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Why Do We Should Legalize Drugs

Once I was studying Law at University to a few years ago… the Professor of Criminal Law, Mr. Díez Ripolles gave a lecture on the legalization of medication. We’re talking in regards to the late 80’s. Time goes by however the controversy over this issue is more alive than ever, especially when an increasing number of countries are positioned in favor Drug ´s legalizations, as it’s the case in Canada ( April 2017) and Uruguay (December 2023) which have legalized marijuana. The latter has also allowed production sale and consumption.

10 Reasons to legalize drugs

1º.- Organized crime could be attacked in one in all its fundamental structure

In keeping with Friedman Milton, illegality encourages criminalization since there isn’t any free competition but rules imposed by the cartels. Consumers are forced to go through the ring of those groups, they should not free to purchase it where they need. The costs rise to their discretion without control-. Briefly, legalizing drug “would almost allow them to” out.

2.- Consumption could be reduced. Contrary to what one might think, there are studies conducted within the Netherlands through which it’s shown that Cannabis use has been reduced. The Netherlands is one in all the primary countries in legalizing this substance.

3.- The associated fee of fighting organized crime may be very high. If we add the police corruption, we add one other strong reason in favor of the legalization of the drug.

4.- The health of the people would win, because the control would make the drugs protected, thus avoiding many deaths. You’ll be able to see more within the European report on drugs. Diseases similar to hepatitis and HIV would go down drastically.

5.- The court´s cases could be reduced allowing other cases to be attended. Also, lower the index of related crimes in accordance with the report of Spain 2017 on drugs.

6.- Greater security in lots of countries.

7.- Education. In the identical way that now we have been educated in regards to the effects of alcohol, the legalization of cannabis, for instance, would help to provide information without hindrance in regards to the inconveniences that it has in the event that they eat them, in addition to the advantages.

8.- Legalization would scale back the worth of medication, lowering the production and intermediation costs implied by the prohibition. That’s, many individuals who’ve an addiction to those substances won’t need to steal or prostitute themselves to pay the worth that the Cartels Set.

9.- No fundamental rights similar to freedom of communication, domicile, etc. could be jeopardized.

10.- Residents would realize that behind a drug addict there is just not a criminal but in lots of cases sick individuals who made an enormous mistake.

Countries which have legalized drugs

A) The Netherlands is the country that began marijuana commercialization, in addition to in lots of other social initiatives. There, the tenure and possession of marijuana constitute crimes although since 2017 the cultivation seems to have been approved by Congress. There are places where this drug is sold, often known as ‘Coffee shops’, which from the Opium Act of 1976 are dedicated to selling these products (five grams per person over 18 years) and to which this activity is allowed.

B) Uruguay. The laws says that only Uruguayans can grow Cannabis of their homes and It might only be bought at 30 pharmacies within the country which might be able to sell, at 1.30 dollars (1.13 euros) per gram, less expensive and higher than on the black market. Those that buy will only need to put their finger on a tool on the pharmacy. The machine will recognize them as users and check that they’ve not already exceeded the legal limit,10 grams per week. It’s the formula to regulate it by guaranteeing its anonymity – the pharmacist doesn’t know the name – and likewise to omit foreigners. From 2017 It might be acquired a maximum of 40 grams monthly of a marijuana in some pharmacies within the country with a percentage of between 2 and 4% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the foremost psychoactive element of cannabis. The central government regulates the granting of licenses for its cultivation and sale but, although the mafias that dominated it before have considerably reduced its activity, some financial entities have threatened to stop operating with pharmacies in the event that they proceed to supply this service, which along with Some manifestations of international organizations has surrounded the whole process with uncertainty.

c) Despite the historical association that has been made between marijuana and Jamaica, possession in that country involved considerable penalties until 2023. But three years ago (in 2023), the birthplace of reggae and the Caribbean island of enviable beaches decriminalized possession in small quantities for each tourists and residents.

e) USA (United States) in each North American state there may be a certain autonomy for that reason they’ve allowed lately the regulated distribution of marijuana for non-medical use. With the recent legalization of this substance for recreational purposes in California (for cultivation, consumption, and commercialization) and likewise the territories of Colorado, Washington, Maine, Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, and Massachusetts.

