Neuropathy No More



Neuropathy No More is program that shows how to heal their body of this painful condition without taking medications or spending each week in physical therapy.

The Neuropathy No More program aims to mitigate neuropathy by eliminating bad bacteria and retaining the good ones. Bad gut health is cited as an underlying cause of neuropathy. Therefore, implementing the stipulated dietary measures will drastically improve your health. Within a few weeks of following the program, you will be able to recover good gut bacteria and notice the difference in your body.

Neuropathy No More is a comprehensive neuropathy management plan by Jodi Knapp, which works without any treatment or medication. According to the author, neuropathy is caused by other illnesses.

She considers neuropathy as the side-effect of other conditions like nerve damage, chronic inflammation, or diabetes. According to her, there are many conditions that might lead to neuropathy.

Jodi Knapp found that treating the underlying illness will help people get over neuropathy and its debilitating effects. She says that it is an effective method for managing neuropathy than any other treatment plans.

After enough research, it is found that the condition is directly linked to gut health. There are quite a number of gut bacteria types in our body that work together to keep up alive! When these healthy gut bacterias are affected, it results in illnesses and even neuropathy.

For someone who is suffering from neuropathy, it would be a solace to find something out-of-the-box! Unlike the usual prescriptions and medications, the Neuropathy No More program has a different perspective regarding neuropathy treatment. It’s not just about reversing the symptoms. As said in the Neuropathy No More, it promises to cure the condition of its root.


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