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How to Invest $200K for Monthly Income

Investing is one of the best ways to create passive income since you can effectively put your money to work for you. The more you have to invest, the more passive income you might be able to generate. If you have at least $200,000 to invest for passive income, here are some of the smartest ways to do it.

1. Dividend stocks

Dividend stocks pay out a portion of profits to their shareholders. Depending on how the stock pays out its dividends, you might be able to receive them as income or reinvest them in additional shares through a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP).

Investing in dividend stocks could be a good long-term play if you’re a buy-and-hold investor. If you’re looking for the best dividend stocks, you might consider the dividend aristocrats. These are stocks that have consistently increased their dividend payout over a period of 25 consecutive years or longer.

2. Index Funds

Index funds are mutual funds that attempt to mimic the performance of an underlying stock market index. For instance, you might invest in an index fund that uses the S&P 500 as its benchmark.

Investing in index funds can help you create a steady stream of dividend income, while also enjoying some long-term capital appreciation. Cost is another advantage of index funds, as they tend to carry lower expense ratios than other mutual funds.

3. Rental Properties

Owning a rental property could be one of the most profitable ideas for how to invest $200,000 for monthly income over the long term. You could invest your $200,000 towards the purchase of a rental property, then collect rental income for as long as you hold it.

Rental properties can be a great way to hedge against inflation since housing prices tend to rise in tandem with increases in other consumer prices. There is some risk, however, as you’ll need to be able to keep the property occupied in order to create passive rental income each month.

4. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Don’t want to own a rental property outright? You could still earn passive income from real estate with a real estate investment trust. REITs are legal entities that own investment properties and pay dividends to their investors. You get all of the benefits of owning property without having to purchase or maintain it yourself. REITs can offer exposure to a variety of property types, including office space, retail space, warehouses or multifamily housing.

5. Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding platforms offer another avenue for property investments, without requiring any direct ownership. When you invest through a crowdfunding platform, you pool your money alongside other investors to own one or more properties.

During the investment term, the crowdfunding platform can pay dividends back to you monthly, quarterly or annually. Once the investment holding period ends, you can get your initial investment back. A typical holding period can last anywhere from five to 10 years, while the minimum investment can be as low as $500, depending on which platform you’re using.

6. Fixed-Income Securities

Fixed-income securities can pay out interest or dividends to you on a monthly basis, often with minimal risk. Examples of fixed-income securities can include bonds, money market funds and brokered certificates of deposit (CDs) that earn a fixed interest rate.

In terms of risk, fixed-income securities are usually considered to be a safer bet than stocks. However, the returns may be lower so that’s important to consider, depending on your personal risk tolerance and goals.

7. Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms connect investors with borrowers who need funding and don’t want to (or can’t) get traditional financing. Similar to real estate crowdfunding, you’re pooling your money with other investors to fund loans. You then make money on your investment by collecting interest from the borrower.

Investing $200,000 in peer-to-peer loans could generate a sizable return if you’re earning solid rates but it can be risky. The lower a borrower’s credit grade, the greater the risk that they may default on their loan obligation.

8. Art and Fine Wine Investments

If you’re seeking some alternative investment options, you might consider holding fine art or fine wines in your portfolio. You don’t need to drop your entire $200,000 investment in a single painting or bottle of Merlot either, as there are online investment platforms that allow you to invest fractionally.

For example, you might be able to own a piece of famous artwork by purchasing shares in it alongside other investors. Or you could invest in wine and spirit securities without having to take possession of any physical bottles. These types of investments can add diversity to a portfolio while also creating monthly income.

9. Annuities

An annuity is a type of insurance contract in which you pay a premium to the annuity company, in exchange for receiving monthly payments beginning at a later date. Paying $200,000 for an annuity could make sense if you’re hoping to create a supplemental stream of income for retirement.

