People face various difficulties in life but probably the most common is money problems. Some struggle paying their debts while others’ income just isn’t even enough for all the essential necessities in life. Are you worrying about your financial status too? You may change your situation!

What’s My Personal Frequency?

My Personal Frequency is a breakthrough and priceless program that helps you to attain anything and all the things you’ve gotten at all times wanted in your life. It uses the ability of sound to draw financial blessings in your life and awaken the natural healing powers of your body.

My Personal Frequency - Sound Waves

It’s a 5-part audio program consisting of special frequency that may particularly stimulate the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is probably the most essential and longest nerve in your body. It connects your brain to the numerous essential organs of the body, including heart, lungs and the gut. The vagus nerve could be very essential because it influences quite a lot of body functions and has a huge effect not only in your mental health but your overall health as well.

And it was discovered that having a high vagal tone means positive emotions and positive health. This is able to only mean that the more you increase your vagal tone the more your overall health and well being will improve and vice versa since it is definitely a loop.

This signifies that with a high vagal tone, you’ll find a way to boost your vibrations to the best level and can find a way to draw all of your desires in life. The positive channels and vibration of getting a high vagal tone permits you to focus your energy to what you desire to achieve in life. Even research proves that individuals with high vagal tone should not just healthier, they’re socially and psychologically stronger, happier and are higher in a position to concentrate.

Stimulate your vagal tone and you may achieve whatever you wish.

Who Created My Personal Frequency?

This program was created by Jude Ritz, he was a successful property investor until the market got here crashing down along along with his relationships and life basically. He collected an enormous debt, turned to alcohol, wasting his life away. He felt trapped in a continuous negative loop, that he felt he can’t escape from.

He felt helpless and hopeless until a fortunate experience happened. A magical experience that permit him discovered about tunes and sounds that soothed and alleviated his mood. He experienced the miracle of sounds and now he spend his life travelling around the globe to assist people awaken their true potential in order that they attract extra money, health and happiness identical to he did.

How Does My Personal Frequency Work?

My Personal Frequency - Headphones

Not all people have high vagal tones, and people who are affected by low vagal tones are experiencing the direct opposite of the effect of high vagal tones comparable to sending your body out of balance and you might be unable to draw wealth properly.

However the audio tracks of My Personal Frequency will solve that issue and can allow you to stimulate your vagal tones so that you’ll be able to attract not only financial but other blessings using powerful sounds.

This program accommodates 5-part frequency series:

Break Financial Boundaries – this can allow you to achieve financial abundance so that you’re going to never feel the dearth of cash ever again.

The Financial Rhythm – this can reprogram your mind in order that your mind and body shall be in tuned to the powerful rhythms of cash.

Vagus Nerve Revival 1 – an important a part of the frequency series.

Vagus Nerve Revival 2 – more stimulating sounds to extend your vagal tone.

Full Body Awakening – awakens your body to more blessings.

All of those parts will bring your vagal tone to the best level, making you confident and more focused, raising you to a high vibration where all the things you wish can occur.


– Easy to make use of. There is no such thing as a need for special stereo headphones or expensive speakers. You simply need your computer, laptop or your cell phone.

You don’t want to have any musical expertise.

– It consists of a set of sound techniques which might fully awaken parts of your body.

– It raises your vagal tone to higher levels.

– Helps you attract money, good health, happiness.

– Keeps you in a positive and blissful state.

– It offers a trial period for 3 days at $1 only.

– It comes with a fast start guide namely Touch by Frequencies.

– This system comes with bonuses namely: Forest Bathing Audio System and Depths of the Soul.

– It comes with a 60 days a reimbursement guarantee.


– Can only be purchased online.

– You wish web connection to access this system.

– Monthly subscription fee.


Imagine having all the things you wish and living the life you’ve gotten at all times desired to live? That’s possible with My Personal Frequency! You’ll get an all-natural, secure and effective method to take charge of your health and wealth.

Live in abundance!

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