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Your profile for an internet dating service should reflect the form of person you might be and the form of person you want to draw. Here’s a profile that mixes humor with an underlying tone of directness and seriousness that proved to achieve success for this person.

I’m not particularly introspective or self-analytical. Beyond that, I probably ought not put Jack Handy “deep thoughts” into cyberspace. That said, I feel in an lively, organic, small town Mayberry-type lifestyle. Life will not be like Mayberry, but I do my best to bend my very own small a part of it toward that ideal.

As for work, I even have returned to my hometown to begin my very own business over the past year-and-a-half. Consequently, I have been working lots. I do, nonetheless, have a variety of well-developed leisure skills that I want to make use of again. Someone told me that my profile is ludicrous. She added that this profile fails to reflect me as an individual, and that I’m just messing around and testing people. I contend, nonetheless, that my profile suggests a certain ruggedness. I feel it now as I write this. I breathe deeply, and scream a Whitman Yawp. Ah, yes, the essence of a person’s man. Yes, I even have little doubt that I even have the perfect profile. Upon request, nonetheless, I now modify and ideal this section.

What does this superman seek? He seeks the next, so as of preference: (1) neurosurgeon/supermodel; (2) wealthy girl, too proud to have him work (and willing to support him within the style that he so richly deserves– his muscles being just for show absent superhero emergency situations); (3) a match, his Valkyrie, his warrior princess.

Specs: the warrior princess ought to be prepared to maintain alcohol usage to a manageable amount; have a minimum of the occasional positive month on the house balance sheet; put family first; refrain from talking about her job for hours at a time– leave it on the office; have a minimum of a modicum of intelligence; and luxuriate in sports, outdoor activities, exercising, the mountains and gardening.

There. The profile becomes a masterpiece.

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