For example, you might buy a deferred annuity at age 55 with the intention of starting payments at age 62. Annuities do have some risks and some of them can be expensive when you consider the various fees you’ll pay. However, you could create a reliable, guaranteed income for retirement using annuities

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Cause of the Cancer Disease

About the Cause of the Cancer Disease

by Alfons Weber M.D. 1969

“This book contains the most important results of years of work. I hope that my observations will be examined objectively and promptly for the benefit of sufferers and that cancer research will be directed in the right direction. 

Hard struggles and discussions are needed to obtain the latest insights and truths, and it means great happiness for every doctor who is looking for a doctor if he knows colleagues with whom he can discuss common areas of interest.

Slander and defamation, which always come from the mouthpiece of stupidity, arrogance, and cowardice, can disappoint a researcher, but they can never discourage him.

Truths cannot be argued away in science.

The cancer epidemic, like all epidemics known to date, is caused by living pathogens belonging to the genus Protozoa. I call them Ca plasmodia.

These protozoa were microscopically detected by me with picric acid-Giemsa and other picric acid stains in the blood of all cancer and leukemia patients and recorded in many color photos.

The fact that the Ca plasmodia, which I have described and whose cell structure has been precisely proven, can be regularly detected in the blood and other infected organ tissues of all cancer and leukemia patients say more than words.”

Alfons Weber, 1 May 1969


About the
Ivermectin destroys cancer tumors
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Anti-Parasitic Drugs Treat Cancer

Watch this video where a man used an anti-parasitic drug to cure his cancer when he was given three months to live.

Here is how the Veterinarian knew to tell Joe Tippens to take the anti-parasitic drug Fenbendazole:

“He told me a story of a scientist at Merck Animal Health (the veterinary side of Merck) that had performed cancer research on mice by injecting different types of cancers into different mice body parts.

And this scientist stumbled (trial and error) across a product in their canine product line that was batting 1.000 in killing these different cancers.

He told me that the scientist in question got diagnosed with 4th stage brain cancer and was told “no hope, 3 months to live”.

This person decided “what the heck” and started taking the canine medicine. Six weeks later, she was all clear.

I had just been told I’ve got no hope and 3 months to live, so it wasn’t a hard decision for me to take the leap.”

So when my PET scan in September also turned up “all clear” (meaning I had most likely been all clear for 6 months), I decided it was time to “come clean” with my trusted oncologist (who I like and trust very much by the way).

But before disclosing everything to him, I decided I need to do a little “set up” first.

After he very excitedly told me the continued good news of being “all clear” for a second consecutive quarter, I asked him a “very loaded” question.

I asked, “Doc, what is really going on here? Can you disclose to me how I am doing versus all of the other patients on the clinical trial with the exact same condition”?

His answer was what I already suspected. He said, “Joe we can’t explain it, but you are kind of a sole data outlier right now”.

Meaning with hundreds of like kind patients, I was the only one with a cure. I knew then my other alternative regimen was largely responsible, but I decided to come clean anyway.

I said, “Doc, I’m glad you told me that about my results within the trial, because I have something to share with you”.

I proceeded to tell him all about the canine de-wormer as I watched his jaw drop 🙂

His next words I’ll never forget (and remember for context he and I had become good friends by this time).

He said, “you little shit, I knew there was something up with you…..and….I’ve had some weird days here at MD Anderson, but this one probably tops them all”

His next sentence almost floored me.

He said, “You know, we’ve known for decades that these anthelmintic class of drugs (meaning to destroy parasites in the intestines) could have possible efficacy against cancer, and in fact in the 80’s and 90’s there was a drug called Levamisole that was used on colon cancer and it is an anthelmintic drug”.

I said, “Doc, if you have known for decades why hasn’t more work been done on it?

His answer was honest.

He said, “probably because of MONEY…all of these drugs are far off-patent and nobody is going to spend a gazillion dollars to repurpose them for cancer…..only to have generic competition the next day.”

I knew he was right. 


CLICK HERE for Joe Tippens’s Cancer Protocol that saved his life.


Joe Tippens blog link is below

The Blog



Ernest Best and many others have cured their cancer too after being told they would soon die.

