Types Of Diabetes

There are two kinds of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes includes individuals dependent upon insulin to stop ketosis (abnormal accumulation of ketones within the body in consequence of a deficiency or inadequate utilization of carbohydrates). A keytone is an organic compound having the group -OH- linked to 2 hydrocarbon radicals.

This category (Type 1) of diabetes can also be generally known as the insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) subclass and was previously called juvenile-onset diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes deals with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM).

These categories of diabetes were conveniently and strategically created by the National Diabetes Data Group of the National Institute of Health. Whenever you see or have the word institute, it’s best to see the connection to the word institution. When you need to perpetuate a thing, you institutionalize it. That is why the US is stuffed with institutes (research centers and foundations) for various degenerative diseases.

Diabetes relies upon lack of insulin secreted by the cells of the pancreas. Knowing this alone can assist us to heal from diabetes. So, what’s insulin? Insulin is a naturally occurring hormone secreted by the beta cells of the pancreas in response to increased levels of glucose within the blood. Now have a look at this truth hidden within the medical definition of insulin. Insulin is of course occurring. Naturally pertains to Nature! So-called diabetics have deviated.

The next are the components to the disease called diabetes: 1. Insulin (a hormone) 2. Hormonal or endocrine system 3. Pancreas (gland, organ) 4. Digestion, 5. Digestive enzymes 6. Sugar within the blood (blood sugar level) 7. Conversion of sugar into heat and energy.

The main problem with diabetes pertains to the gland called the pancreas, which in so-called diabetics doesn’t secrete insulin. It is a hormone secreted into the bloodstream together with digestive enzymes which regulates blood sugar levels and aids in digestion.

All internal glands which might be secretory (function of secreting) in nature have a duct. That duct in so-called diabetics is clogged! Why? Due to the hardened mucus around it! The pancreatic duct is roofed with dried and hardened boogers (mucus) that stops secretion of insulin. So-called diabetics are eating things with sugar (unnatural, man-made sugar to be specific) or things that break down into sugar (i.e. complex carbohydrates). Since the pancreas is unable to secrete insulin into the bloodstream to manage the sugar within the blood and additionally it is unable to convert the sugar into energy, the blood sugar levels go very high and the unconverted/unburned sugar converts into FAT. This explains the obesity think about diabetes. What medical doctor with a school degree can or will elucidate diabetes to the degree as explained above? The word doctor derives from the Latin word docçre which implies to show.

Most medical doctors won’t ever teach you what causes your health problem or pathology and how one can fix it for fear of losing a good-paying client. Since the so-called diabetic cannot convert sugar into energy, they convert the sugar into fat causing obesity. That is linked to a nonfunctioning colon that’s compacted with excessive fecal matter and waste that causes the colon to protrude, even to the purpose of now pressing against the already nonfunctioning pancreas. The issue is now exacerbated.

As well as, excess fat within the body greatly hampers bodily circulation, which is why so-called diabetics have poor circulation. The condition of poor circulation prevents blood, oxygen, and minerals from circulating throughout the body, mainly to the extremities (hands and feet), especially within the feet, which causes the legs of so-called diabetics to show gangrene blue. And what does the one you love and entrusted doctor do for the poor circulation? He/she prescribes pharmaceutical grade drugs! And what do these drugs do? They make the body MORE acidic than it already is. These pharmaceutical drugs, especially the synthetic insulin these doctors prescribe, greatly inhibit circulation, even to the purpose of thinning the blood (i.e. the drug Coumadin) causing a STROKE!

I do know what I’m talking about People because I actually have handled many so-called diabetics and after they began coping with me, their condition got loads higher and most of them got off of medication altogether and completely healing from diabetes in a matter of weeks. Yes, for me, it’s that straightforward! Diabetes is straightforward to heal. Any disease is straightforward to heal when you already know what the explanation for the disease is.

When a so-called diabetic’s circulation is cut-off to the legs and feet and the legs turn swollen blue, what does the doctor suggest for this example? AMPUTATION! Amputate. n. To chop off (an element of the body), esp. by surgery. [Latin. Amputâre, cut around] SOURCE: American Heritage Dictionary, 4th edition

That is right! As a substitute of reviving the so-called diabetic’s leg, the doctor will recommend amputation. Do you already know why? Because amputation calls for surgery and surgery is BIG MONEY in America! That is the one reason for amputation. Doctors, most of them, don’t care about “people” – God’s children, who strayed and have become sick (law of cause and effect). The motivation of cash blinds a physician’s heart (4th Chakra, seat of affection and compassion) and subsequently NO allopathic doctor heals or will let you know that he/she healed (or assisted in healing) an individual with diabetes or every other disease. Doctors don’t heal or cure! They TREAT symptoms and MANAGE disease. That is all! Who wants to administer or treat genital herpes, AIDS, diabetes, or cancer as an alternative of healing from it entirely?

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