In a single two day stretch in Recent Mexico recently there have been 4 bear attacks. They occur with great frequency in Colorado especially this time of yr. Bear attacks are getting more common because the population slowly encroaches into bear territory.

Almost on a weekly basis we hear or see reports of bear encounters in urban areas near mountainous terrain.

Bears are mostly curious and are driven by an acute sense of smell. They will smell food from miles away. For homeowners near mountainous areas or campers out within the wilderness keeping food wrapped and covered is a must so the smells don’t draw the bears.

There are several things homeowners, hunters, backwoodsmen, and campers can do to guard themselves in case of a bear encounter.

Campers and homeowners who’re in danger can arm themselves with bear pepper spray. If a human-bear confrontation occurs, pepper spray stands out as the best weapon to repel a bear. A lot in order that the Sierra Club is recommending that anyone who goes into bear country has bear pepper spray.

Bear pepper spray is more practical than a .44 magnum since it burns the bears’ eyes and nose and their mucous membranes are very sensitive to it. IT WORKS!

Homeowners can use the sound of barking dogs to scare bears away as well. Folks out within the Lake Tahoe area know all about how well this works.

Campers who enterprise into the wilderness and homeowners who live near mountainous areas can protect themselves by getting some bear pepper spray and a tool called the ‘electronic watchdog’ to guard themselves and their property from bear attacks.

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