Man Cured His Cancer with Dog Dewormer


Celebrity Beats Stage 4 Cancer with Fenbendazole


Documented cases where patients cured their cancer with Fenbendazole


Fenbendazole Cancer Protocol


Treating Leukemia

Mebendazole exhibits potent anti-leukemia activity on acute myeloid leukemia


Vitamin D levels and Cancer

Get your levels checked:

Optimal Vitamin D Levels


You can order Ivermectin, Mebendazole, Albendazole, Fenbendazole and Nitazoxanide here!




Click HERE for Dr. Merritt’s printable guide to the Parasite Protocol




Cancer is a Microparasitic Infection, and We All Have It!



Research on using Anti-parasitic drugs for cancer: CLICK HERE


Doctors that prescribe Ivermectin Online


Parasite Cancer: Breakthrough in Cancer Research?
For over 100 years there has been the theory that parasites could cause cancer or even “are the cancer”.

On March 28, 1891 an article was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association titled “IS CANCER A PARASITIC DISEASE?” (Click HERE)

This theory was proposed by one of the world’s most famous physicians of all time, Nobel Prize winner Robert Koch (1843-1910).

As a microbiologist, the discoverer of anthrax and tuberculosis was perfectly clear in theory.

Dr. Wilhelm von Bremer, published the article “Krebs – eine Erregerkrankheit” [Cancer – a pathogenic disease] in the journal “Fortschritte der Medizin” back in 1932

In 1962, Dr. Alfons Weber stated that in every tumor tissue there are microparasites.

For the first time he was able to prove Robert Koch’s theory and published film recordings in which one can see the parasites in the tumor tissue. 

In 1969 Alfons Weber wrote the bookAbout Causes of Cancer Diseases” (view the book here) and in 1970 wrote a monograph titledPathogenic Protozoa in Blood, in Tumors and Organic Tissues

(The National Library of Medicine has a copy of the monograph that you can go view as they will not lend it out. Click here for info).

Alfons Weber countered by showing images in which the microbes actually caused the cell to burst, but shortly afterward they took over a new cell – quite normal for parasitic life forms, but impossible for cell organelles.

He also demonstrated that the microparasites multiply within the cell, which organelles do not.

He also provided proof that it was a microparasite:

In an experiment, Weber burned human blood under a 160-degree flame. All human cells were completely destroyed.

Weber added a glucose solution to the dead organ material and a short time later the microparasites were moving on the glass plate.

This experiment silenced all critics, but Weber’s research was still not recognized and hushed up in the future.

What does today’s science say about the topic?

The knowledge that cancer is caused by parasites has flared up again, thanks to the Russian chemist, epidemiologist and microbiologist Tamara Lebedewa.

Because she lost her entire family to cancer and none of her family members were cured by conventional medicine, she researched the disease “cancer” for 13 years.

Since she found that there was no causal cancer therapy in conventional medicine and the theory about “degenerate human cells” was never proven, she started her research from scratch.

Obviously, in 100 years of cancer researchno progress has been made.Why do you think that is?

Lebedewa found out that so-called cancer cells are actually unicellular parasites, called Trichomonas.

The flagellates have exactly the properties of so-called “cancer cells” and will be identified as such by every oncologist.

We all have microparasites but when the immune system is weakened are when parasites proliferate and start causing illness and disease throughout the body.

How do we acquire these microparasites?  Dr Alfons Weber writes in his book, “About Causes of Cancer Diseases” that we can get them from mosquito or tic bites, water, soil, eating undercooked or raw meat or fish, sex, and from the mother through the umbilical cord when she is pregnant. Basically microparasites are everywhere and we all have them. 


More Research on Parasites as Cancer Triggers: Click HERE


Using Ivermectin for cancer

Ivermectin has powerful anti-tumor effects, including the inhibition of proliferation, metastasis, and angiogenic activity, in a variety of cancer cells

Recently, ivermectin has been reported to inhibit the proliferation of several tumor cells by regulating multiple signaling pathways. This suggests that ivermectin may be an anti-cancer drug with great potential.

