About the Cause of the Cancer Disease

by Alfons Weber M.D. 1969

“This book contains the most important results of years of work. I hope that my observations will be examined objectively and promptly for the benefit of sufferers and that cancer research will be directed in the right direction. 

Hard struggles and discussions are needed to obtain the latest insights and truths, and it means great happiness for every doctor who is looking for a doctor if he knows colleagues with whom he can discuss common areas of interest.

Slander and defamation, which always come from the mouthpiece of stupidity, arrogance, and cowardice, can disappoint a researcher, but they can never discourage him.

Truths cannot be argued away in science.

The cancer epidemic, like all epidemics known to date, is caused by living pathogens belonging to the genus Protozoa. I call them Ca plasmodia.

These protozoa were microscopically detected by me with picric acid-Giemsa and other picric acid stains in the blood of all cancer and leukemia patients and recorded in many color photos.

The fact that the Ca plasmodia, which I have described and whose cell structure has been precisely proven, can be regularly detected in the blood and other infected organ tissues of all cancer and leukemia patients say more than words.”

Alfons Weber, 1 May 1969


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