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Arabic Alphabet Support in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Great Plains Dynamics GP is traditionally available within the Middle East and in Arabic speaking countries, plus it is definitely adoptable within the countries, where local language is predicated on Arabic characters. Typically local laws and government financial reporting requirements are reasonable in Arabic World, so Sales or VAT tax setup for specific country just isn’t a challenge and it might be done as a part of Corporate ERP implementation. We are going to focus on technology features of supporting Arabic language in Great Plains:

1. Microsoft Dexterity technology and Arabic alphabet. Currently Dexterity supports ASCII table, where each letter representation is restricted to eight bits or one byte or information. And even when Arabic characters could look very sophisticated and much like hieroglyphs, they’re ASCII table compliant

2. Microsoft SQL Server Arabic Language support. MS SQL Server has so-called code pages and collations. should you are in USA and you’re installing SQL Server, you will likely never answer the query – what’s my collation. The rationale is easy – your default SQL Server installation takes defaults from you Windows Server locals, and if those locals are US based, SQL Server assumes that defaults needs to be US English. In the event you are adding Arabic country based GP company to your American Headquarters SQL Server – you must change collation on the database level to support Arabic characters

3. Arabic Language support options in Great Plains. In the event you are programmer – you most likely know that you may have two options. First is to translate Dexterity string resources from English into Arabic and distribute Dynamics.Dic with translated strings to local users. Second option could be to export String resources to Modifier and distribute Forms.Dic to local users. First option is more powerful, because it has unlimited Dexterity customization possibilities open, but it’s also open to potential bugs in Dexterity business logic. We’re favoring the second options – Modifier based strings in Arabic

4. Great Plains Reports in Arabic. Similar concept is applicable to GP Report Author and its important dictionary Reports.dic. Dexterity string resources in Arabic needs to be imported into Reports.dic. Be at liberty to switch such vital reports as SOP Blank Invoice Form, or whatever it’s essential be modified in Report Author

5. Modules required to support Arabic letters. Within the case of supporting it in Modifier – you will want Customization Site Enabler license

6. Switching from Arabic to English and back. You’ve got to have two GP workstations installed in your user computer, one is with Arabic language supporting and the second with standard US English

7. FRx Financial and Consolidated Reporting. Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and Statement of Money Flow and their consolidated versions are regional settings immune

8. GP support for the countries, where Arabic alphabet is in use, but local language just isn’t Arabic. the instance could be Afghanistan, where local language is Dari and it is predicated on Arabic alphabet (or Iran, where local language, Farsi can be based on Arabic). Here the advisable solution could be to translate Dynamics.dic string resources to Dari or Farsi respectively and import them into Forms.dic and Reports.dic

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Tricks to Support Good Health

For a lot of us taking excellent care of our health means being registered with a neighborhood family doctor, a caring general practitioner in addition to getting access to quality specialist care if required. We may pay into private health care insurance schemes or be registered through our employment in order that we are able to avail ourselves of speedier treatment should an emergency situation occur.

It’s good to look at that a lot of us have gotten increasingly involved in the extent and quality of care we receive from our healthcare professionals. We ask more questions, demand more answers, need to know what we’re being prescribed, how long will we’d like to take it, are there any known unwanted effects, what’s the longterm prognosis, do we’d like this procedure, are there other options? Access to online information has added to the extent of interest over the previous couple of years, sometimes contributing useful knowledge, other times fuelling health anxiety about symptoms and diagnosis.

The nice effect is that a lot of us want to take more personal responsibility for our health and wellbeing. We glance to support our ongoing health and invest emotionally, mentally and physically in ways to take higher care of ourselves and support good health.

– Ways to support good physical health are sometimes available in a plethora of magazines and the media. Eating a healthy balanced weight loss program, minimising the consumption of processed food, alcohol, sugar and fat are seen as a standard sense decision by many individuals. Exercise is sweet for higher physical health and can also be a wonderful method to de-stress, manage weight and might include a fun social element if it involves team games like football and rounders or a brisk walk with family and friends.

– Stress is commonly thought to be harmful and bad for our health but some stress may be an excellent for us. It keeps us on our toes, takes us out of our comfort zone and sometimes enables us to attain greater than we originally anticipated in a crisis or pressure situation. Sustained stress impacts negatively on mental and physical health and is recognised as a significant component in high levels of sick leave and absenteeism.

Learning to recognise your individual warning signals of being overstressed can provide useful insight and enable you to introduce effective ways to administer stress more effectively. Your personal warning signs may include lack of concentration, irritability, poor quality of sleep, lack of appetite, headaches. Once these symptoms are recognised as stress alerts you may support higher health by taking a break, going for a walk, having some quality food, taking time for hypnotherapy. Find your best ways to support good health, take control and permit your stress levels to subside.

– Work, for many individuals, is an area of unremitting, sustained stress. Deadlines, excessive volume, urgent demands, the pressure of competition can impact on the standard of other areas of life by devouring your time, energy and good humour. Discover the important thing areas of pressure, your problem areas and consider ways to effectively manage those concerns. Do it’s worthwhile to delegate, prioritize or schedule your time more efficiently, are you lacking in knowledge or skills where you’d profit from additional training or wouldn’t it be helpful to construct relationships with other businesses so you may share and support one another, thus offering a greater, more comprehensive service to mutual customers and clients.

– A vital contributor to good health is feeling balanced, at peace and satisfied, where you successfully accommodate different and diverse areas of your life. A positive mindset advantages your mental health and raises your spirits, bringing joy and allowing you to take care of an optimistic outlook. This balance could also be achieved through a mixture of undertaking charitable good works, sharing fun time with family or friends, having personal time to pursue your individual hobbies and interests, feeling a way of pride within the efforts you have made to reach your profession development and business, doing something special along with your personal goals, maintaining successful personal relationships.

Maintaining a positive outlook occurs as you grow to be increasingly aware of your thought patterns and intercept those which might be negative or unhelpful. It involves supporting an excellent, realistic outlook on life, where you take care of things you may change and enlist assist in areas which you could’t. Hypnotherapy may help to alter unhelpful habit patterns, negative considering and self-doubt, thus enabling a more constructive mindset, behaviour and attitude to grow to be the norm.