Are you currently stuck in life, unsure about which option to go or what higher else to do? Do you are feeling unmotivated and hopeless, just attempting to get by every day? Don’t just exist, live!

What’s Sacred Geometry Manifestation Pendant?

This pendant is life changing and might be your most treasured accessory! It bears the sacred symbol of Sri Yantra which is believed to be a tool for fulfilling all of your desires because it depicts creation and a proof of a Higher Being’s existence. It shouldn’t be some hocus-pocus, but a robust sign that may enable you clear your mind and encourage you to concentrate on your goals.

Manifesting Abundance Pendant - Sri Yantra Symbol

It has been existing for a thousand of years and has been used as a divine force of creativity, intelligence, innovation, reflection and visualization that may enable you manifest your true self and create the life you wish. For therefore a few years, this sacred representation was already portrayed in profound images and studies made by popular geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci’s The Vitruvian Man, that shows a mathematical precise design that’s the idea for all the pieces that exists. Whether or not they do it consciously or unconsciously, they were surely driven by a universal flow, reminding each is special to finish an ideal order within the universe.

The Sri Yantra design present within the manifestation pendant can bring about opportunities for contemplation about your life and your reference to the universe. It would enable you achieve insight into the best type of consciousness.

Who Created the Sacred Geometry Manifestation Pendant?

It was created by Liz and Ric Thompson, founders of Healthy Wealthy nWise. They’re serial successful entrepreneurs and have spent years developing online programs and helpful tools that may positively alter people’s lives.

How Does Sacred Geometry Manifestation Work?

If you’ve this sacred pendant within the palm of your hand or put it in your body as a jewellery where it might be near you, you possibly can use it as a tool for meditation and self discovery. You possibly can just find a snug seat where you possibly can look and observe the design. Take time to look at the sacred geometrical patterns and take each layer of the symbol mindfully. By doing this, you’ll achieve clarity of thoughts and mind.

Manifesting Abundance Pendant - Happiness

That is an efficient and efficient option to refocus in your goals and life, discover your true self and consider in your real potential. Someone who’s useful and able to great things that this world needs. While everybody has the flexibility to make changes that may impact life, not everybody gets the chance to accomplish that. This pendant nonetheless, presents to you a special opportunity to follow a path resulting in your dreams and eventually to a greater place.

It also works in repelling negativity in your life and removes the obstacles or anything that hinders you from achieving true success. With this, you shall be surrounded with positive energy that can encourage you to be more and to do more.


– A useful tool for manifestation. It helps you create the life you wish.

– Helps you discover your true self, which is a capable, healthy, successful and glad person.

– Leads you to the appropriate direction where abundance is.

– Promotes positive living and repels negative energy.

– Clears your mind from unnecessary noise and self-limiting thoughts.

– A sacred symbol used for a thousand of years to draw whatever you desire.

– Makes you realize how you’re a significant a part of the universe.

– Inspires you to unleash your creative side.

– Brings out your dreams and helps you make a difference on this world.

– The sacred manifestation pendant is without spending a dime and it comes with two bonuses namely: Harmonic Prosperity: Hypnotherapy For A Financially Free Mindset and Effortless Abundance: The Missing Pieces to Living an Abundant Life Effortlessly.

Manifesting Abundance Pendant - Bonus

– You simply have to pay shipping fee for a high value product.

– Protects your investment with a 60 days a reimbursement guarantee.


– It could only be ordered online on their official website.

– The pendant will only be given away to limited number of individuals.


Since time immemorial, people have used symbols to assist them live and understand their connection to the universe. You too, are part and connected to an incredible whole. A sacred symbol called Sri Yantra portrays creation and the next power. This sacred symbol which might be present in this Sacred Geometry Manifestation Pendant, can enable you create the life you wish, a lifetime of abundance and success.

It awakens your creative self and inspires you to be more and do more and make a difference on this world.

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