Pepper Spray For Self Defense In Bear Attacks
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Pepper Spray For Self Defense In Bear Attacks

In a single two day stretch in Recent Mexico recently there have been 4 bear attacks. They occur with great frequency in Colorado especially this time of yr. Bear attacks are getting more common because the population slowly encroaches into bear territory.

Almost on a weekly basis we hear or see reports of bear encounters in urban areas near mountainous terrain.

Bears are mostly curious and are driven by an acute sense of smell. They will smell food from miles away. For homeowners near mountainous areas or campers out within the wilderness keeping food wrapped and covered is a must so the smells don’t draw the bears.

There are several things homeowners, hunters, backwoodsmen, and campers can do to guard themselves in case of a bear encounter.

Campers and homeowners who’re in danger can arm themselves with bear pepper spray. If a human-bear confrontation occurs, pepper spray stands out as the best weapon to repel a bear. A lot in order that the Sierra Club is recommending that anyone who goes into bear country has bear pepper spray.

Bear pepper spray is more practical than a .44 magnum since it burns the bears’ eyes and nose and their mucous membranes are very sensitive to it. IT WORKS!

Homeowners can use the sound of barking dogs to scare bears away as well. Folks out within the Lake Tahoe area know all about how well this works.

Campers who enterprise into the wilderness and homeowners who live near mountainous areas can protect themselves by getting some bear pepper spray and a tool called the ‘electronic watchdog’ to guard themselves and their property from bear attacks.

Pepper Spray Stunning Ring – Product Review For Discreet Self Defense Jewelry
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Pepper Spray Stunning Ring – Product Review For Discreet Self Defense Jewelry

The pepper spray stunning ring is considered one of those prerequisites for everybody. Though I do think that socially energetic people would make more use of it, it’s designed to make the very best of a detailed encounter with danger and that may apply to only about anyone.


The stunning ring was probably originally made for girls, but it surely shouldn’t be a frilly feminine adornment. I feel it will work equally well for men too. It has a unisex design and appeals to most.


Anybody who’s venturing into the dating or club scene would feel more confident wearing this piece of knickknack. I do know I do. It is not for use as a gag or while you’re upset with someone; it’s a serious item. Use it if you happen to are being forced right into a vehicle, up against a wall, and even thrown to the bottom. In any case, who’s going to expect pepper spray within the face while you do not have anything in your hand!


There are bad people all over the place; and, yes, people have been saying this generation after generation. But, guess what, there are more brazen characters alive today and you might be certain to cross paths with at the least considered one of them in your lifetime, so it’s possible you’ll as well be prepared. Higher secure, than sorry.


It is extremely easy to wear and use this product. Slip on the band and wear the ring with the stone outwards, identical to you’ll any extraordinary ring. Then, when your life is being threatened and you might be at close range, put your hand near your attacker’s face and squirt. Hold your breath and switch your head, if possible.


This strong pepper spray will immediately affect the eyes and mucous membranes of your assailant. The resulting inflammation causes blurry vision, choking, coughing, difficulty respiratory, sneezing, and burning that may last as long as 45 minutes. It’s a brief discomfort, with no lasting damage.


When you are going to an event and might’t carry a gun, TASER®, or stun gun, you may at all times make room for this small ring in your finger. It’s discreet and in 9/10 cases, would get through the safety checkpoint. I do not encourage you to interrupt any laws or rules, but pre-2001, I used to ceaselessly travel by air with my pepper spray pen and never ever got stopped or questioned. I might’ve done the identical with a surprising ring had they been invented at the moment.


The stunning ring holds a really strong pepper spray formula: 2 million (SHU) Scoville heat units. It’s designed to be worn on the index or middle finger. And, your thumb on the identical hand can easily handle the trigger.


Available in ring sizes 6 – 14, the stunning ring retails for $45. You’ll be able to select gold or  silver plating to enrich the black onyx stone. Pepper spray refills cost just $9.


They considered every little thing when designing this ring. It has a security slide, shooting range of two feet, and incorporates 2-3 one second bursts before you would like a alternative canister.


A pepper spray stunning ring is ideal for dating, jogging, and for all those times when a bigger weapon or protection device is just not feasible. It’s one other great nonlethal self defense device. Your assailant will only hurt temporarily, but it can be a sudden attack that may permit you to break loose and get away safely.