Tennis Fitness: Dangerous Exercises for Tennis – The Upright Row

As strength and conditioning becomes an increasing number of popular amongst recreational and pro tennis players, there are a number of precautionary measures that have to be taken. Mainly due to the high demands placed on the body during a tennis match.

Probably the most dangerous exercises for tennis is the upright row. This exercise can potentially worsen and even cause tennis elbow.

There are different variations to this exercise and it CAN be helpful in the event you do it properly, but in the event you’re just hitting the gym, stay away…

Incase you are undecided what it’s, I’ll briefly explain.

The upright row is performed with either a a pair of dumbbells or a barbell. An individual

grabs the bar with the hands placed about 5 inches apart and lifts it straight up the body

stopping slightly below the chin.

When you’re not already performing this exercise and also you play a whole lot of tennis… with a bit of time it may possibly cause tennis elbow bringing pain you’ve got never imagined. I do not care how young or old you’re.

When the tendons of the elbow are tight, this exercise is especially dangerous due to the ‘unnatural force’ placed on the joint

With the hands placed close on the bar, the upward motion places stress on the elbow… stress against it’s unnatural bending motion.

Let me explain.

Let your arm hang by your side and contract your bicep bringing your forearm closer to

your upper arm. You are forearm will move in a vertical line to the bottom. That is the

natural motion.

As you are bringing your forearm toward your upper arm, stop half way where your arm

forms a 90 degree angle.

Together with your arm at a 90 degree angle, imagine attempting to bend your elbow laterally (or across your body) without rotating your shoulder. You’ll be able to’t, the

elbow joint is not made for it and the ligaments and tendons serve to maintain the elbow from bending in that direction.

The force placed on the elbow joint through the upright simulates attempting to bend it in

a way wherein it wasn’t made. It stretches the ligaments and tendons, causes inflammation, and BAM… there you’re on the sidelines with tennis elbow… for the way long? Who knows… so it is best to play it protected and use alternate exercises to strengthen your shoulders to assist your tennis game!

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