Emphasizing toughness and aggression, Gangrou-quan is a Chinese type of martial arts with an extended, colourful history behind it. When you needn’t know a whole history of this self-defense art form to understand what it’s able to in the current, a temporary overview of Gangrou-quan will a minimum of serve for example why it’s such a highly respected type of defense and offense.

It is going to provide a foundation to the essential teachings that should be committed to physical and mental memory by those that wish to review.

Simply put, this art combines hard and soft techniques. It brings together the rou, which focuses on relaxed techniques with optimal flexibility, with the gang, which focuses on harder techniques. The mixture of those two things creates a formidable branch of the fighting arts.

Gangrou-quan History And Background

The history of Gangrou-quan can actually be traced all the way in which back to the seventeenth century. The complete story of this martial arts style arguably begins with monks who lived in a Southern Shaolin temple, which was positioned within the Fujian Province. The roots of Gangrou-quan will be present in the key societies and organizations that were formed on this time period. Some were designed to overthrow governments. Others were simply in place to pass on the essential techniques of the self-defense arts that were practiced in a specific region.

Through the years and a long time, the southern and northern regions began exchanging techniques and principles. This measure of cooperation would serve to create most of the fighting styles which might be still employed to at the present time, including Gangrou-quan.

On the dawn of the twentieth century, the style that is taken into account Gangrou-quan began to tackle the form that it currently enjoys today. This was because Chen Bu-Gao and Chen Lan-Ching began to assemble various components of Zhejiang martial arts right into a more unified approach to offense and defense.

With Gangrou-quan, the stance is every little thing. You wish something that emphasizes steadiness and stability. You wish movements which might be seemingly simplistic to the naked eye, but are literally going to be delivered with strength and firmness. The teachings of this style will be divided into the interior and external. The interior focuses on respiration and chi.

The external part focuses on toughening up the skin, the body, the bones, and every little thing else.

The Bottom Line

Through the years, this art has kept its fame for being a martial arts style that’s designed to offer the scholar practical fighting skills.

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