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Your Aging Siamese – Suggestions for Higher Living

Siamese cats are recognized for living longer than the common cat. Because of this owners should be prepared to cope with an elderly cat. Elderly Siamese have their very own needs and desires. Listed below are some suggestions for meeting them.

Your elderly Siamese likes routine. Cats, particularly as they reach their geriatric years, dislike change. Changes which can be mildly stressful in a young cat will be overwhelming to an older cat. It is best to attempt to maintain a routine to your elderly Siamese. Don’t move the food dishes. Attempt to avoid rearranging the furniture. Keep to a routine schedule as much as possible.

Older cats often suffer from kidney failure. Siamese cats aren’t any exception. Having loads of fresh water available is very important for all cats, but is especially vital to your older cat. The kidneys must be flushed recurrently and as they stop working as efficiently there’s an increased need for water.

Water fountains are actually made especially for cats and can often encourage your elderly Siamese to drink water. A great water filter will also be vital. Whatever you employ, make sure that the water is fresh.

Many manufacturers make special diets for elderly cats. Your Siamese may appreciate this and the lower protein and phosphorous in these diets may slow the decline in kidney function. As cats age, their sense of smell decreases,so a food regimen for an older cat must smell strongly. Many older cats have lost teeth. They might find it easier to eat a wet food. Along with being easier on an old kitty’s mouth, wet food will increase the consumption of water as there’s much more fluid in canned food than in dry.

As cats age, they might not see as well or hear as well. In some cases they might have some arthritis. This will make the elderly Siamese feel more vulnerable. It’s helpful to be extra reassuring when something frightens your Siamese. Bear in mind that arthritic cats cannot jump as easily and may have a little bit set of steps to succeed in a well-liked napping place. Be careful for his or her balance as well and avoid falls. A cat who doesn’t see well may have a baby gate set as much as avoid falling down a stairwell.

Elderly Siamese proceed to like attention. An older cat provides a peaceful and contented joy that may not available to a younger cat. It’s a beautiful thing to have the ability to cuddle with an old friend where each understands the expectations of the opposite. A little bit bit of additional thought could make those years even higher to your aging Siamese.