The body is stuffed with self defense pressure points that, when attacked properly, can inflict pain or numbness to a mugger or attacker. Probably the greatest things women can learn during self defense is learn how to use pressure points with the intention to increase their probabilities of successfully defending themselves. Knowing where these pressure points are and learn how to attack them could make the difference between life and death.

There are lots of different pressure points on the human body. There are several examples of a very good self defense pressure point on just the human face. For instance, place your finger on the side of your head, behind your ear lobe. There needs to be a slight indentation. Push hard. In about 99% of the population, this may cause a shock of pain, in addition to a natural reflex of pulling back. This will make an important self defense pressure point to attack in an in depth attack, especially in a case of an assault.

One other self defense pressure point on the face is near the back of the temple, also right by the ear. Trace your ear from back to front. Where the front portion of your ear meets your face, that is a pressure point. Put a thumb there and push, and you will definitely get a robust response from that self defense pressure point. Anywhere within the throat can be effective, given enough power will find a way to stun your opponent and offer you a likelihood to get away.

An often neglected self defense pressure point that does not require a thumb or a few fingers is across the collarbone. The collar bone is considered one of the simplest bones within the human body to interrupt, and where the collar bone meets near the throat is an important place to hit. Not only is that area sensitive as a pressure point, but with the throat and collar bone all in the identical area, any solid hit there can have the specified effect.

Often times learning the several self defense pressure point is something that’s taught in quick padded attacker self defense courses, or in certain forms of martial arts. Learning the self defense pressure points are an important way of stepping into self defense, and the knowledge that this learning brings makes any kind of self defense you learn simpler. Combining self defense training with self defense pressure point will result in an individual fully able to defending themselves in bad situations.


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