Hyperbolic Stretching



Broadly, the program claims to provide improved flexibility, muscular relief, core strength, and pelvic floor and hip power. The website doesn’t claim much more but several other reviews with nearly identical information attribute some interesting effects to the program.

Reviewers indicate the program can strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and agility, enhance confidence and self-esteem, and boost energy. Specifically, the program can assist with incontinence, spinal cord issues, and joint pain.

Some boast that users will not only be able to do a full split (without a warm-up!) but also improve performance in the bedroom. The program also claims to stimulate nitric oxide production and the release of human growth hormone.

Not surprisingly, these reviews provide affiliate links to the program. This one seems to be run by Larsson but identifies him as a flexibility and penis enlargement expert and, as such, the target market seems to be no longer the general fitness enthusiast.

The primary targets of the program are the pelvic floor muscles. The “survival reflux” is the theorized reason why many are unable to achieve maximal flexibility. The program purports to turn off this “tension reflux” which allows new limits for flexibility and mobility.


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