f) In keeping with Wikipedia: “In 2001, Portugal became the second country within the European Union after Spain to abolish criminal penalties for drug possession for personal and private use, and users must comply with therapies as an alternative of imprisonment. As one senior official of the Ministry of Health explained, “It’s about persecuting the disease, but not the sick, the Portuguese state is against drugs, so its consumption is just not forbidden, but we’re not against drug addicts. Hence, once rehabilitated, they will return to normal life without having been detained and, most significantly, with none evidence that they’ve been detained, which is significant for, for instance, finding a job “Thus, an individual arrested by the police who carries quite a lot of drugs that doesn’t exceed a certain level is brought before a follow-up commission depending on the Ministry of Health that may direct him to a cleansing center if vital, but without records or judicial file. Only when he carries a Big Amount of Drugs he can be taken to Court.

Legalising Drug in Spain

Now Podemos and Ciudadanos (Each Political Parties) are demonstrating in favor of legalization with the apparent opposition of the PP (one other Political Party). The reality is that jurisprudence in Spain already begins to have many positive judgments in favor of possession for consumption, despite the setback suffered for the Cannabis Clubs by the last sentence of 2023 of the Supreme Court that condemned the president, secretary, and treasurer of a club after they were preparing the doses of the partners

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Changes in Weight-reduction plan and Exercise Higher Than Prescription Drugs for Stopping Heart Attack Reoccurrence

Heart disease is an ailment of recent civilization and behavior – and it’s one, due to this fact, that might be treated effectively and with dramatic results by making fairly easy lifestyle changes. People in African villages don’t need bypass operations. Studies have consistently shown that rates of heart disease are higher in Western cultures, that heart disease rates go up in countries that adopt Western food plan and lifestyles, and that modifications of food plan reduce heart disease. A few of the differences is probably not attributable to the food plan per se, but slightly to how food is raised and the industrialization of American agriculture (e.g. the consequences of corn fed versus pasture fed animals). Nonetheless it is evident that the vast majority of heart disease is brought on by aspects related to Western Civilization, similar to poor food plan and a scarcity of exercise.

There are also “non-medical” aspects indirectly related to lifestyle that increase the danger for heart disease, like low income, lack of social support, depression, marginalization in society, and stress in childhood. I can not fix all of those social ills with this book, but I just want you to know that it will not be so simple as a “one disease, one pill” type of thing.

Exercising for just half-hour a day reduces your risk of developing heart disease by 30%. This may include anything from running, playing tennis, or simply vigorous walking. And there isn’t any have to obtain a minimal heart rate. If you happen to are older and do not run or play a sport you need to incorporate a every day 30 minute walk into your routine. That is best for you than statins by any measure. And there are not any hidden uncomfortable side effects of exercise that we do not find out about yet, aside from spraining your ankle.

If you may have risk aspects and do not yet have heart disease, you need to address them. Improving your food plan will aid you lower cholesterol and forestall heart disease. The truth is, following the low fat food plan advocated by the National Cholesterol Education Program lowers LDL cholesterol equally well as treatment with a statin, with no uncomfortable side effects (Jenkins et al 2005).

The so-called Mediterranean Weight-reduction plan (vegetables, legumes, fruit, cereals, and fish) reduces heart disease risk and prolongs life (Trichopoulou et al 2005). Patients with heart disease who followed the Mediterranean food plan had a 50-70% reduction on recurrent heart attacks (de Lorgeril et al 1999). These results are twice pretty much as good as any medication.

It’s a fairly easy food plan to follow over the long run. Eat no less than one serving of fruit day by day, which I define as one apple, one banana, one peach, one cup of blueberries, and so forth. Have three or 4 servings of vegetables day by day – a cup of broccoli, two or three cups of leafy greens, a cup of tomatoes, etc. Five to seven one cup or 2 ounce servings of whole grains, beans, and starch similar to cracked wheat, whole-wheat pasta, lentils, and sweet potatoes must also be consumed on a every day basis. Meat and other animal proteins, like eggs and dairy, ought to be limited to a few times every week. Individuals who followed this food plan had mortality cut in half over a 4 12 months time period. This food plan substitutes unsaturated fats (olive and nut oils) for saturated fats (butter, animal fat), and likewise includes wine and nuts. The truth is, olive oil has been shown in laboratory studies to enhance endothelial function (Translation: increases the flexibleness of your coronary arteries, which might be helpful for reducing your risk of heart attacks).

