Reassessing Worksite Wellness After All These Years: Still Medical or Blossoming Into REAL Wellness?
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Reassessing Worksite Wellness After All These Years: Still Medical or Blossoming Into REAL Wellness?


One advantage of stayin alive beyond expectations (i.e., reaching a state of perennialhood) is increased wisdom and, sometimes, witnessing desired changes. That is the hope, in any case, attributable to a long time of increasingly prescient observations and greater openness to alternate experiences. What higher time than later life to reexamine opinions and beliefs? Why finish with that old time religion or other fossilized attachments political, social and so forth? Oftentimes, these hardened impressions are outdated or otherwise ripe for reforms. Or not.

In any case, many might profit from periodic scrutiny of long held views. On occasions, some opinions, even biases, could possibly be in need of amendments, or at the very least refinements.

A private example is an extended held claim that worksite wellness programming has been and stays overly medical, dating back to the trendy restart of the wellness movement within the early 1980’s. Particularly with respect to a few of the 4 dimensions of REAL wellness, worksite programming has ignored systematic efforts to advertise positive mental skills, similar to reason (critical considering), exuberance (joy and added meaning) and liberty (expanded personal freedoms). The opposite coping with exercise and nutrition (Athleticism) has received ample attention at worksites and elsewhere.)

Is there credible evidence of a turn toward REAL wellness, recognizing that such initiatives could be addressed by other terms?

Some colleagues more attuned to workplace best practices and innovations have urged a reassessment. I’m told there are REAL wellness priorities and programs underway that promise results.

Spurred on by an invite to seem on a webinar of a number one worksite wellness organization to debate the book Not Dead Yet (NDY). I made a decision, in true stayin alive fashion, to explore what’s latest in corporate wellness.


On October 30, I participated in a hour-long webinar with Dr. Paul Terry, senior fellow and editor of the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO). The theme was Thriving & Flourishing (At Any Age)! The initial focus was the 56 suggestions for successful aging described within the book. Sharing the webcast podium with me was Susan Bradley Cox, certainly one of the eighteen world triathlon champions over age 75 profiled in NDY.


Under the most effective of conditions, the impact of worksite wellness will necessarily be incidental relative to the larger issues employees face. Social determinants similar to deficient educational levels, poor housing conditions, dysfunctional cultural influences, economic pressures, crime, mental and physical disabilities and way more are more consequential but not malleable by worksite wellness. While essential, it’s helpful to appreciate that macro changes in society and the environment needs to be a priority, to not be missed while promoting employee wellbeing. A couple of health promotion classes and other initiatives to encourage good health skills and practices in the course of the few hours per week available for worksite programming mustn’t distract from the larger issues that the majority affect quality of life.

This point was made by economist Thierry Malleret on the 2023 Global Wellness Summit in Singapore October 15-17:

Skyrocketing costs of healthcare, housing and education are decimating the US middle class and causing rising inequality and anxiety-and the phenomenon is just not limited to the US. But on the subject of social and environmental progress, the US appears as a big, underperforming outlier. Based on the Social Progress Index, the US is the one developed country that’s backsliding, each in absolute and relative terms, in comparison with its peers. It now ranks twenty sixth in social progress, while Norway comes first.

Many (e.g., Benjamin Libet, Dan Wegner, Thalia Wheatley, Sam Harris and a majority of latest scientists) marshal evidence to support the view that free will is a myth, that determinism prevails. In that case, this takes the zing out of oft ballyhooed enthusiasm for self-responsibility, and witticisms similar to P.J. O’Rourke’s crack that no drug, not even alcohol, causes the basic ills of society. If we’re on the lookout for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we must always test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.


HERO is a national think tank whose mission is to advance best practices in worker health promotion. HERO provides leadership in research and education on the impact of worksite wellness, on best practices for positive health outcomes and on the role and nature of healthy cultures for successful worker performance.

Over the course of several years, Paul Terry has prolonged polite and at all times collegial invitations to contemplate more charitable assessments about worksite wellness. Within the weeks resulting in the webinar, while looking for to raised appreciate positive (i.e., REAL wellness-like) programming, I reviewed HERO’s archived interviews with worksite leaders, in addition to the organization’s annual forum proceedings, research studies, think tank meetings, scorecard initiatives, briefs, blogs and news releases. All impressive, to make sure.

