperate in attempting to improve her life. She felt the emptiness, shame, this deep pain at living a life she wanted for herself and realized that it was one way or the other affected by a Generational Trauma.

This program has helped her conquer her trauma and lived her life as best as possible the moment she embraced this system herself.

How Does The Bioenergy Code Work?

With the intention to fully access this system, one have to be willing to undergo the switch. It consists of seven (7) phases which can help the restoration of the self through guided meditation. It’s coupled with guided meditations and powerful visualizations from traditional chakra teachings into easy audio tracks that will powerfully clean and help the bioenergy levels .

The Bioenergy Code - 7 Phases

Phases include welcoming the energy and moving into its foundation. The second phase of this program requires a powerful sense of safety and security in an effort to thrive in life, so this phase leads you thru identifying areas in your life where there’s an absence of security, stability and belonging. Next could be all about relationships. This phase, when flowing of the energy is unobstructed, this energy center creates emotional intelligence, supports deep meaningful relationships, and promotes feelings of enjoyment. Also, the ability core of the being is being tapped. That is where the source of inner fire, personal power and happiness lies. The primary phase involves the center. It’s dissolving away the barriers of receiving love, in addition to the pain of past disappointments. There’s also an energy sure for expressing. This involves owning and speaking your truth will be near unattainable when our energy is sure by others’ expectations of us. One other phase helps self-doubt to be erased, and replaced by a confidence in your ability to see things as they really are with clarity, insight, and wisdom.

There’s also a phase wherein a person taps into being one with the Universe. On this phase, there’s an experience of a deep sense of oneness and wholeness with the energy of the universe. And the last one is returning to your conscious life with a recent sense of expansive peace and warming love, contributing to a person’s feeling and being whole.


– being the perfect self

– identifying and addressing generational trauma

– transforming lives

– covers different points in life

– healing unresolved personal issues

– addressing the negative energy restored within the body

– thorough phases of knowledge

– accessible through the web

– portable and straightforward to make use of

– bonuses included in the course of the purchase

– has physical set to be purchased

– money-back guarantee


– You wish a web connection to buy this product

– results may vary


Should you are affected by a generational trauma, or issues which cause you not to achieve your full potential, it’s time so that you can shake those blockages and as an alternative activate the switch of the bioenergy code in an effort to turn into your best self.

Accompanied with quick access tools through audio tracks, you’ll have the option to undergo different phases which can enable you to out addressing your personal issues.

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