You will have heard concerning the recent Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study which showed that a low fat food plan didn’t reduce heart disease (Howard et al 2006). The issue with that study is that it lumped all fats together. We now know that some fats are higher than others. For instance there are fats in things like olive oil and fish that truly promote good health. For instance of that, the generic low fat food plan of WHI reduced LDL cholesterol by only 10 points, whereas a food plan high in fruit and veggies, soy, and nuts, and low in animal fat, dropped cholesterol by 30%, which was corresponding to the consequences found with a statin (33%) (Jenkins et al 2005).

The low carb food plan doesn’t prevent heart disease. Take a look at the doctor who developed it-he died of a heart attack. Women from the Nurse’s Health Study (82,802) filled out questionnaires about food plan after which were followed for 20 years. Low carbohydrate intake was not related to reduced heart disease. Eating a high sugar food plan increased the danger of heart disease by 90%. High vegetable intake was related to a 30% reduction in heart disease (Halton et al 2006).

Eating fish is nice to your heart; watch out for eating quite a lot of fish high in mercury (a pollutant that gets into fish), like swordfish and tuna, while pregnant, as it will possibly cause birth defects. Foods which can be an element of the Mediterranean food plan like fish, olive oil, and nuts, increase “good” HDL cholesterol and reduce the “bad” LDL cholesterol. These foods are high in omega-3 fatty acids (like docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and low in omega-6 fatty acids). It is commonly identified that ancient diets had a ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 of 1:1 whereas current diets have much higher amounts of omega-6, largely through the substitution of calories within the types of leafy plants with grains and seeds.

After I was a medical student at Duke in 1985, I distinctly remember sitting on the front porch of my house in Durham, North Carolina, and reading The Recent England Journal of Medicine, where an article described how the Inuit people of the Arctic, who had a food plan high in fish and low in meat, had much lower rates of heart disease. That statement led to the concept that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish prevented heart disease, which naturally led aggressive marketers to try to put it in a pill or a bottle and sell it. Nonetheless there may be quite a lot of stuff in fish and it will not be clear what it is strictly you get out of it when it comes to health profit (or what you avoid by eating fish as a substitute of other stuff).

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Trichopoulou A, Orfanos P, Norat T, et al (2005): Modified Mediterranean food plan and survival: EPIC-elderly prospective cohort study. British Medical Journal 330:991-998.

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Type 2 Diabetes – 3 Tricks to Help You Manage Your Blood Sugar Without Drugs

In response to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) National Diabetes Statistics Report 2017, over 100 million people in America have Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. The report also states at the least two in every five adult Americans may have Type 2 diabetes of their lifetime. With such startling statistics, it comes as no surprise an enormous variety of individuals are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes every yr. Probably the most shocking news for many individuals, nonetheless, is they could need to be on medications for the remaining of their life.

Nonetheless, today we’ve excellent news. You’ll be able to manage your blood sugar levels with easy lifestyle changes and no drugs; yes no drugs! Listed here are three tricks to assist you to out…

1. Manage your weight. When you may have Type 2 diabetes, being chubby can increase the symptoms, and also you usually tend to suffer from high blood sugar levels. It could seem to be managing or shedding weight is difficult, however it doesn’t need to be. You’ll be able to start small by doing easy things and move on to more complex methods.

Managing your food portions is the very best place to start out. You’ll be able to do that by eating snacks between meals and reducing the quantity of food you eat in a single sitting. You could also look into eating more organic and low-carb foods versus foods with processed sugars and fats.

It could also help for those who considered incorporating fresh vegatables and fruits into your eating regimen.

2. Stay physically lively. In case your weight is okay, you needn’t work out aggressively, but you possibly can take up a physical activity you enjoy. You’ll be able to start by walking a number of blocks every single day.

Being physically lively not only lets you keep your weight in check but can be useful in keeping your blood pressure, blood sugar and stress levels low. When these levels are at a healthy level, your body can be in a position to effectively produce and absorb insulin which kicks out the necessity to use drugs.

3. Embrace proper bedtime practices. Individuals with Type 2 diabetes usually tend to have sleep apnea than those without the disease. Improper sleep is dangerous because it could cause blood sugar spikes. The most effective ways to make sure you sleep soundly is to have good bedtime routines.

Among the steps it’s possible you’ll begin to do include…

  • staying away out of your electric devices within the half-hour before bed,
  • avoiding aggressive physical activities before bed, and
  • embracing deep respiratory before bed.