After receiving an advance partial draft of this text, Paul offered the next:

It is a tall order to summarize all of the ways in which workplace health is aligned with REAL Wellness as it has been occurring for a very long time and has already apparently eluded your observant proclivities. I’ve pasted an editorial below that can be published in January. I feel the ‘Pillars’ exemplify the freedom and reasoning points of your philosophy. My editorials are open access. Up to now years I’ve written about voluntariness and autonomy (liberty), about parsing between facts, truth and empirical evidence (reason and liberty) happiness and meaning and life purpose in an interview with Richard Lieder and Vic Strecher (reason and enthusiasm). In each editorial I feature cases and examples of how the private and public sector are increasingly collaborating to realize these REAL approaches.

All that strikes me as encouraging and welcome news. The theme of the recently concluded HERO forum was Thriving Organizations Achieving Well-Being Through Collaboration. Much attention was focused on the Federal government’s Healthy People 2030 initiative, a science-based rendering of 10-year national objectives. The goal of Healthy People continues to be improving the health of all Americans.

Based upon short (under six minute) expert interviews conducted on the last HERO conference with national figures in worksite wellness, an extra glimpse into REAL wellness-related initiatives in corporate programming may be sensed.


Krystal Sexton, head of Human Performance and Care at Shell, identified psychological characteristics of employees who most impact organizational performance. Such Individual qualities include hope, optimism, resilience and self-confidence; team dynamic aspects that matter most are those who are likely to lift people up, provide role clarity and find common ground.

Unfortunately, this and the opposite interviews didn’t discover specific company wellness programs that addresses these drivers of company success. I’ll look on the brilliant side and assume there have to be training for all that promotes specific agendas.

A video of and follow-up telephone and e-mail communications with Jessica Grossmeier, HERO’s Vice-President of Research, revealed the character of the HERO scorecard. The instrument is designed to assist organizations discover best practices for promoting workplace wellbeing. It identifies opportunities to enhance and measure progress.

Nevertheless, Ms. Grossmeier noted that the present version of the tool only addresses the Athleticism element, but invited suggestions about future iterations of the Scorecard. One resource was cited as an effort to assist industry professionals develop more critical considering skills. HERO has since provided more detailed examples of find out how to apply these critical considering tricks to findings in quite a few research studies.

The Expert Interview Series on HERO’s YouTube Channel features additional short videos of national leaders who spoke on the recent HEROForum19′ gathering on the Achieving Well-being through Collaboration theme.

• Nico Pronk, Dushanka Kleinman and Mary Pittman on Healthy People 2030: Objectives for the Nation and the Role of Business.

• Sara Singer, Stanford professor on 4 pillars of a culture of health and the role of internal and external collaboration.

• Brian Castrucci, President and CEO of the deBeaumont Foundation on the business case for personal sector and community partnerships and collaboration.

• Andrea Walsh, JD, President and CEO HealthPartners on the advantages to business of community health, on reducing stigma of mental illness and the imperative of partnerships.

• Matt Steifel, Kaiser Permanente on the connection between social determinants of health and the role of those aspects in workplace health and well-being initiatives.

• Karen Moseley, President, HERO on the role of collaborations and measurement development on what’s next and mission critical for HERO.

• Paul Terry, Senior Fellow, HERO, on latest study findings released for the primary time at HEROForum19′.


Before going any further, let me express gratitude to Paul Terry for extraordinary assistance that made possible this quick tour of latest developments and meaningful advances within the art and science of worksite health promotion. The links alone needs to be of value to many who may not otherwise have discovered these informative resources.

What’s amazing is that Paul provided this guidance while climbing down and out of the Grand Canyon, communicating only by carrier pigeons and mirrors to relay data to HERO headquarters in Minneapolis. (The part about climbing within the Grand Canyon is true.)

So, did I profit from this periodic review of my notion that worksite wellness has done too little to advertise wellbeing while focusing an excessive amount of on identifying and modifying dangerous habits? It seems so. As all study authors note on the conclusion of their research reports, further studies (and generous grants to fund same) are imperative.

