You wish more traffic, but you do not have a whole lot of money you may put money into generating leads for what you are promoting. How are you going to construct your network marketing business in a gentle fashion and drive quality traffic to your website splash page without blowing your brains out financially?

A technique is thru Article Marketing. If you happen to are searching for a low price technique to generate quality traffic to your site, it is a very powerful solution. Now, be forewarned that an article marketing strategy requires sustained effort for it to deliver meaningful results, but in case you persist even for 30 days, the trouble could be very worthwhile.

And your traffic is targeted traffic because people have read your article before deciding to click the link to your website that you have inserted in your creator’s resource box. In the event that they don’t love you based in your article, they will not click. If the do, they may. So you have already got a leg up when it comes to the standard of the visitor to your splash page because you may have established yourself as something of an authority through your article.

1) Determine your theme or area of focus.

There are various ways to approach an article marketing strategy specific to your network marketing business. So start with identifying the topic area around which you’re most comfortable teaching that pertains to what you are promoting that you simply wish to promote. It could be the way to generate leads, or the way to prospect, or the way to stay organized, or the way to find people to discuss with, or the way to keep effective records, or the way to place a classified ad, or the way to evaluate a business opportunity. The topics are infinite … so pick one as an area inside which to pay attention.

2) Brainstorm article topics.

Article marketing is about achieving critical mass. So, inside the theme you’ve got identified, brainstorm as many alternative key points as possible. Each point will develop into its own article topic for which you’ll write a 400 to 500 word article. Aim for 100 topics and see how far you get.

3) Prewrite your article titles or headline.

For every article topic, prewrite your headline. Use headlines which can be catchy and that emphasize an answer to an issue. “How To …”, “3 Ways To …”, “3 Key Suggestions For …” are all good models to make use of. Do that in your entire list of article topics.

4) Write your articles.

Working out of your list of article headlines, start writing. Because you’ve got done the pre-work to give attention to a theme, discover your topics and pick your titles, you needn’t take into consideration what each article goes to be about as you write it. Write 400 to 500 words — 5 or 6 paragraphs is all it takes. Write based on what you recognize and just let it flow.

5) Add your call to motion.

At the tip of your article, you’ll add your resource box. Include a call to motion inviting the reader to learn more about what you are promoting with a link back to your splash page.

6) Publish your article.

Submit your article to ezine articles after which start tracking the outcomes. You’ll quickly begin to see which articles are drawing probably the most views and probably the most clicks. That can develop into worthwhile information so that you can use to refine your topics and headlines as you progress forward.

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