Need to do AFFILIATE MARKETING and earn extra income, but don’t know the way?

You’re at the correct place. Here is the answer and suggestions for you.

This blog will cover all the foremost areas of online marketing, like;

  • Making a sales funnel
  • Pre selling
  • Blogging to earn more
  • Beat your competition
  • Testing and tracking your campaigns

Upon ending this blog, I’m sure you may be excited with anticipation of coming big pay days! I will be waiting to your feedback passionately to construct more practical material for you.

So let’s start…


It’ll be good idea to send your traffic at your website, as an alternative of directly sending them to vendor’s sales page. Listed below are some suggestions for you;

a. Construct trust

People buy from those whom they know, like and trust. So the approach to do it’s e.g., ‘constructing mailing list’. By sending them personalized email, ’emotionally’ they may connect with you. You possibly can offer a free eBook, audio book, any gift voucher etc.

b. Create a Page

All it’s worthwhile to create a brief page that tells your prospects what they’ll get upon joining your newsletter. That’s, what advantages will they receive?

c. Take Care of Your Readers

In the event you treat your subscribers and prospects like ATMs (money only), they’ll sense it. They usually’ll immediately run away from you quicker than a flying jet.

As a substitute, show your readers that you simply look after them. Never promise which you can not deliver.

Suppose you informed them you’d give a “wealthy content newsletter every week.” But you are sending just one or two emails per 30 days, you then’re going to have disenchanted subscribers. And disenchanted subscribers stop reading your emails (and even unsubscribe).


Write product reviews:

Don’t just write ‘positive points’ of your product, be honest, write each PROs and CONs of your product. Because your reader knows nothing is ‘perfect’, so neither the product will likely be! By treating in this manner, you may construct relationship of trust together with your potential buyers.

Do product comparison, if you have got two or more products. People will just adore it as you are helping them ‘unknowingly’ to pick a product.

All the time hit the imagination of individuals by showing images, videos of your product. Be honest with them, “put yourself in your customer shoes and look things from their eyes”. This single quality will result in the very best conversions, in the event you understand it deeply.

3. Do Blogging – Earn More

By now it’s no secret that you should not send your visitors on to a vendor’s sales letter. Up to now we have mainly talked about turning your traffic into newsletter subscribers.

You possibly can quickly create a free website at It is so easy, easy to make use of, and highly customizable and require no technical training to construct your individual website.

You can too construct blog at

· Create a “product of the week” or “featured post” section in your blog. You possibly can keep your blog fresh by making a “featured post” section that highlights a recent product every week.

· In the event you encourage discussion in your blog, you then create a way of community. Not only that, but getting your readers to interact with you helps you construct a relationship with them. This can result more affiliate commissions for you. You possibly can write about any controversial topic, and ask for comments / feedback.

· All the time blog recurrently, a minimum of once every week to maintain reader in contact with you.


You’ve got to face two varieties of competition;

a. Competition with those selling similar products

b. And those that are selling EXCATLY same products.

Here’s whip your competition and put more cash in your pocket…


a. Give your prospects loads of selections with respect to products, like at shopping center.

b. Give your potential customers reason “why” they can buy from you, not out of your competitors.

For instance, provide freebie together with primary product (laces with shoes), offer free email consultation, offer free stuff (surprises are great).

c. Made three way partnership with well-known marketers and experts in your area of interest. In this manner, you may be “borrowing” their credibility and folks will see you as an authority. This can ultimately good to your pocket J

d. Offer money back to your customers, sounds strange to you, let me illustrate;

Let’s take the instance of a $100 product with a 50% commission. As a substitute of pocketing your entire $50 commission, you’ll be able to split your commission together with your customer (each of you gets $25). In fact you do not tell your customer you are splitting a commission. As a substitute, you only offer a “money back” (mention expiry of this offer)


Please give me your feedback to serve you even higher in the subsequent online marketing blog of same series.

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