Secrets of the CIA

Written and directed by James Otis
Turner Original Productions, Inc., 1998
Transcript courtesy of John Bernhart

A frightening and true story, Secrets of the CIA draws on highly personal stories of numerous ex-CIA agents.

Experience these personal accounts supported by photos from their albums, excerpts of explosive government reports, CIA training films, and archival footage.

These elements combine to tell a troubling story not only of the CIA’s complicity in the overthrow of governments which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, but the current and future uses of advanced spy technology on America’s citizens.

The Agents:

Name: Ralph McGehee
Location: Southeast Asia
Assignment: Director of Covert Operations Thailand-Vietnam

Name: Verne Lyon
Location: Iowa State University; Havana, Cuba
Assignment: Domestic spying on antiwar demonstrators; economic sabotage

Name: Mary Embree
Location: CIA Headquarters, Washington, D.C.
Assignment: Audio surveillance division, research (bombing, torture, poison)

Name: Phil Agee
Location: Latin America
Assignment: Advisor to national police forces; destabilization and disinformation

Name: Phil Roettinger
Location: Guatemala; Mexico
Assignment: Overthrow of democratically elected government; surveillance of Castro 

Secrets of the CIA

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