It was definitely helpful to learn more in regards to the work the HERO organization is doing on this field. HERO is to worksite wellness what the National Wellness Institute once was to the promotion of the wellness concept and the Global Wellness Institute is for the concept today — a worldwide promoter of research, initiatives, roundtables, annual summits, discussions, gatherer of wellness evidence and sponsor of daring initiatives, similar to The Wellness MoonshotTM: A World Freed from Preventable Disease. In their very own words, the GWI informs and connects key stakeholders able to impacting the general wellbeing of our planet and its residents. Not incidentally, GWI makes all of its worthwhile information and resources available for free of charge, which allows anyone, anywhere, access.

In conclusion (finally), this review has made me more informed and way more inquisitive about learning more about latest developments in worksite wellness relative to REAL wellness. Again, due to all who contributed, directly and otherwise.


Wellness initially took root as a life-style, a way that individuals make informed selections to ascertain and sustain positive levels of mental and physical health beyond the absence of illness and disease. The approach to life is founded on personal responsibility, disciplined habits and skills related to effective decision-making, enjoyment of life, exercise, nutrition, stable emotions, personal freedoms of mind and body, ample meaning and purpose, a supportive culture and environmental awareness, amongst other life-enriching qualities. In a piece setting, safety may also be promoted, in the shape of freedom to talk freely without fear of retribution.

This meaning of the word is consistent with REAL wellness, the difference being that the modifier REAL introduces 4 specific categories or dimensions through which vital skills and positive outcomes are organized. These 4 dimensions can encompass all venues through which we function, similar to the social, occupational and other life areas commonly put forth as wellness dimensions. (As if different skills were required for optimal functioning in varied spheres of life.) The 4 REAL wellness dimensions are reason, exuberance, athleticism (exercise and nutrition) and liberty.

REAL wellness should encourage and guide people to think and performance rationally, to live exuberantly, to take care of physical fitness, to dine properly consistent with factual dietary knowledge and to live as freely as possible. The latter means becoming liberated from cultural or circumstantial elements similar to superstitions, irrational dogmas and other mental and social limitations that add constraints on personal liberties.

And that is about it, folks.

The tip.

Well Known for Addiction Relief, The Hitt Wellness Center in Tijuana
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Well Known for Addiction Relief, The Hitt Wellness Center in Tijuana

“The longer term of drugs might be boosting the body’s own healing powers. We’re already there.” Jane Hitt

The clinic is the outgrowth of a World Health Organization grant given to its founder, the late researcher Dr. William Hitt and renowned Mexican Psychiatrist Dr. Velazquez Suarez. The grant allowed Dr. Hitt to proceed his pioneering and revolutionary work into the event of an all natural treatment to detoxify, cleanse and stop cravings within the brain of those individuals hooked on drugs and alcohol.

The clinic has garnered much acclaim and has been featured on quite a few television and radio shows in Mexico, the USA, and world wide. News of its successes has aired on every continent. Because of this of this fame the clinic receives patients from everywhere in the world.

The clinic has helped individuals with every kind of addictions from alcohol and cigarettes, to the more serious equivalent to heroin and crystal meth. I asked Mrs. Hitt about recidivism and she or he told me they’ve almost none.

The method for detoxing takes from five to 10 days and there are not any cravings after completion. She mentioned two young men who got here in along with severe addictions to drugs. Certainly one of them, named Barnaby, did a YouTube video extolling the virtues of the clinic which he credits with saving his life. He had tried many other methods to detoxify and get off drugs, was right down to ninety eight kilos and in search of an answer. The video will be accessed below. Besides his testimony, there are clear descriptions of problems with solutions.

Through the years the clinic has treated many well-known celebrities for a wide selection of health and wellness issues. Bestselling authors, film producers, actors, comedians, musicians, and award winning film composers have all found their solution to the Hitt Wellness Center. Interestingly many US physicians and pioneers within the Health Food Revolution are themselves ongoing patients on the clinic.

The addiction program helps to rebalance the neurotransmitters within the brain which have been damaged by drug use. People come from everywhere in the world, but especially California, to take this treatment. Patients can stay inside the Grand Hotel complex where the clinic is positioned. The Hitt Center is a well balanced, scientific, breakthrough alternative medical facility. They’ve been featured on Extra, a program in England for the BBC. It was at former patient urgings that this center and their programs were discovered by the media.

