On this time of pandemic, it’s a must to guard yourself and your loved ones. Top-of-the-line protections you must follow apart from social distancing and frequent washing of hands, is wearing a face mask to avoid infection. But not all masks are the identical and never all are equally effective. What’s the very best mask for you?

What’s R-95 Reusable Face Mask?

The R-95 Reusable Face Mask is a reliable mask that you could use especially with the specter of Covid-19 to maintain yourself shielded from dangerous virus carrying particles. With the present speculations of the virus being airborne, the more that you ought to be cautious to only select a mask that’s effective and efficient in reducing the chance of spreading the virus.

R95 Reusable Face Masks - Virus

The present demand of masks is increasing globally and lack of it is nearly all over the place since most cities safety protocols now include wearing a mask when going out of your homes. The face mask has turn out to be a vital protective tool to maintain away diseases, a essential face accessory which for many establishments are required upon entrance.

Select the appropriate mask for you and don’t put yourself and others in peril simply because you might have used a mask that’s entirely useless corresponding to masks that don’t suit your face properly leaving gaps and spaces where tiny particles can still enter or masks that don’t have the essential filter on them that airborne infectious germs can still infiltrate.

The R-95 mask is created from top quality and sturdy materials, making it stretchy and breathable for max comfort. It has a filter that forms an airtight seal and valves that allow easier exhales. The mask and filter within the R-95 are washable and reusable as needed. The ear loops make sure the mask won’t ever slip and the nose piece is adjustable to be certain it’s tightly sealed across the nose. You may also customize your mask with stickers and pins.

Governments have lifted some restrictions for a lot of reasons but this also means there is perhaps greater risk of the virus spreading due to exposure, so higher try your best to guard yourself and your loved ones.

Who Created the R-95 Reusable Face Mask?

R95 Reusable Face Masks - Self-Reliance Association

The mask was created by an organization called Self-Reliance Association who had been within the business of preparedness for 12 long years. They made a sustainable survival mask with the very best features and materials. Given the shortage of masks nowadays due to the increasing demand, this R-95 masks serves as an answer to an issue.

How Does R-95 Reusable Face Mask Work?

This mask lets you keep secure and survive this pandemic together with essential protective protocols. It’s one size matches all for a decent and cozy fit for anyone. The R-95 has the flexibility to filter 95% of particulates from air in comparison with other masks which may only filter at 65%. Its materials and special features will keep you protected.

They provide 4 decisions: The Family Mask Kit, The Friends Mask Kit, The Couples Mask Kit and The Single Mask Kit. All packages are free shipping and handling.

Just wear the R-95 mask especially if you go to places that you could be exposed to lots of people. It is simple and cozy to wear and its many notable features will assist you to maintain your health.


– It’s breathable. The fabric used makes it easy to breath.

– It might be washed and reused.

– The disposable filters remove 95% of particulates from air.

R95 Reusable Face Masks - Protection

– Easy to wear with its material built for comfort and sturdiness.

– It includes an adjustable nose pin and over-ear loops for a snug-fit.

– Keeps you shielded from harmful virus carrying air particles.

– There are alternatives to pick from and it comes with free shipping and handling.

– It ships fast depending on the the product availability.

– It has removable exhalation valves.

– It might be customized with stickers.

– The mask is nice for 8-9 hours of heavy use.

– They provide a 364-Day Money Back Guarantee for those who will not be satisfied with the product.


– This will only be purchased online.

– Limited supply.


Stay secure and guarded with R-95 Reusable Face Mask especially during this trying times that your health and the health of your loved ones are being threatened by an enemy you may’t see. Survive and thrive and refuse to be a part of the statistics who’ve been infected by the virus, do what you may when you may to not be infected using a reliable mask product of materials that offers you not only protection but comfort and adaptability.

Be a part of the answer and help stop the spread of the virus, be chargeable for yourself and others, wear an R-95 mask!

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