Final thoughts. Receiving news you may have Type 2 diabetes could be a significant blow. Being on meds for the remaining of your life will be devastating but by starting small with the ideas above, you possibly can still live a healthy life freed from diabetes medications.

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Can Alcohol or Drugs Affect a Pregnancy Test?

That is reported as one of the vital common questions posed by the people who find themselves within the phase of checking the pregnancy results. It’s the curiosity or the anxiety for positive or negative results of pregnancy. Similarly, it’s probably the most common myth or misconception that folks have of their minds that a pregnancy test is affected by the consumption of medication or alcohol. To know the facts of it, one has to know the actual concept behind it.

Pregnant women have a special hormone of their urine called the HCG and consumption of alcohol and its content within the blood stream has nothing to do with the pregnancy test. The hormone still produces no matter the incontrovertible fact that you might have consumed liquor. Nonetheless, the consumption surely affects your baby in an antagonistic way.

Though the alcohol consumption doesn’t affect the outcomes of a pregnancy test, many other aspects do influence the investigation which could also be misrepresented as a change as a result of alcohol consumption. Hence, it’s mandatory to know the actual time taken to conceive after having intercourse and the time taken in your body to convey it to you while you try to analyze it with the assistance of a pregnancy test.

As a sperm is live for five days once it enters your body, it’s difficult to evaluate your precise conception date. The sperm may need entered and stayed in your body 5 days ago and should attempt to fertilize an egg today. An egg released today may unite with a sperm after a few days of sex as it may possibly be live for twenty-four hours to 48 hours. Nonetheless, egg fertilizing or conceiving will not be simply enough to get positive leads to your pregnancy tests. It again takes a while to seem because the HCG will not be produced as soon as you get pregnant and it is generally every week after the conception that it releases within the body.

This continues to be not enough to show the pregnancy test positive as the quantity of HCG produced within the body will not be enough to rule out your pregnancy as positive. The hormone normally multiplies its content in not lower than 2-3 days and hence it is generally after 10 – 15 days after the conception that a pregnancy test can get you the actual result. The upper the time after an intercourse, more possibilities of the outcomes being accurate within the test that you simply conduct for yourself.

Since, the above information explains all of it, we will now establish the incontrovertible fact that alcohol and medicines consumption doesn’t affect the pregnancy test in any way but may cause fatal congenital diseases in your baby. A girl consuming alcohol or under drug abuse potentially increases the danger for her fetal baby. The addiction can jeopardize the expansion of the newborn’s cells. Impairments in brain and spinal cord may occur as a result of the damage done in pregnancy by consuming alcohol. Also, it’s a longtime incontrovertible fact that a girl who quits the addictions even before she gets pregnant has more possibilities of having a healthy pregnancy and thereby having a healthy baby. Hence, the healthcare professionals at all times suggest getting de-addicted before one plans for a pregnancy.

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Prescription Drugs Are More Lethal Than Street Drugs

Persons are generally aware of the undeniable fact that illicit drugs are harmful and their abuse often prove fatal. Nevertheless, in point of fact, more Americans abuse legally or illegally obtained pharmaceuticals and off-the-counter medications than street drugs. As per the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), “Drug overdose is the leading reason for accidental death within the U.S., with 47,055 lethal drug overdoses in 2023. Opioid addiction is driving this epidemic, with 18,893 overdose deaths related to prescription pain relievers, and 10,574 overdose deaths related to heroin in 2023.”

Clearly, in the US, succumbing to prescription medicines is more common than heroin, probably essentially the most abused illegal drug, and the nation’s “battle against drugs” has taken a recent hue with its addition.

Many imagine that the pharmaceutical industry is essentially answerable for the prevailing addiction to drugs. For years, these corporations have been manufacturing and pushing their drugs, mostly opioids and central nervous system (CNS) depressants, into the markets without adequate warnings. The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) believes that the prescription drug abuse epidemic is attributable to the next reasons:

  • Disregarding the chemical standpoint that OxyContin is almost an identical to heroin in several ways. Initially it might be inhaled or administered by injections, making a high more lethal than that brought on by heroin.
  • Changes in pain prescription drug guidelines resulting in opioids becoming the preferred option for lower back and other pain conditions.
  • Promoting long-term use of opioids within the absence of concrete evidence so far as safety is anxious.
  • Misinforming medical practitioners, doctors and patients in regards to the addictive properties of opioids.