Chelation therapy can be available to remove heavy metals from the blood. One other popular treatment helps individuals with allergies, some with severe allergies that’s an antigen receptor vaccine. Ozone therapy assists individuals with killing nucleic cells to assist prevent secondary cancers. Lyme disease can be treated here.

From the wellness center website:

“How is ozone oxidation useful for sick people? Your cells have antioxidants to guard you from the natural oxidation that happens while you burn the oxygen you breathe, so that they should not harmed by the oxidation of properly prepared ozone. Then again, viruses should not have antioxidants because they don’t use oxygen to live as our cells do. So when the ozone comes involved with viruses, they’re easily killed. This works for all viruses, from the common cold to shingles, hepatitis C and HIV. And since ozone breaks down into normal O2, it is rather protected for patients of any age or condition.”

Everyone seems to be screened with a six page questionnaire before coming to the clinic for an interview. Individuals who can’t be helped are turned away, relatively than having their money taken needlessly. Work is completed in symbiosis with the medical community, and doctors perform the treatments. As an example, if a patient has had a tumor removed that was cancerous within the states and involves the clinic, this could be a great candidate for ozone therapy which is widely utilized in Europe.

Hitt Wellness Center has closed but John E. Humiston, M.D, who worked there has a clinic in Carmel IN now called Emerald Neuro Recover.

New Spring Wellness Center in Osage Beach, MO is an addiction center too

Health and Wellness Suggestions With A Long Fitness Life
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Health and Wellness Suggestions With A Long Fitness Life

Your health is your wealth. A healthy man is a wealthy man, literally. You might consider a tycoon who owns a lot material wealth but their health troubles them. What’s the point of all the fabric wealth in the event you cannot enjoy it? The cash spent on doctors might have been channelled in other higher avenues. Similarly, ever considered how quick an worker gets replaced at work? You almost certainly fell in poor health or a colleague passed on. The job emptiness goes up no prior to the bad news leaves your mind.

Due to this fact, it is necessary that you just care for your health. It’s with this in mind, we’ve noted down these health suggestions. There are simply recommendations. We’re free to do roughly, as per what we desire.

1. Drink Water

This will sound cliché but it is rather essential. Top of the list in good health tricks to practise is staying hydrated. The human body functions mainly on water. Take a one who is fasting, they will dispose of food but they’re allowed to take water. Water keeps you alert and keeps your body functional. At times, people have headaches just because of dehydration. Nevertheless, most persons are quick to take paracetamol tablets. It is suggested that you just take between 6 – 8 glasses of water daily. Stay hydrated and you certainly will remain rejuvenated.

2. Work out

Amongst every day health suggestions that we must always not compromise is understanding. Now, you needn’t have a gym membership. Life will not be as complicated. All of us need to have the gym membership but what in the event you don’t? You may simply buy a skipping rope and put within the cardio at home. Get a snug pair of trainers and have a morning or evening run. If that is an excessive amount of, walk. If you happen to own a pet, this could be ideal timing so that you can bond.

3. Meditate

The profession woman today has a lot happening in her every day activities. She must be a wife at home, mother and deliver at work. It is rather easy to lose yourself when a lot is predicted of you. Among the many health suggestions for ladies could be embracing meditation. Most individuals say they haven’t got time for such but when it is necessary, you make time for it. Take time alone and just wander away in your positive thoughts. Visualize and even participate in yoga. You’re taking control of your emotional health particularly which may be very essential.

4. Sleep well

Sleep is a really debatable subject. Some people prescribe 8 hours of sleep while others prescribe 6 hours. In the identical line of thought, you hear of very successful individuals who sleep for 4 hours and are very functional. Due to this fact, my advice is sleep well. It will not be the amount but quality of sleep that counts. If you happen to sleep for 10 hours and it’s a loud place, you will not rest well. You may nevertheless sleep for two hours in a really serene environment and rise up very energetic. It’s the standard that counts, not the amount.

An influence nap within the afternoon is alleged to maintain one youthful. I do not know the way true it’s but there might be truth to it. What I do know is that whenever you feel sluggish within the afternoon, an influence nap goes a good distance. There is no such thing as a point of dragging through your tasks yet you may just sleep for ten minutes and be rejuvenated. Nevertheless, don’t be a serial afternoon sleeper and call it an influence nap. That’s outright laziness.

