You might be probably a part of the bulk who desires to have a gentle flow of income. In spite of everything, money helps and solves plenty of problems and wishes. But is there really a strategy to generate income online and achieve financial freedom? It’s time to seek out out!

What’s Diddly Pay?

Diddly Pay claims to be the world’s first social-viral “payment button” that generates free traffic, email leads and unlimited income!

Diddly Pay - Email Leads

With only a single powerful button which you need to use on front-end offers, upsells and back-end offers, trial offers, membership sites and more, the Diddly Pay button sends you unlimited free traffic, builds your email list and mechanically converts your traffic and leads into commission-free payments.

If you have got been doing business online, you’ll realize that constructing traffic and leads isn’t easy to do. It takes time, patience and resources to come back near having traffic and converting them to profits. But with Diddly Pay’s easy button, it does all of the magic for you. It uses a novel strategy that significantly increases traffic in your website and works in any online area of interest.

Without prior knowledge to digital marketing or technology expertise, you possibly can still use this sensible technology, in case you know copy and paste, then you definately are good to go. The button works as a “pay by lead” system. By simply generating and pasting a Diddly Pay button in your product page, you’re giving your visitors the choice to pay for the product just by referring others, are you able to imagine what number of leads are possible with that set-up? Those referrals will refer others and the others will refer more. That is free traffic sent your way on autopilot.

How Does Diddly Pay Work?

The Diddly Pay works as a social-viral payment button. Because of this you’re making people pay your product with leads as a substitute of cash. This proves how referrals can offer you unlimited traffic. These referrals are your affiliates who’re promoting your product but you don’t even have to pay affiliate commissions because their referral is for them to get access to your product. Which means you get 100% of the profit and pay 0% commissions on each sale that you simply make.

Diddly Pay - Viral

More traffic means more leads and more profit potential which might make your offer a money making machine all due to an easy magic button. Activating the Diddly Pay button comes with a done for you web funnel and built-in product. So, in case you would not have a product, Diddly Pay provides it for you.

In the event you purchase this technique, you will probably be getting the Diddly Pay button which you could copy and paste on one in every of your web sites or offers, your very own full scale web funnel and built-in product and a free bonus to list all of your Diddly Pay campaigns within the Diddly Pay Marketplace. The Diddly Pay Marketplace is like a web-based store that features pay by lead products open to the general public and free for everybody to buy.
After setting it up, it does the whole lot else for you, that’s where the magic is. Plus people who find themselves really interested in your offer can either pay or refer leads. Each are wins!

Who Created Diddly Pay?

Diddly Pay was founded by Bryan Winters, the President and CEO of GoldLiger Marketing, Inc., his business is devoted to helping small online businesses succeed. He has been living the web lifestyle for years with no day job to fret about and the liberty and money to spend time together with his family and go on vacations anytime he wants.

But before his success with web business, he was struggling to make ends meet and was capable of attain financial freedom with digital marketing.


Diddly Pay - Earn Online

– A singular and recent technique to generate free traffic on autopilot.

– Its ability to construct you an email list which may be your personal, private email subscribers.

– No monthly and hidden fees.

– Energetic customer support support.

– Newbie friendly system.

– It’s a cloud-based software which you possibly can access on any device.

– Helps you attain financial freedom.

– You need to use it anytime and anywhere.

– Saves you time and resources in generating leads.

– High earning potential with possible unlimited traffic.

– Your investment is backed with a 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.


– It needs a stable web connection to access and run the software.

– Can only be purchased online.

– Possibilities of getting fake emails simply to get the free product.


Everybody is aiming to have time and financial freedom and what higher strategy to move closer to that goal than to begin things in motion. The web business can allow you to achieve that goal and with Diddly Pay you’re equipped with a tool that makes it easier for you to begin and construct your individual business with a magic button!

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