Here, we reviewed the related mechanisms by which ivermectin inhibited the development of different cancers and promoted programmed cell death and discussed the prospects for the clinical application of ivermectin as an anticancer drug for neoplasm therapy.

Antitumor effects of Ivermectin at clinically feasible concentrations support its clinical development as a repositioned cancer drug

Ivermectin, a potential anticancer drug derived from an antiparasitic drug


Did you know that Ivermectin treats cancer?

At least nine different peer-reviewed studies demonstrate how safe and effective ivermectin wards off the Big C, threatening the multi-billion dollar cancer industry. There are two industries, in other words, that ivermectin threatens: the covid industry and the cancer industry.

1) In 2017, research published in the journal Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications found that ivermectin preferentially treats renal cell carcinoma (RCC) while protecting normal kidney cells. RCC tumor growth is also delayed by ivermectin, which induces mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress while increasing mitochondrial biogenesis.

2) A year later, research published in the journal Molecular Medicine Reports found that ivermectin preferentially targets stem cell population in MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells.

“Ivermectin has been demonstrated to be safe, following treatment of millions of patients with onchocerciasis and other parasitic diseases, which makes it a strong candidate for further studies investigating its potential use as a repurposed drug for cancer therapy,” reported the National Cancer Institute in Mexico City.

3Another study published that same year in the American Journal of Cancer Research, also out of Mexico, determined that ivermectin is “a strong candidate for repositioning” as an anti-tumor remedy.

4) An earlier study published in EMBO Molecular Medicine back in 2014 similarly found that ivermectin inhibits the expression of WNT-TCF targets, which are implicated in both intestinal and lung cancers.

Ivermectin selectively inhibits TCF-dependent, but not TCF-independent, xenograft growth without causing any obvious side effects.

In vivo, Ivermectin selectively inhibits TCF-dependent, but not TCF-independent, xenograft growth without obvious side effects. Given that Ivermectin is a safe anti-parasitic agent used by 200 million people against river blindness, our results suggest its additional use as a therapeutic WNT-TCF pathway response blocker to treat WNT-TCF-dependent diseases including multiple cancers,” researchers wrote.

Ivermectin works wonders against cancers of all types

5) In 2020, research published in Pharmacological Research identified ivermectin as a drug that promotes the death of cancer cells by regulating the tumor micro-environment in breast cancer.

Ivermectin also preferentially targets leukemia cells at low concentrations while leaving normal hematopoietic cells alone. The drug also targets various ovarian cancer cells lines and also inhibits the proliferation of five renal cell carcinoma cell lines without affecting normal kidney cells.

6) Also in 2020, a study published in the EPMA Journal found that ivermectin hits specific targets in ovarian cancer, suppressing ovarian cancer cells. The drug worked so well that researchers said it can be used to make personalized drug therapy, also known as predictive, preventive, and personalized medicine (PPPM), for ovarian cancer.

7) Researchers from the Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia in Mexico City discovered that same year that ivermectin reduces both cell viability and colony formation capacity while fighting against tumors.

8) In 2021, research published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology concluded that ivermectin increases ROS production and inhibits the cell cycle in the S phase to inhibit colorectal cancer cells.

9) Also in 2021, research published in the journal BMC Cancer found that ivermectin inhibits the proliferation of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) cells by inducing mitochondrial dysfunction, suppressing NF-?B signaling and promoting apoptosis.

As you can see, ivermectin is something of a wonder drug when it comes to cancer. This is precisely why it is off-limits, and why Americans need to speak out and start demanding access to this inexpensive, life-saving medication.

More related news coverage can be found at


Ivermectin: An Effective Remedy Against Various Diseases: A Literature Review

Ivermectin was used as an antiparasitic agent upon discovery, but the present status of the drug is vague due to its huge effects on very wide range of diseases and pathogens. To the best of our knowledge, ivermectin can be used to treat and control viruses, bacteria, parasites, and cancer. Ivermectin provides new promising opportunities to control and prevent a completely new range of diseases, thus generating global interest in evaluating and conducting researches on this wonder drug. Further studies are needed to introduce new targets and mechanism of the disease; thus the effects of this marvelous medicine may gain more prominence

  1. Ivermectin, a potential anticancer drug derived from an antiparasitic drug;  Mingyang Tang, Xiaodong Hu et al; Pharmacol Res; 2021 Jan; 163: 105207;
  2. Ivermectin is a specific inhibitor of importin α/β-mediated nuclear import able to inhibit replication of HIV-1 and dengue virus; Wagstaff K.M., Sivakumaran H., Heaton S.M., Harrich D., Jans D.A. Biochem J. 2012;443(3):851–856.
  3. Flavivirus: From Structure to Therapeutics Development; Rong Zhao, Meiyue Wang, Jing Cao,  Jing Shen, Xin Zhou, Deping Wang, and Jimin Cao; Life (Basel) 2021 Jul; 11(7): 615.
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  5. Comparative study of the interaction of ivermectin with proteins of interest associated with SARS-CoV-2: A computational and biophysical approach; Lenin González-Paz, María Laura Hurtado-León, et al;  Biophys Chem; 2021 Nov; 278: 106677.
  6. Antitumor effects of the antiparasitic agent ivermectin via inhibition of Yes-associated protein 1 expression in gastric cancer; Nambara S., Masuda T et al; Oncotarget. 2017;8(64):107666–107677.
  7. Dysregulated YAP1/TAZ and TGF-beta signaling mediate hepatocarcinogenesis in Mob1a/1b-deficient mice; Nishio M., Sugimachi al; Proc Natl Acad Sci 2016;113(1):71–80.
  8. Ivermectin has New Application in Inhibiting Colorectal Cancer Cell Growth; Shican Zhou, Hang Wu et al; Front Pharmacol, 2021 Aug 13;12:717529 
  9. Parasite Killer Ivermectin stops cancer drug resistance
  10. Anti-parasite drug ivermectin can suppress ovarian cancer by regulating lncRNA-EIF4A3-mRNA axes; EPMA Journal; 2020 May 28;11(2):289-309.
  11. Ivermectin reverses the drug resistance in cancer cells through EGFR/ERK/Akt/NF-κB pathway; Lu Jiang et al; J Exp Clin Cancer Res 38, 265 (2019). 
  12. Ivermectin and cancer –
  13. Continuous high-dose ivermectin appears to be safe in patients with acute myelogenous leukemia –


Johns Hopkins Study: Anti-Parasitic Drug Slows Pancreatic Cancer in Mice


Repurposing Drugs in Oncology (ReDO)—chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as anti-cancer agents

Parasite Killer Too Found to be Effective Cancer Treatment Candidate


Breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in women in the world. Mebendazole (MBZ) has been demonstrated to have preclinical efficacy across multiple cancers, including glioblastoma multiforme, medulloblastoma, colon, breast, pancreatic, and thyroid cancers.


Albendazole and Mebendazole as Anti-Parasitic and Anti-Cancer Agents: an Update


Albendazole Cancer Treatment


Mebendazole Cancer Treatment

Albendazole inhibits colon cancer progression and therapy resistance by targeting ubiquitin ligase RNF20

Emerging Perspectives on the Antiparasitic Mebendazole as a Repurposed Drug for the Treatment of Brain Cancers



Trichomonas in other diseases

Lebedeva blames trichomonas for a number of diseases. In all cases, Ms. Lebedeva found trichomonas in the blood :

AIDS : In a series of experiments in a Moscow clinic and the Russian Oncological Center, the researcher discovered that AIDS viruses penetrate and multiply in trichomonas (chlamydia also does this). The result is a significant increase in the aggressiveness of the trichomonad and a drastic increase in the metabolic toxins that are released into the blood. This also explains why more malignant tumor growth is observed in the later stages of the AIDS disease.

