Has stress taken its toll on your health?


Has stress taken its toll on your health?

The cumulative effects of chronic stress creeps up on you slowly but surely. At first you may be able to just shrug off little health issues and sleep problems and write off decreased productivity and increase irritability. But trust me eventually the toll that chronic stress takes on your health adds up drastically and will and does take years off your life!

Stress impacts almost every system in your body. Stress can cause the body to produce high levels of adrenaline (as well as other hormones) and in turn, heart rate and respiration increases. Glucose in the blood rises as the body prepares for the well-known “fight or flight” reaction.

The human body was never meant to live in chronic state of “fight or flight” because it can cause widespread damage. Potential health risks associated with stress range from heart disease and stroke to diabetes and obesity.  

If you work in a high stress job you are highly susceptible to chronic stress. Healthcare, Law Enforcement, First Responders / Firefighters, Airline Pilots, Traffic Controllers, Enlisted Military Personnel, Reporter, Broadcaster and Public Relations Executive are just a few high stress jobs.

But stress affects all of us from the stay at home Mom to the single Mom trying to raise a family to the school bus driver trying to get the students to and from school to the computer programmer to the garbage disposal worker stress is there. We can’t avoid it but we can learn it’s biochemical effects it has on us and what we can do to bring back balance into our lives.

Symptoms of chronic stress include:

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia

Excel Well specializes in the research of the Biochemical Effects of Chronic Stress, Addiction and Cellular Health and Longevity and we are here to educate you on these VERY important topics as well as offering professional nutraceuticals pertaining to these issues. We dig deep into published scientific research studies to bring you the latest up to date information on the topics below. So come back often to expand your knowledge so you will be able to live a long and happy life free of chronic stress and addiction.

If chronic stress has taken a toll on your health and well being you’ve come to the right place as we will show you how to get it under control without pharmaceutical drugs. If you have trouble with anxiety, depression, brain fog, short term memory loss or insomnia Excel Well is here to show ways to greatly improve your life by using orthomolecular medicine with nutraceuticals, water, hormones, proper diet and exercise.

Keys to Optimal Health:

If you struggle with alcoholism, opiate dependence, psychostimulant abuse (e.g., cocaine), nicotine dependence, glucose or carbohydrate binging and overeating, inability to focus (ADHD and other spectrum disorders), pathological gambling, excessive Internet gaming, sex addiction, rage, obsessive-compulsive disorder, among other repetitive known behaviors and want to change Excel Well is here to educate you on changing your life for the better.

Use the message board forum to join together to discuss the stress you have in your life so we can help each other reach great health and wellness to live a long fulfilling life!

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