In Western literature the spleen has all the time been denigrated and in medicine mostly ignored. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Feng Shui revere the spleen because the official accountable for boosting the immune system. Along with its partner, the stomach, the spleen resonates with the earth element. It’s the biggest lymphatic organ, and from its position in the middle it regulates distribution and transportation throughout the system. As a pair, the spleen and the stomach are a hub for bodily functions and energy flow. This central location is critical in feng shui and the layout of your space. The middle, also referred to as the Tai Ji or “Grand Ultimate” is the hub around which all other activities radiate. In cross-dynamic patterns of the bagua where feng shui connects and relates pairs of guas in support of one another, the pathways all the time lead through the middle hub.

The stomach is crucial for dietary input and output which is then filtered by the spleen for purified essentials and essences. This essence of life, made manifest in energy levels, is the sheng qi all of us depend upon for well-being and good health. The middle of our space which is the health gua in feng shui must be consistently monitored and refreshed. This essential sector is attributed to the earth element, but earth permeates other areas of the bagua as well regarding feng shui principles in a couple of sector. The connection corner which is the trigram of the mother or feminine principle, is an earth gua, as is the wisdom and knowledge area, endemic to the mountain trigram.

Earth along with its many other responsibilities also governs transitions. Late summer or Indian summer is earth, when nature reaches fruition in time for harvest. Some TCM practices discover the last ten days of every season with the earth element as a transition period.

Earth is the element of equilibrium and stability, due to this fact, if our element profile is well balanced, we should always feel centered and grounded. Earth is the element of containment. The stomach is the container that receives nutrition and holds it through the initial digestive process. The spleen holds purified blood cells and platelets.

Earth is the plateau on which we create our lifestyle. All flat tops and surfaces are earth, and any form of container, i.e. bowls, vases, chests and closets serve to receive gifts from mother earth. In symbolic feng shui we replicate natural phenomena with auspicious objects, colours and shapes to strengthen our intentions. If we honor these elements in our space, we must realize that earth abhors clutter and stuffed closets. Excess and overabundance creates an earth dilemma that may make us feel stagnant and stuck.

Earth likes check lists and favors routine and regularity. The spleen needs concentration and focus. In that spirit we provide our feng shui considerations for an earth friendly environment:

• In the beginning, let’s go on a space-clearing crusade. Eliminate all unnecessary clutter and debris.

• Once you might have cleaned surfaces and containers, and pulled all the things out of closets and drawers, you could start with creating “beauty.” Anything that is enjoyable and gratifying to your perception could be considered beautiful. As a gorgeous focus, it might be auspicious to your spleen.

• Mark the middle with a special object that draws your gaze. This might be a chandelier, a mobile, a crystal, a special rug or unique piece of furniture.

• Discover the health sector by placing the bagua in your floor plan.

• Create feng shui enhancements throughout the health area. This could be done with objects, colours and shapes.

• Yellow is a splendidly uplifting earth color, and a bouquet of yellow flowers, sunflowers or mums, provides you with the needed boost.

• Benefit from the time of harvest and tonify with foods in earth colours. Earth foods are tightly layered around themselves or densely packed.

• The spleen prefers room temperature beverages and could be damaged with artificial and concentrated sweeteners.

• The stomach and spleen hook up with the lips and mouth, and since they control tasting, it explains why the popular earth flavor could be “sweet.”

• Sound and music for energizing earth types could be repetitive or drum pieces, as in Philip Glass or Ravel’s “Bolero.”

• Heavy, flat and low pieces of furniture are anchors and keep you grounded and certain to your space. In case you propose to maneuver, consider removing them as a part of your relocating strategy.

• Enjoy your newly discovered peace of mind that comes with feeling grounded and centered after you might have honored earth with considerations for the needs of your stomach and spleen.

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