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Mompreneur Success – 5 Self Care Tricks to Maintain Work-Life Balance

The primary time I saw Anita Renfroe’s “Momsense” video, I laughed. The second time, I cried.

Giving birth is difficult, but being a mom, is and art and a science. It requires incredible grace under pressure, skill, and a capability to let much of the stress of life roll right off your back, because we’re “on duty” 24 hours a day.

Kid wakes up screaming in the course of the night? Mom’s up and at ’em.

Kid gets sick at college? Mom to the rescue.

Flat tire in the course of nowhere? Mom’s calling “Triple A”, or she’s changing it herself.

Now, I’m not saying that Dads aren’t responsible folk. They’re. But when Mom and Dad are BOTH sick, who’s caring for the youngsters?

Yep, that’d be Mom.

And who’s running the business, wearing the pearls, moppin’ the ground, fixin the dinner, doing the laundry, and tendin’ to the house front?

Good ol’ mom.

Okay, I admit, hubby does the laundry in my house, but you get the thought I’m driving at here. I’m not taking anything away from Dad. Dad works hard, but as Anita Renfroe so meticulously puts it in her video, we do (and say) a ton of stuff for our family. Some good, some lower than wonderful, but we’re energetic within the lives of our family members. We’re searching for them, we’re caring for them.

Who’s caring for us?

Once we’re minding the shop, the youngsters, the husband, the house, what are we doing to handle us?

Self-care is a growing concern amongst working mothers. One take a look at the Wikipedia entry for work-life balance leads me to consider that self-care is even MORE vital for Mom entrepreneurs. With a lot of us constructing our empires with children at home, we’re dodging the “guilt” bullet by keeping our children out of day care, but we’re much more frazzled attempting to “do all of it”. It’s no wonder Renfroe picked the William Tell overture to speedily share all of the “isms” that we Mom’s dish out on a day by day basis. We’re wound so tight that we probably really DO talk that fast!

Listed below are a number of suggestions to include into your day to offer you mini doses of self-care:

  1. Breathe. Waiting in an extended line? Take a number of deep, calming breaths. Use that point to de-compress. While others around you might be growing more impatient, see this time as a possibility to practice gratitude, patience, and convey a little bit solitude to your day. After I find myself stuck at a train crossing, I take it as an indication that I would like to decelerate and re-focus. So I do. Respiration deeply, relaxing my shoulders, and possibly even closing my eyes for a minute. Sometimes my kids will play along – then everyone seems to be a it more relaxed!
  2. Make clear. Get clear on what’s really vital. This may be on a day by day or weekly basis. Take a while to look at your priorities, and deal with what’s most significant. Realize that for those who’re like me, you will all the time find SOMETHING that should be done – and that almost all days not every part on that list will get completed. As a substitute, deal with what I call the Big Rocks – the must do’s – that can move your life and business forward for the day.
  3. Make self-care a priority. Schedule it like every other business appointment. Don’t tell people you are scheduling self-care (you would possibly feel guilty). Tell people you’ve a conflicting appointment you can’t possibly reschedule. The primary few times, chances are you’ll feel a twinge of guilt. When you get used to “putting on your personal oxygen mask first”, you will quickly discover just how vital taking time to look after your personal needs really is.
  4. Mitigate guilt with unselfish rewards. For those Mothers that actually struggle with doing anything for themselves (including needed doctor visits – you recognize who you might be), commit to an unselfish reward for caring for yourself. You may opt to take the youngsters out for ice cream after your visit to the Chiropractor, or give your girlfriend a special thank-you gift for watching the youngsters whilst you took some day out from the day. The act of doing for another person normally helps dissipate any feelings of guilt related to caring for yourself, because you will actually be doing something nice for another person as well!
  5. Search for ‘joy joggers’. It might be a favourite song in your mp3 player, or a poem you liked as a young girl. Possibly it’s an image or memory that brings some joy to your day. Strategically locate these “joy joggers” around your space. Like a memory jogger, these little reminders provide you with a small moment of joy every time you encounter them. Sprinkle them generously around your own home, automotive and workspace, in order that no space is taken into account the doldrums. Even when it means carrying it in a pocket or purse and taking it out periodically to enjoy. Joy joggers a types of micro self-care.

It’s long overdue that we mothers start mothering ourselves now and again. Whether it is a joy jogger, a day out, or a physician’s appointment, make certain you are taking time to are likely to your personal needs in addition to all the opposite needs of your family members. The life you save could also be your personal!

Copyright 2010, Lisa Robbin Young

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Bujinkan Ninjutsu: The Art of Breaking Balance within the Ninja’s Self-Defense System of Ninpo Taijutsu

Picture a martial arts fight in your mind; what you are prone to “see” are loads of kicks, punches and blocks, perhaps locks and throws, too; but what you’ll likely miss are the underlying principles that make each of those techniques and moves practical and effective. Considered one of the basic principles of Ninjutsu is easy to explain, difficult to perfect, but potentially devastating once it’s mastered: the principle of Breaking Balance, or because it is understood in Japanese, Kuzushi.

Why is it so effective?

Simply answered…

Because breaking balance limits your attacker’s mobility.

So? What’s going to that do for you when he’s attempting to beat, break, or kill you?

Good query.

Listed below are three (of many!) the explanation why balance breaking is vitally vital within the ninja’s self-defense method:

1) Breaking balance severely limits the power of an opponent to defend against a follow-up, possibly conflict-ending counter-attack from you.

2) Breaking balance effectively limits the reactive options, possible defense or counter-attack options, that an opponent might decide to employ.

3) Breaking balance can shock or disorient an opponent right into a momentary lapse of focus, allowing the victim – you – to flee from the situation.

This doesn’t mean that breaking the balance of an opponent is just a set-up for further actions. No, breaking the balance of an opponent can itself be the end-goal of a violent encounter because it might be enough to interrupt the boldness of an assailant, causing them to flee the scene reasonably than you!

Considered one of the interesting things concerning the principal of Breaking Balance is that it underlines the wealthy vein of strategy that runs throughout Ninjutsu. Ninjutsu doesn’t aim to pit strength against strength, reasonably it seeks to undermine the benefits of the opponent and create openings that play to the strengths of the victim. In this fashion, a “weaker” opponent can beat a “stronger” one!

Imagine a thug’s surprise when he finds himself losing control of his own balance and unable to do anything about it as every move he makes brings him closer to defeat!

But how will you break the balance of an opponent?

Imagine that there’s a line drawn between his heels; for those who move him perpendicular to this line, he can be forced right into a desperate backwards stagger, fighting to regain his balance!

Sounds great, huh? But perhaps difficult, too?

YOU can learn this theory and how you can effectively apply it through the study of Ninjutsu. But, within the words of an awesome martial arts master…

“Learning is straightforward, but motion is difficult. And motion is straightforward, but true understanding is difficult!”

The query is: