All website owners surely want to achieve free traffic from top engines like google. But with a view to try this, your site should have a high rating which will not be a simple thing to do given the thousands and thousands of blogs and sites on the market, gaining organic traffic is difficult. But there’s a neater and faster solution to do it using Long Tail Pro, a helpful tool in your website to achieve higher rating.

What’s Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that helps you quickly and simply find low competition keywords in your website. By finding and using the precise keywords, you’ve got a high likelihood of outranking other web sites in various engines like google. Rating matters if you should gain traffic, leads and eventually sales.

This keyword generator tool is very designed for people doing web optimization (Search Engine Optimization) who want to achieve organic traffic to their website by having a high rating on engines like google like Google and Bing.

Aside from quickly finding profitable area of interest keywords, you too can get keyword suggestions in bulk. It also shows you the monthly search volume of the keyword, advertiser bid, variety of words, rank value and keyword competitiveness.

Who’s the Creator of Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is a product of Spencer Haws who has tried out all types of various online business ideas like, creating area of interest web sites, buying and selling web sites, running a software company and selling physical products through Amazon FBA. He’s a full-time online entrepreneur since 2011 and owns dozens of area of interest web sites.

He afterward sold the keyword generator way back 2016 but still uses the product which is always updated and improved after the sale.

Methods to Use Long Tail Pro?

Save time and recuperate rankings through the use of this effective tool. All you’ve got to do is about up your account, download the file and install it into your hard disk drive. Before, the license permits you to install Long Tail Pro on as much as 3 computers, following the instructions sent to you via email when you sign-up. But it surely was recently updated converting this smart tool web based, making it convenient to make use of.

Open the tool and conduct keyword research. Just fill out the essential details. To search out the keyword suggestions, put the seed keyword, you possibly can even select the country you wish the keywords to be scraped from. Suggestions could be filtered in keeping with three options: Monthly Searches, Suggested Bid and Advertiser Competition. Give the tool a number of minutes for the keywords. Then, you can be supplied with long tail keyword ideas.


1. Getting keyword suggestions in bulk.

2. Finding low competition keywords that may get you higher rating in Google.

3. You possibly can determine keyword profitability with rank value.

4. Easy to make use of and find keywords that pass the keyword criteria of low competition, high search volume and potentially high conversion rate.

5. They’ve chat and email support in your inquiries.

6. From needing to put in it in your computer to being web based! An upgrade for a faster and easier use.

7. You possibly can choose from a monthly or annual plan. Select what’s best for you.

8. It has helped a whole lot of digital marketers.

9. You possibly can export your rating tracking graph and show it to your boss or clients.


1. The rank tracking feature will not be unlimited. You’ll have to pay more for tracking more keywords.

2. Needs constant web connection because it is web-based.

3. Sometimes display uneven text and URLs within the competitor evaluation.


There are thousands and thousands of keywords on the market and it’s worthwhile to find the perfect with a view to rank higher. That is what Long Tail Pro can enable you with. It narrows down the keywords you should utilize with a view to make the most of the free traffic a search engine can provide. You can not just select any keyword, to properly optimized your website for higher rating, there are criteria that should be followed, and this smart tool can enable you achieve it step-by-step.

Converting traffic into sales might be considered one of the first the reason why it’s worthwhile to optimize your website because higher rating means higher traffic without the necessity to pay for expensive ads. With Long Tail Pro, a tool considered to be the perfect in what it does, you possibly can save time and recuperate rankings by selecting the precise profitable keyword.

Higher rankings in engines like google mean higher traffic to your website which might convert into sales and business growth. But this could be difficult due to the varied criteria and page rating guidelines that it’s worthwhile to follow, good thing Long Tail Pro exists, a keyword generator that helps you discover the precise keyword to achieve higher rating in engines like google.

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