The reason why prescription drug abuse is dangerous

There are several reasons attributable to which pharmaceuticals have gained notoriety as essentially the most abused drugs, which include:

  • Easy availability: All one needs is a legitimate medical prescription to legally procure pharmaceuticals. This could lead on to potential abuse if a patient decides to exceed the prescribed dose or go on a health care provider shopping spree.
  • Abuse results in addiction: Many are unaware that pharmaceuticals, comparable to opioids, are mainly pharmaceutical-grade heroin legally produced in a laboratory. They’re undoubtedly as addictive as their counterparts being illegally sold on the streets.
  • Web is an excellent market: Typing “no prescription online pharmacy” can throw up a plethora of internet sites where anyone can buy any form of prescription drug with out a doctor’s prescription.
  • Online purchases might be fake: It is kind of possible that prescription medicine purchased online could be counterfeit, or composed of toxic ingredients which could prove lethal.
  • People think they’re secure: Most individuals place blind faith of their doctor without checking the results or reporting in the event that they start becoming dependent. Alternatively, they could even exceed their prescribed dose without informing the doctor. This builds tolerance in them resulting in substance abuse and addiction.
  • Prescribed drugs are sedative: Sedation is a standard final result of such drugs and might temporarily impair an individual’s senses leaving him vulnerable to accidents.
  • Risk of blending drugs is high: Those hooked on pharmaceuticals often are inclined to mix them with alcohol or other drugs, leading to a lethal concoction.

Assistance is only a call away

It’s unlucky that many individuals consider pharmaceuticals to be secure, and disrespect the directions given by the doctor. But the reality is that any type of misuse or overdose is dangerous. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in addition to other leading agencies issue guidelines every so often to manage overprescription of painkillers by doctors. As per the most recent guidelines, doctors or medical practitioners must prescribe opioids provided that alternative medication or behavioral therapies fail to alleviate the symptoms.

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A Scientific Conversation of Non-Pharmaceutical Drugs by a PhD – Book Review

Surely, you’ve got considered the massive amount of pharmaceuticals we deploy into our society. Perhaps you’ve got considered the prices as a tax payer or the associated fee increases in your insurance policy for health care. I bet you’ve got even thought in regards to the usage of psychiatric drugs in our schools, yes, I do know that may be a touchy subject, and I suppose diagnosing someone with ADHD, ADD, or bipolarism is one solution to get them onto the drugs in order that they behave in school, but is it really the moral thing to do? Let’s talk lets?

Interestingly enough, as that debate rages on, a recent one is coming forth on the illegal drug issues, and one PhD seems to think that if teens, especially African American teens are going to be using drugs within the inner cities anyway, that perhaps, they need a bit guidance in order that they do not fry their brains, cause health care issues, or die of cardiac arrest, stroke or something terrible like driving while under the influence and crashing their automobile, potentially killing innocent bystanders.

CSPAN – Harlem Book Fair hosted an interview televised on July 20, 2023 with ER Shipp of Morgan State University, a journalist in residence and Carl Hart PhD and creator of “High Price” explained to the audience that our illegal drugs are utilized by many but only 20% ever have any problem with it, and African American minorities, especially males are vastly more prone to are available in contact with law enforcement due racial profiling, which he explains is why there are more African-Americans in our prison population in a misrepresented skew.

He tells the audience that users can do drugs in the event that they take small doses in the appropriate way. I totally disagree with this whole premise, and with Carl Hart PhD, nevertheless it is worthy of debate, and it was interesting his view points. The book if you should buy it, which I don’t recommend, and am actually shocked he was in a position to discover a publisher – the book is titled;

“High Price: A Neuroscientist’s Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges The whole lot You Know About Drugs and Society,” by Carl Hart PhD, HarperCollins Publishing, Recent York, NY, 2023, 357 pages, Electronic Version on Kindle ASIN: B009Nf75MY.

For the record I’d wish to add something to his debate and that’s; what are we doing as a society which appears to be pushing our young adults towards drug use, experimentation, and abuse while of their teens. Is not there a deeper fundamental issue at stake? Look I’m all about tough love and I do like excuses from drug addicts, still, perhaps we ought to listen to Carl’s side of the coin too. Think on this.