Most individuals when considering of quitting smoking develop into focussed on the long run. Not next month or next yr, however the hours and days after they quit.

The fear of being and not using a smoke could appear to be in the long run nonetheless a craving is rarely off in the space it’s straight away! The one time you must manage your craving is in the current.

But the issue is that’s where the fear and anxiety also live. Nevertheless there’s a technique to use your past to let go of your present craving fear and anxiety.

A preferred method utilized in Neuro Linguistic Programming and in my Calm process is to revisit a time rom the past and produce it into the now.

I ask my clients to obviously define how they may feel once they have successfully quit. The common answers are proud, comfortable, free or successful.

I then have them recall a time of their past once they felt this manner. Essentially the most common answer was once they first held their child. Other answers include winning, an event, buying their first house, and riding their motorcycle the primary time after getting their license.

The following step is to revisit that memory. To deeply remember and feel the event, to recall the precise time, place, people and most significantly their feelings and where they’re positioned of their body.

This process is established in the primary Calm session, and their homework is to revisit these memories as repeatedly as possible before the second session once they quit smoking.

The second Calm session is once we make a dive into the unconscious mind, to dig out the entire connections habits and beliefs about smoking. Normally mid way through the session I could have them recall the positive feeling, then dismiss it.

Next I even have them imagine a situation where there may be tempted to smoke, and rapidly I even have them bring back the nice feeling to completely squash the smoking feeling.

We repeat this process 3 times imaging different smoking scenarios, every time having them win the battle over smoking and have them be ok with their victory.

In the approaching days and weeks any time they feel any cravings or urges to smoke they may revisit this sense. As well as they may stack not less than two more strategies to be sure that they continue to be a non-smoker for all times.

In fact they’ll use this sense to alleviate any stress of their life.

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