Creating video contents has two fundamental essential elements: visual and aural. The audio is as essential because the visual quality since it helps delivers the precise message to your audience, that’s the reason voice-overs play a big role in your videos. You don’t just like the sound of your voice? There’s a reliable solution for that!

What’s Speechelo?

Speechelo is an efficient and practical text-to-speech online application that features human-like voices. Whether you’re creating sales videos, educational videos, training videos, entertainment videos or any kind of videos that you just need, Speechelo will tell your story for you and make your videos more compelling and appealing to your audiences.

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This isn’t just some other voice-over app, this may set you other than others especially that it’s conveniently created to remodel any text into speech with various voices to select from. It includes Male, Female and Kid voices and works in over 20 languages.

Speechelo - Robot

That is the answer to your voice-over issues especially in case you don’t just like the sound of your voice, in case you don’t have the vital tools and equipment to record knowledgeable voice-over, in case you would not have the cash to pay expensive voice-over experts or the time to attend for his or her output! Few clicks is all it takes and you’ll find a way to sustain your projects that need voice-overs or earn extra from it by selling your voice-over audios especially that it’s compatible with any video creation software.

Say goodbye to those creepy robotic audios that only makes your audience doubt you and your brand due to how unrealistic it sounds. With just just a few clicks, Speechelo can offer you good and convincing voice-overs that may provide help to generate leads and convert sales.

Your videos will sound pretty much as good because it looks, prompting your audience to take motion and fascinating them to trust and remember your brand.

Who Created Speechelo?

The creators of Speechelo are the Marketing Expert, Stoica Bogdan and the Genius Coder, Vlad Christian. They began as freelancers but found their true love once they discovered YouTube and since then have released software tools which have helped countless of web marketers.

They each believed in constant learning and aim to be higher and make competitive online tools that might help others reach online marketing. They’re referred to as the go-to-guys in the case of YouTube Marketing, precisely why this text to speech app is an amazing tool for video marketers on the market.

How Does Speechelo Work?

This text to speech software is exclusive in making your voice-overs sound natural in addition to how easy and fast it takes to have an amazing sound! With Speechelo, you’re allowed unlimited voice-overs containing as much as 700 words.

It really works in 3 easy and easy steps:

Speechelo - 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 : Ready your text and paste it into the web editor. The engine will check it and can put the vital punctuation marks to make your speech sound as natural as it could be.

Step 2 : Select the acceptable voice and language from the gathering. You possibly can preview each to make sure that you may have the precise alternative appropriate to your speech. To make it sound as human as possible, you’ll be able to add respiratory sounds, longer pauses and select amongst tones: Joyful, Serious or Normal.

Step 3 : Wait to your voice-over to generate in only just a few seconds. You possibly can take heed to it and judge if you must download and use it to your projects or if you must try one other voice.

So easy! And it’s only a normal version of the app, you may have an choice to upgrade it to PRO with more helpful and awesome features.


Speechelo - Voices

It transforms any text to speech in probably the most human-like voice possible.

– Very easy to make use of and has only a few steps.

– It has over 30 human sounding voices.

– Includes Male, Female and Kid voice.

– Enables you to add respiratory sounds and tone.

– Works in English and other 23 languages.

– Saves you time and money.

– It really works well with any video creation software.

– You should use it on any video projects comparable to sales video, instructional videos, review videos, educational videos and more.

– One time payment and no monthly fees.

– Helps you make a voice-over that may be trusted and might captivate audiences.

– You’re going to get full training, free support and free updates as well.

– It’s a cloud-based software, so no must install and download.

– A risk-free investment because it is backed with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.


– You would like web connection to buy and access this software.

– Needs additional payment for PRO upgrade.


Good quality all the time sells and Speechelo can provide help to have a top quality voice-over needed for any of your video projects. It gives your content a way of truth and a convincing edge to appeal to your audience or market with a human sounding voice.

Tell and sell your story with Speechelo!

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