For some, smoking cessation is a continuing each day battle. That nicotine craving isn’t stronger than if you end up in the corporate of other smokers. When you are within the means of quitting, or have stopped but are fighting the need to light up a cigarette again, listed here are some tricks to make it easier to cope.

  1. Watch out! Being in the corporate of smokers is probably the most dangerous time for a quitter who’s struggling. Every quitter knows how appealing a cigarette can appear when everyone around you appears to be having fun, and smoking. It’s often the case that these are social occasions when people let their hair down and have a drink. Do not forget that alcohol can weaken the strongest resolve.
  2. Do not be fooled by your smoking delusions. Do not forget that ‘smoking is fun’, or ‘only one won’t hurt’, or pondering that your smoking companions are having fun with their cigarettes, are only the lies you used to inform yourself to justify the smoking habit. You are not lying to yourself any more. Search for the reality that lies under the illusion.
  3. Your need for cigarettes seems to be for only one smoke. But remember, once you’ve smoked that single cigarette you’ll actually start craving hundreds and hundreds of cigarettes. There isn’t a such thing as just having one, because when you feed your craving the cycle of addiction starts again.
  4. The smokers around you who seem like they’re having fun with themselves could also be having a superb time, but they are usually not having fun with smoking. It’s an illusion. The smokers around you’ve gotten no alternative. They should smoke, because otherwise they may have that niggling worry, the unsatisfied craving. The difference between you and them is that you’ve gotten learned to deal with those feelings without cigarettes.

If you find yourself in the corporate of smokers it is advisable realise that what you’re thinking that is your craving for a cigarette is simply your subconscious remembering its former addiction. Realise that those feelings are usually not a craving to return to smoking.

The one solution to really be comfortable around your smoking friends is to be completely comfortable together with your decision to quit smoking. You’ll want to ensure and certain that smoking will not be for you, and the one solution to achieve that certainty is to align your conscious and subconscious minds with the identical thoughts you’d have if you happen to were a comfortable non-smoker.

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