If you end up in the course of a fight in your life, isn’t the time to determine which vital areas in your adversary to strike. This decision must be made well prematurely. An important acronym to recollect 4 specific striking areas is B.E.A.T. B.E.A.T is brief for Brain, Eyes, Abdomen and Testicles. These striking areas must be used to distract your adversary long enough so that you can exit the threat zone. They mustn’t be considered blows that may incapacitate. They could, but most probably they may create a really short time period wherein your adversary isn’t desirous about you but is desirous about pain. That’s your window of opportunity. RUN!

I used to be first introduced the B.E.A.T model in Frank Albert’s great book One-Strike Stopping Power – How you can Win Street Confrontations with Speed and Skill. This book is out there at http://www.paladin-press.com.

BRAIN – Rock the brain and also you reboot the pc. Slapping the side of your adversary’s head will often get their attention and cause a distraction. If the distraction works, run. The perfect self-defense technique is running away from the threat. Do not forget that slapping someone is barely a distraction; follow-up strikes are obviously needed if the distraction doesn’t work and you intend on winning this encounter. At all times have a follow-up plan. Preprogram Murphy’s Law into the equation. Plan for the worst and when it doesn’t occur, cool!

EYES – In the event that they cannot see, it is rather hard to search out you. All of us should have the ability to agree that shoving your fingers into the eyes of somebody that’s attacking you’ll most probably upset them. It is going to also often cause them to drop or let go of whatever they’re holding and retract their hands back towards their eyes. Again, that is the golden moment so that you can exit the threat zone. Don’t stand around admiring your handy work, RUN!

ABDOMEN – Have you ever ever had the wind knocked out of you? A very good straight punch or higher yet, a knee delivered to the abdominal region should do the trick. Where do you would like to strike? Well, make it easy, and hit them across the navel region. Drive your strike through the navel; do not only strike the surface. Here is something to take into consideration: Melchor Menor, a former two-time Muay Thai world champion was tested on the ability of his knee strike. Menor delivered a knee strike to a monitored test dummy, and the ability of his knee strike was equal to the ability of a 35 mile per hour automotive crash. That would definitely cause some destruction!

TESTICLES – Okay, no one really desires to speak about this one but grabbing the soft area of the testicles and attempting to tear them off will definitely get the eye of any would-be rapist. Obviously, that is a bit of harder if he still has his pants on. You’ll have to grab through numerous cloth. The one problem is that the testicles are well protected by the massive leg muscles and getting a direct hit is difficult. A straightforward strike or flick of the fingers into or towards the groin region will cause nearly any man to take a step backwards, or not less than flinch. That actually doesn’t put him out of the fight; nevertheless, don’t be discouraged. Aim low and hit hard. If you happen to do get a direct hit, you’ll have most probably hit payday. Stun and RUN!

So, there’s the B.E.A.T. model. Train it, practice it and prepare yourself for battle.

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