5. Eat well

Amongst the great health tricks to practise on a every day is your food regimen. Having a balanced food regimen may be very essential. Your body is not going to lack anything. Similarly, with food it’s the standard and never quantity that matters. You might eat a lot but your body will only take up what it needs. That roast beef could be very tempting but your body will only take up the quantity of protein needed. Just have the suitable serving for you. What will not be used up finally ends up being fat in your body.

6. Laugh more

As absurd because it sounds, that is the simplest good health tip you may utilise. We live in a world where everybody is targeted on getting things done. People not savour the taste of fine food. People cannot smell well brewed coffee. It is unhappy. People’s moods are at an all time low. To avoid this, just afford an excellent laugh every day. Find humour within the little things. If laughing is tedious, smile. You never know who you’ll smile at and they’ll have an incredible day simply because of your smile.

7. Socialise

Perhaps you’re wondering what this implies? Within the office setting, people don’t necessarily socialise. Everyone seems to be doing what brought them there and are quick to go home as soon as they’re done. Not many individuals would say they’re near their colleagues. We do not know what challenges our colleagues could also be facing at home. Similarly, people do not know if you have got challenges.

It’s an incredible every day health habit to socialize especially together with your family members. Make time to be together with your family. This is ideal to get away from the hustle of creating a living. Through family and family members, you get to understand what life has to supply. You count your blessings and just soak in each moment.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is an option each of us could make. It may be difficult nevertheless, since not many individuals appreciate healthy living. Or perhaps they do, they are only not willing to place within the work. Due to this fact, be the agent of change. You may exemplify what healthy living is like. If you happen to don’t practise any of the above every day healthy habits, there may be hope. Just practise with one. Increase your water intake or simply sleep a bit higher. With time, you’ll reap the advantages.

Top 7 Suggestions To Achieve Total Health And Wellness
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Top 7 Suggestions To Achieve Total Health And Wellness

Since I really like music, I find myself continually drawn to associating harmony in any area of life to music. In a typical choir, there are 4 (4) principal voice types – Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass – and all are mandatory to bring full tonal quality and harmony to the choir.

All of us have a mind, a body and a spirit. It should due to this fact function no surprise that, so as to achieve total health and wellness, we want to care for all three (3) parts of ourselves – mind, body and spirit. Don’t deal with anyone part to the drawback of the others, since all are required to bring balance to the human person.

In this text, I’ll offer you seven (7) easy, practical and effective suggestions you can start using immediately to enhance and maintain your overall health and wellness. Tip 1 focuses in your spiritual health. Suggestions 2, 3 and 4 deal with your physical health. Suggestions 5 and 6 deal with your emotional health. The ultimate tip, Tip 7, focuses on a steadily ignored area, your mental health.

1. Dedicate half-hour to God every day in prayer, reflection and thanksgiving.

Every single day you’re blessed with 1440 minutes to live your life. Thirty (30) minutes only amount to a mere 2% of your entire day. God, the giver of life, deserves a few of your day. Read and reflect with every day devotionals, spiritual and/ or religious books (Holy Bible, Qur’an, Torah, Tripitaka, Bhagavad-Gita, Tao-te-Ching, Books of L. Ron Hubbard or other sacred texts). This may increase your knowledge of your religion, strengthen your spirit, improve your personal relationship with God, improve your relationship along with your fellow human beings, show you how to along with your every day living and convey you inner peace.

2. Keep Physically Fit.

The important thing to achieving physical fitness is being attentive to exercises that strengthen your core muscles. Your core muscles are all those varied muscles in your chest, abdomen, upper back, lower back and sides. There are several advantages to be derived from a robust core – a flat stomach, a robust back, good posture, reduced strain on the spine, effective transfer of power to your legs and arms to lift, move or carry stuff around, greater mental alertness, greater flexibility and a superb heart.

3. Eat Nutritious and Healthy Food.

There may be a widely circulated myth that foods which might be nutritious and healthy aren’t tasty. Like I indicated, it’s a myth and one of the best option to be certain that your food intake is healthy, nutritious and that you simply are getting the entire required vitamins and nutrients that your body needs is by:

(a) Eating from the 5 major food groups every day – Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Milk, Meat & Beans.

