Medicinal Garden Kit



What is The Medicinal Garden Kit?

The Medicinal Garden Kit includes everything people need to start a natural pharmacy in their backyards. Nicole Apelian, the inventor, reasoned that a bundle of this type would help empower those who wish to take the reins of their health. To accomplish this, she trusts everyone should have access to a natural remedy anytime. What’s alluring about The Medicinal Garden is that it provides everything needed to start a natural pharmacy and the enriched learning it delivers. Bearing the latter in mind, it’s essential to take some time to look at how Nicole organized the entire system.

How is The Medicinal Garden Kit laid out?

Comprehending the many characteristics of the plants is what matters if the goal is to improve health organically. Undeniably, following instructions on plant care is also critical, but people often neglect the application aspect of relying on such sources. This is where The Medicinal Garden Kit’s educational aspect shines through as Nicole leads everyone through the features of the seeds encompassed in the kit.

She claims to have spent a significant amount of time putting together the free Medicinal Guide, which covers the following:

  • Ten plants, including ChicoryYarrowCalifornia PoppyMarshmallowChamomileEvening PrimroseLavenderEchinaceaCalendula, and Feverfew
  • Details on how to plant, grow and harvest each one
  • How to make tinctures, ointments, salves, infusions, and wrappings using these herbs
  • Easy home cures that can be incorporated into a person’s everyday routine
  • Why is Chicory generally regarded as a pain reliever, whereas Yarrow reigns supreme in wound healing
  • How California Poppy and Chamomile affect sleep quality in comparison to sleeping pills
  • Herbs that support healthy skin, immunity, digestive tract, and nerve function, such as Evening PrimroseEchinacea, and Marshmallow, respectively
  • Why it is imperative to ease inflammation for better mood
  • The various contributions each plant makes to the garden, whether it be through improved soil quality or the growth of other plants
  • Exclusive recipes that highlight each herb’s capacity to address specific health issues
  • The steps to finally becoming self-reliant and preparing for the worst of times


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