All and sundry is different. Each has his own path to take and a dream to realize. But while others appear to have found what they’re searching for, others are struggling to seek out it. What’s it that you simply want in your life? Discover the energy that may guide you thru life.

What’s Cosmic Energy Profile?

Cosmic Energy Profile is a major system that may guide you in life, supplying you with a deeper understanding of yourself, others and the universe. It uses your name and your birth date to present you a free cosmic profile reading. Your profile will signify your day sign and Galactic Tone which were determined by the universal energies that existed on the day you were born.

Cosmic Energy Profile - Life Force

If you happen to are asking what Cosmic Energy is, it’s the life force that exists all over the place. It’s present within the cosmos and is important within the order of life. Thus, with full understanding and acceptance of your cosmic profile, you’ll have the option to steer a completely happy and healthy life.

Your Cosmic Profile will show you an emblem that represents your inner being and your outer representation to the world around you. This symbol will show you how to determine your destiny and realize your true self. Your symbol can either belong to the 4 colours that are: Red, White, Blue and Yellow. Each color further represents things about you including your significant role within the Universal Creation Process.

Except for the colour, you might have a selected tone which tells you who you might be especially your strengths and your weaknesses which you need to use to handle challenges. Knowing who you might be will guide you on what particular situations to face head on and what to avoid.

Who Created the Cosmic Energy Profile?

This method was created and put together by Ric and Liz Thompson who spent 15 years of private research and travel to give you this product.

How Does Cosmic Energy Profile Work?

Using your birth date you possibly can have access to your Cosmic Profile reading. It’s personalized and designed in keeping with your cosmos symbol which in turn will provide you with your destiny chart.

Cosmic Energy Profile - Destiny

Your destiny chart will reveal plenty of things about you and can guide you from the only each day living to the more complex finding your path and purpose. Your personal destiny chart will reveal the next:

Your Guide Kin – the sign of your higher self and represents your individual, family and ancestry karma.

Your Destiny Kin – this offers you a deeper understanding of your destiny.

Your Occult Kin – this offers meaning on why you might be here on this planet and might reveal magical transformations.

Your Analog Kin – your guide into making the very best YOU.

Your Antipode Kin – the facility that drives and challenges you to be your highest and best self.

Your destiny chart is customized based on complex quite a few calculations from the cosmic energies on the day you were born.

Each section of your profile is comprehensively explained. And you might be reminded the importance of knowing the true you and being the true you’ll make your life easier. This manner, the universe will work with you and for you and never against you. Opportunities will come and you’ll have the option to face challenges with ease and overcome struggles confidently.

With each section supplying you with knowledge of who you might be and what your destiny is, you’ll have the option to make more informed selections and have the option to know what steps to take and opportunities to pursue. That is your very own map to your destined destination.


– Getting a FREE customized Cosmic Energy Profile reading.

Cosmic Energy Profile - Potential

– Helps you discover your true self.

– Suggests what it is best to do when faced with challenges.

– Makes you realize your purpose.

– Leads you to the best path.

– Promotes acceptance of inner self.

– Makes you aware of what you represent on this world.

– Helps you overcome challenges.

– Helps you prepare for what’s to come back.

– Allows you to attract the people and opportunities that you simply want.

– It comes with bonuses and is backed with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.


– You have to have an open mind to imagine the method and see your destiny manifest.

– You wish a web connection to access it.

– Additional fee for a more in-depth reading.


Determine your destiny using the cosmos energy and live your life knowing who you truly are. Life is less complicated with the Cosmic Energy Profile that may function your guide to pursue the best opportunities for you and to live the life you are supposed to live fully aware of yourself, others and the universe.

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