(b) Eating a “rainbow food regimen”, that’s, one which incorporates as many, if not all, of the colors of the rainbow – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Purple. Each food color provides a special set of vitamins and micro-nutrients. For instance, green foods equivalent to spinach, are a superb source of Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Iron. Regular consumption of Spinach fights Anaemia and improves eyesight.

(c) Using a superb multi-vitamin complement, to satisfy any dietary deficiencies you’ll have.

(d) Drinking your advisable eight (8) glasses of water every day. Drink one (1) glass at various intervals throughout the day to help your body within the efficient elimination of waste and toxins.

4. Take Good Care of Your Skin.

Your skin serves 4 (4) principal functions as follows:

I. Protection from external elements.

ii. A kind of sensor with nerve endings that cause you to react appropriately to pain, heat, cold, touch, pressure, vibration and tissue injury.

iii. A heat regulator that accordingly pumps blood to your skin’s surface or reduces blood flow.

iv. Your largest waste eliminator (surface smart) through sweating or perspiring.

Moreover, as you age, your skin naturally becomes drier, less elastic and produces more wrinkles. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to significantly decelerate this aging of your skin and help your skin in its elimination process by keeping your skin repeatedly moist and hydrated through the next easy skincare routine.

Skin Care Routine

Drink loads of water; 8 glasses every day. Eat looks of yellow and orange fruits which offer Vitamin A. Take a superb Vitamin E complement. Eat cucumbers, which supply sulphur – a trace element that’s mandatory for healthy skin!! Also use water-based moisturizing creams or olive oil on the skin, immediately after bathing to maintain moisture locked into your skin.

5. Take a 30-minute “time-out” at the least once every week.

I do know this sounds easier said than done, especially if you may have children or care for elderly parents or relatives. So let us take a look at it from a special angle. Should you suddenly became very ailing or died, God forbid, the kids and relatives can be in some way taken care of. Possibly not in addition to you, yes, but they might manage. Well so as to be certain that you’re around long enough to supply one of the best continuous care, the best way you alone can do it, is to TAKE A BREAK!!! Find your relaxing space: take a walk on the beach or within the park while listening to nature or music in your iPod; chill out in your bed listening to music; curl up in your favourite chair with a cup of tea or chocolate and skim a superb book; sit on a park bench and watch people pass by… or whatever else relaxes you. This may clear your head and offer you renewed energy to go again.

6. Practice Contentment

Within the natural ebb and flow of life and living, there are high points and low points, seasons of plenty and seasons of scarcity. Happiness will not be derived from the abundance, number or form of material things we’ve. That is why we sometimes see examples of millionaires who’re drug addicts or alcoholics. Added to that, there’s the “Law of Diminishing Returns”. What this principally says is that the more we get of something as much as a certain point, the less likely the added quantities of that thing goes to extend our happiness quota. It’s like, if I got one (1) Lamborghini – I’m on a high, summersaults cannot express my happiness, I could hug everybody I meet. If I got two (2) more Lamborghinis – well that is OK. I mean I actually won’t feel as euphoric as that first time and in any case, what number of can I drive at anyone time?

Contentment is the power to be blissful in each the sparse and abundant seasons of our lives and it will not be depending on our circumstances. We want to develop this spirit of contentment so as to positively contribute to our overall health, happiness and well-being. This doesn’t mean that we should always not strive for higher however it signifies that just like the old West Indian say goes, “We shouldn’t hang our hats where our hands cannot reach”, so as to sustain with the Jones’.

7. Take the Care of Your Mind Seriously.

Stress and Depression are two (2) of the largest thieves of mental and emotional health, globally. Not only are they globally prevalent but additionally they result in more serious mental problems equivalent to Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Suicide and Insanity.

Actually, “The World Health Organization estimates that greater than 450 million people [worldwide] suffer from mental disorders, and a latest report by the World Economic Forum figures the annual global costs of mental and neurological illnesses at $2.5 trillion. That’s 3 times the economic cost of heart disease ‘Global mental health issues woefully ignored’, Public Radio International.”

So stress and depression should be handled and arrested almost immediately so as to avoid more serious health problems. Depression is a natural phase that all of us experience in our lives primarily as a result of lack of family members, work issues, job loss or money/financial issues. Nonetheless, the important thing to making sure that stress and depression don’t get out of hand, is engaging in activities that move your mind away from the issue causing the stress or depression and move you to a greater mental space, despite the issue at hand. You’ll be able to improve and maintain the health of your brain by incorporating a few of these easy techniques into your every day living.

