College Certain – Protecting Our Daughters – The 4 A’s of Self Defense
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College Certain – Protecting Our Daughters – The 4 A’s of Self Defense

As our babies, we cradled them in our arms after they were infants. We kissed them, nurtured them, supervised them, encouraged them, supported them, loved them as they grew and matured and… protected them. As loving parents, protecting our kids just isn’t just our responsibility, it’s our passion. But how can we protect them once we’re physically separated from them and so they from us?

How can we insure their safety in a world growing madder, more insane, more unstable and more dangerous by the day, aka the Georgia Tech Massacre on 16 April 2007 by which thirty-three people died, mostly college students, a horrible, heart-wrenching event claiming the unwelcomed title because the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history? Even when our little girls are achieved and mature women, even moms, they’ll all the time be our kids and our hearts can never be severed from the angst to guard them and keep them secure and out of Harm’s way.

I remember when each my daughters went off to varsity. It was a transformative experience. All grown up, leaving home and able to tackle the world, they were still more vulnerable than they knew, but I knew it despite their comforting, parting words, “Don’t be concerned, Dad. I’ll by okay.” As parents, “okay” is what we pray for.

Listed here are some sobering thoughts from

1. “Sexual assault statistics including female college students have been the topic of varied studies. In a 1988 national study involving 32 college campuses, one in 4 students was found to be a victim of rape or attempted rape. Some studies have suggested sexual assault statistics amongst college students is so high due to role of alcohol and medicines. Many ladies imagine reporting a sexual assault against an individual in the event that they have been drinking or were intoxicated cannot occur, but this just isn’t right. Sexual assault is a violation, and being intoxicated doesn’t mean the law not applies.”

2. “Sexual assault statistics show that 17 percent of reported cases against females resulted in injured victims. The 1992 National Victim Center and Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center sexual assault statistics reported 80 percent of sexual assault survivors knew their assailant a minimum of by sight. The impact left due to sexual assault will be physically, psychologically and emotionally damaging, and denial is especially strong in victims who knew their assailants.”

So how can we protect our kids, especially our daughters, after they’re college-bound and away from home, helping insure their peace of mind in addition to ours? A technique is to offer them the gift of a female self-defense workshop. The percentages of our girls being attacked, assaulted and potentially raped is higher after they’re alone, perhaps walking to their dorm within the evening, going shopping, even studying in a secluded library. There shall be times after they shall be alone… and potentially vulnerable.

Vulnerable that’s in the event that they haven’t any skills to defend themselves. The truth is that ladies who fight back in an assault have a greater likelihood of survival than those that don’t fight back. Predators prey on the weak, not the strong. When confronted with a frightening adversary, predators move on to other prey, weaker prey. Giving our girls the gift of empowerment via women’s self-defense lessons helps them protect themselves once we cannot. In any case, when our kids turn into adults, it’s their responsibility to guard themselves. Having them study martial arts or taking a self-defense workshop (perhaps with Mom) designed especially for females, is one technique of helping them help themselves. It’s also one means by which we, as loving parents, may also help insure the protection of our beloved children and daughters, especially after they’re college sure.

The 4 As of Self-Defense

As knowledgeable martial arts instructor and owning my very own karate studio for over thirty years, listed below are a number of precious suggestions that may also help any person protect their life:

Having the precise Mindset is critical to survival. We call this the 4 As of Self-Defense.

1.Awareness. Don’t beware, remember. Awareness is critical irrespective of where you’re. It is also vital to know who’s watching you?When you’re in a food market, gas station, department store, at a park, wherever – all the time be observant of your surroundings. That is your first line of defense.

2. Attitude – To survive, you need to have an attitude of survival, having made a alternative beforehand that you’ll fight to survive and never simply acquiesce to the demands of your assailant. Be just like the sun – life giving in its warmth but scorching if someone gets too close. One other analogy is to be like a lioness – loving of her cubs unless someone tries to harm them and which point she becomes a vicious adversary. Too, bear in mind that you just aren’t a victim. Your attacker is the victim. Flip the assault coin. Attack your attacker. Finally, you need to have an undying will to survive. In case your opponent’s will to harm you is stronger than your desire to live or remain secure, your probabilities of victory aren’t good. In an attack situation, your will to survive trumps all else.

3. Aggression – Being passive in a physical assault is a recipe for being assaulted or worse. Within the early, non-physical, a part of a possible situation, passivity could also be called for, but when the motion becomes physical, fighting – and being aggressive within the fight – is the treatment for survival. The famous general George Patton said: “In war, the one true defense is offense.”

He was absolutely right. From my skilled standpoint and tens of hundreds of hours of teaching self-defense in all my a long time of teaching, your probabilities of victory are much better whenever you attack. You will have more options and practically an infinite variety of capabilities. Nonetheless, a defensive posture is proscribed and the potentials of defeat are increased because in being defensive we turn into reactive and motion is all the time faster than response. Due to this fact, we must be highly proactive and aggressive if we decide to survive a physical assault.

4. Acumen – These are the defense skills which include finger pokes, stabs and claws to the eyes of your opponent; palm strikes to his eyes as well or face, especially using double palm strikes under the chin; knee strikes or kicks to the groin or his knees. Taking a self-defense class at a neighborhood and reputable self-defense studio shall be of great help.