Menopause brings lots of changes to women, including weight gain. As women get older, maintaining a healthy weight sometimes becomes difficult but normally, you aren’t at fault. Across the menopause transition, hormonal fluctuations commonly occur, that’s the reason there may be a program designed only for you!

What’s Slim Over 55?

Slim Over 55 is a special program especially designed for ladies over 55 whose body has undergone menopause. With the numerous changes a girl’s body goes through during menopause, this program helps you bring back hormonal balance for correct body functions and weight reduction.

Slim Over 55 - Thick

Eliminate all of the myths and the doubts that you’ve got been hearing for a very long time about not with the ability to achieve your ideal weight or that a fit and sexy body isn’t possible together with your age. You’ll be able to have a flat belly and be healthy without the necessity for surgical procedures and insane weight reduction programs.

Since this program is crafted for ladies over 55, the burden loss routine is tailored specifically in your body which has undergone menopause, taking into account your potential health concerns and mobility. The workouts are made exclusively to profit and never harm your body. Except for the workout regime which promotes progression, is a comprehensive details about advisable weight loss plan and nutrition that your body needs.

Not only does it assist you to shed extra pounds, it’s going to bring back your high energy levels and can motivate you to eat healthy with its mouth-watering and fat-burning recipes that only takes just a few minutes to make even if you happen to aren’t any expert in cooking.

On top of the numerous features, you’ll learn and understand higher what happens to your body if you reach a certain age and that you just aren’t at fault why your body’s storing fats especially within the belly and thighs sections. By understanding your body and the changes it experience, you’ll know the way to higher handle it.

Who Created Slim Over 55?

This secure and effective weight reduction program was created by a nutritionist and authorized personal trainer, Aline who has spent greater than 10 years studying fitness, weight reduction and nutrition. She is an authority who owns certifications supporting the facts behind her program.

How Does Slim Over 55 Work?

This system is a secure and natural alternative of losing a few pounds. It is smart and practical and doesn’t promise you overnight results unlike other weight reduction products. Because this was made exclusively for ladies whose body undergone menopause, there have been considerations made. Every part on this program was patterned so that girls age 55 and more will have the opportunity to shed extra pounds and improve their health effectively.

Slim Over 55 - Slim

This system consists of the Weight Loss Manual, which explains extensively why and the way women over 55 should exercise in a unique manner in comparison with young adults. The main target is to bring balance to your body to support proper functioning and responses. You’ll know concerning the 4 herbs that may speed up your metabolism and energy levels and the foods that you must avoid because they make your body store belly fat. Every part on this manual teaches you the way to get a slim and sexy body irrespective of your age.

You may even be getting The Slim Over 55 Workouts which shows essentially the most effective workouts for ladies over the age of 55. You might be supplied with a video tutorial and workout plan that you must consistently do for 30 days. The workouts are very easy and might take only just a few minutes of your day while not having to go away your property.

And at last, you might be getting the Our Slim Over 55 Every day Success Checklist to observe your progress.


– Protected and effective weight reduction program.

– It’s tailored specifically for ladies over 55.

– Created by an authority in fitness and nutrition.

– It helped transform greater than 20,000 lives.

– Complete and straightforward to follow.

– Empowers women irrespective of their age.

– Helps you achieve your ideal weight and shed off some unwanted weight especially belly fats.

– Video has detailed instructions.

– Workouts are made enjoyable and straightforward.

– No ravenous and extreme workouts.

– No questions asked, 60 days a refund guarantee.


– Needs web to buy and download.

– Results vary.

– This program requires commitment.


Reach your ideal weight and body figure, in a quick, secure, easy and effective way through Slim Over 55. Aging doesn’t mean giving up in your health and letting imbalances take over your body, take control and be amazed of how this fat-shredding program can do wonders to your overall health and body.

Lose that unwanted and unhealthy fat and convey back your youthful and energetic self, so that you could fully enjoy your days doing the stuff you like and spending it with the people you like.

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