Easy Mental Health Care Solutions

Board Games, Puzzles & Quizzes

Playing Board Games and Solving Puzzles & Quizzes all provide your brain with a mental workout by improving your memory, concentration, problem solving skills and stopping cognitive decline.

Listening to music

Although seemingly easy, music soothes the mind and spirit, helps the body chill out, relieves mental and emotional stress and tension, stimulates the senses and energizes the body.


There are numerous great online writing communities, equivalent to EzineArticles and Squidoo, which accept articles on nearly any topic that you simply can be fascinated by. Again, you will probably be exercising your brain, since to put in writing a wonderful article you’ll need to do a little analysis to complement your knowledge of the realm.

Hobbies and Sports

Engage in group activities, social clubs or sports that interest you (tennis, horse riding, soccer, football, cricket, karate, sewing, yoga, tai chi, basketball, volleyball, swimming, singing, dancing etc.). Anything that you simply are naturally inclined to and that makes you’re feeling blissful while doing it. Should you cannot seem to seek out a sport or hobby that interests you, take a look at the World’s Largest List of Hobbies (see the link below). You are sure to seek out something that is best for you and that you will enjoy.

Macrobiotic Diet
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Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotics refers to the science of longevity and health. It is based on the view that each person is largely influenced by their environment and social interactions as well as the geography and climate of the place they live in.

Macrobiotics views illnesses as the body’s attempt to return to a more dynamic and harmonious state with nature. It highly stresses the importance of a healthy diet as one of the major factors that affect a person’s health and well-being.

A macrobiotic diet not only refers to a daily diet, but it also embraces the importance of living with healthy lifestyle habits for the long term.

What Foods Are Included in a Macrobiotic Diet?

A macrobiotic diet prioritizes locally grown foods which are prepared in a natural manner. Undertaking a macrobiotic diet also means taking extra care in the way the foods are being prepared and cooked. There is a strong emphasis on eating foods that are baked, boiled and steamed and using little fried and processed foods.

Whole grains, vegetables, fermented soy, fish, nuts, soups, seeds and fruits are the main composition of a macrobiotic diet. Other natural food products can also be incorporated in the diet.

The composition of a macrobiotic diet can be altered in order to suit an individual’s needs, with consideration of their particular health status.

This allows those with specific conditions, or even dietary requirements or preferences, to fine-tune their diet, whilst still adhering to macrobiotic principles and recommendations.

People who are utilizing a macrobiotic diet are encouraged to condition themselves to eat slowly and chew their food thoroughly.

What Foods Are NOT Included in a Macrobiotic Diet?

Since a macrobiotic diet strongly recommends that foods must be eaten in their most natural state, processed foods should be avoided. Fatty meats, dairy products, sugar, caffeine, refined flour, alcohol, poultry, zucchini and potatoes are some examples of foods that should not be included in the macrobiotic diet.

Macrobiotics aims to achieve balance in every aspect of your life. Therefore, foods which are highly-concentrated and over stimulating should also be eliminated from the daily diet.

Macrobiotic Diet Studies

Some studies reveal that following a macrobiotic diet has helped many people lower their levels of blood pressure and serum lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides). This is why some experts suggest that this kind of diet can also be used as an effective means of preventing the emergence of many cardiovascular diseases.

Many experts also believe that a macrobiotic diet can also serve as a valuable inclusion in a cancer prevention plan. However, the macrobiotic diet remains the subject of controversy as many experts doubt its benefits when practiced by people who have diagnosed malignancies.

On the other hand, many anecdotal reports claim that its therapeutic effects are remarkable to patients who are suffering from advanced cancer diseases. However, to date very few studies have been conducted that would prove or disprove the benefits of a macrobiotic diet.

Further studies are warranted in order to prove the effectiveness of a macrobiotic diet in cancer prevention. Other concerns expressed by some experts include claimed risks of nutritional deficiencies.

However, it is difficult to dismiss the long term health benefits of any diet which is based on the consumption of organic and locally grown foods and the exclusion of highly processed ingredients.