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Top 9 Anti-Aging Herbs To Help You Look and Feel Younger

Did you recognize that the spices that you just put in your food might help fight disease and decelerate the natural aging process? In case your like me and have a spice rack, half of the spices within the rack have hardly been used and in some cases never opened in any respect! After doing a little research the next 9 herbs can show you how to feel and appear younger.

Listed below are the highest 9 Anti-Aging Herbs that we recommend:

  • Italian Spice – Italian Spice is a mix of powerful herbs which have potent antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. This spice can show you how to with problems which might be triggered by inflammation (like arthritis or asthma).
  • Thyme – Thyme is a spice that has anti-microbial properties. Actually, many mouthwash corporations add thyme to their mouthwash and antiseptic products. Thyme has powerful antioxidant properties that may neutralize free radicals.
  • Sage – If you happen to suffer from arthritis, atherosclerosis, or asthma, sage is a spice that may show you how to. Sage is a strong anti-inflammatory and might help offer you relief from diseases that thrive off of inflammation.
  • Marjoram – Do you could have digestive problems? Adding marjoram spice to your meals might help to stimulate digestion. If you happen to suffer from cramping and other digestive ailment, marjoram may give you the chance to present you some relief.
  • Oregano – The Oregano spice is usually used to fight fungal infections. Oregano is utilized in many Italian dishes. I’m Italian so that is one in all his favorite spices to recommend.
  • Apple Pie Spice – A spice mix that comprises ginger. Ginger has many anti-aging properties. It is useful in treating nausea. Not only that, ginger is a strong anti-inflammatory and is even helpful in stimulating the liver.
  • Jamaican Allspice – This can be a spice that’s utilized in many countries as a treatment for gas and digestive problems.
  • Cinnamon – Cinnamon doesn’t just taste delicious, it helps to manage your blood sugar and has anti-cancer properties.
  • Tumeric – This was the #1 spice that I really helpful on the highest ten anti-aging herbs. It has been shown to be a strong anti-inflammatory spice. It also helps fight nearly every kind of cancer!

Listed below are some bonus suggestions that may extend the lifetime of your razor, clear up your complexion and keep your skin from getting too dry.

1. After you might be done shaving within the shower, give your razor a fast flick to loosen the hair and blow on it thrice. This can help rid the hair and water out of your razor that erodes your razor blades more quickly.

2. Wash your face last within the shower. Your face will probably be cleaner when you wash it last and with less residue. Your complexion will probably be clearer.

3. Take lukewarm showers. Dry showers make your skin dry and wash off skin protecting oils.

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Herbs and Vitamins for Healthy Teeth

Herbs and Vitamins for Healthy Teeth

Our modern diet has caused many of us to become deficient in certain minerals and our dental health can become adversely affected. Cavities in children and people of all ages are being linked to nutritional deficiencies.

Most of us take for granted that we are getting enough of the needed minerals in our diet. That assumes that everyone knows the importance of minerals for our health and wellbeing.

Much of our farmed soil has become depleted and the majority of people cannot afford a completely organic diet. Combined with dietary choices based on taste rather than health, it is easy to see how these nutritional deficiencies can occur.

Phytic Acid Locks Up Essential Minerals

Phytic acid is a substance commonly found in most grains, nuts and beans. It has the ability to bind to minerals in your body, just like a magnet. This process removes the minerals before they get a chance to be absorbed and deposited where we need them most.

If your family’s diet consists largely of grains (crackers, cereals, breads, pastas, rice, bagels, cookies, cakes) or bean salad or raw nuts and nut butters, chances are you are getting copious amounts of phytic acid in your diet and not enough minerals for your teeth and bones to grow and remain strong.

In addition to reducing intake of these food types, there are food preparation methods, such as soaking your beans and nuts overnight that can help remove some of the phytic acid before it is consumed.


Keeping the immune system strong with antimicrobials can help fight off decay and prevent infection or abscesses from setting in. Popular antimicrobials include licorice, myrrh, goldenseal and echinacea. Including garlic in your diet wherever possible is beneficial for boosting your immune system and preventing infections.


Our dental enamel is approximately 90 percent calcium phosphate.

Calcium Rich Herb Sources

  • Shepard’s Purse, Clivers, Coltsfoot, Horsetail, Toadflax, Mistletoe, Dandelion, Plantain, Pimpernel and Chamomile.

  • Include these in your diet via teas, capsules, tablets or powders.

Calcium Deficiency

The body is always communicating feedback to us. The trick is learning how to listen to the signals. Signs of calcium deficiency include:

  • Rickets, unexplained nervousness, muscle spasms and cramps, joint pains, osteomalacia, cataracts, insomnia and tremors.

Getting enough calcium is important, but the issue of effective uptake of calcium may have more to do with the lack of Magnesium, Vitamin D and K2. This can be obtained from the foods we eat or by supplementation to ensure that the calcium we are digesting is actually getting absorbed correctly. If any of these are lacking the body will pass much of the available calcium from the body before it can be used.

Vitamins A, C and D

If not enough of these vitamins are being absorbed by the body, the teeth will break down and loosen.

Vitamin K2

Naturally found in the fermented Japanese dish of Natto Beans, this supplement has gained much attention recently. It is reported that anyone who is taking Vitamin D or Calcium supplementation should also be taking K2.

It is naturally found in egg yolks and some hard cheeses; however, the amount claimed to be needed in our diet is basically unattainable unless you are frequently consuming the fermented Natto Bean mixture.

K2 helps to deposit minerals such as calcium into the correct places in our bodies, such as the bones and the teeth and remove excess calcium from where we don’t want it deposited, such as between the joints, where it can cause painful inflammation.


Ever important for bone, teeth, skin and hair care, you can add this mineral to your diet with horsetail tea.

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