Arteriosclerosis/thrombi/plaques : according to Tamara Lebedewa, are colonies of trichomonads. She can prove this under the microscope. She placed thrombi in nutrient solution and the cells multiplied like tumor tissue and changed into the amoeba or flagella form. Letters with illness histories and patient reports confirm that the symptoms have regressed after treatment for trichomonas.

Arthritis and arthrosis : In 1995, in her studies on preparations containing synovial fluid from arthritis and arthrosis patients, Tamara Lebedeva identified trichomonas, which are present in the joint in various stages, poisoning the synovial fluid and causing the cartilage to erode.

Diabetes : Trichomonads feed on insulin, which the scientist also uses to stimulate the parasites in the culture media. She says that trichomonads colonize in the hormone-containing B cells of the islets of Langenhans, absorb the insulin and destroy the cells with their secretions. She also concludes that this theory is correct from reports in letters in which patients have achieved significant improvement in their diabetes by treating trichomonas with metronidazole and other antiparasitic drugs.

Multiple sclerosis : Ms. Lebedewa describes how, under certain conditions, trichomonads use myelin – the substance that covers the nerve fibers – as food. MS is usually preceded by an infectious disease, e.g. B. a middle ear infection in a child, whereby the trichomonad has gained access to the brain via the not yet closed opening in the petrous bone (the oval window), where it begins its work when the completion of the child’s development and the completion of the myelin covering comes to an end.

Adenoma/benign tumor in mucous membranes and glandular tissue : such as in the prostate. Tamara Lebedewa noticed that adenomas often grow into a point and that this point bends like a hook due to gravity. She saw the same thing with rampant trichomonad cultures. Here, too, she concludes from letters from patients that trichomonas treatments have a clear reversal effect on the development of adenomas.

Infertility / Impotence : Trichomonads settle in the sexual organs and feed on hormones, among other things. In the testes they damage sperm with their metabolic toxins. They are also able to phagocytose, that is, absorb and digest up to three sperm. The trichomonads found in the vaginal mucosa also absorb sperm. They can also damage the female gonads.

Psoriasis/psoriasis : Trichomonads were found in studies of skin preparations from sufferers and in the blood.

Tooth decay/periodontal disease : Oral trichomonade settles in the gum pockets and the area inaccessible to the toothbrush. Especially when the immune system drops, as with chemotherapy, they become active and cause periodontitis and, through the metabolic toxins, tooth decay. Ms. Lebedewa observed this form of parasite under the microscope. Severe periodontitis can be quickly treated by dabbing with metronidazole tincture.

Colitis : Intestinal trichomonade is said to be the trigger for various intestinal diseases. It was discovered back in 1926 and may be responsible forhemocolitis, colitis, enterocolitis and cholecystitis.

Lebedewa’s message is brief: the most important serious diseases are caused by microparasites.



Not everyone infected with trichomonads automatically gets cancer.

Lebedewa found out that certain triggers let the microparasites proliferate.

These include poisons, drugs/alcohol and a suppressed (lowered) immune system. Chronic alcohol use severely suppresses the immune system

According to the scientist, the body reacts to the malignant growth with encapsulation, which is called “tumor” in conventional medicine.

This protective measure prompts the body to stop the overgrowth.

Once the tumor is damaged and tissue leaves the tumor, it continues to spread, which is called “spread”. The body will try again to encapsulate the “spread cancer” in what is called “metastasis”.

Diseases caused by microparasites according to Dr. Weaver

These clinical pictures caused by trichomonads correspond to the findings of Dr. Alfons Weber, who, however, lists even more clinical pictures. 

2.5 Reactions of the host organism to the Plasmodium infection in the blood; 2.5.1 kinetic impairment of blood circulation; 2.5.2 physiological impairment of blood circulation

2.6 damage to blood and lymph vessel walls; 2.6.1 in the capillaries; 2.6.2 in the great arteries; 2.6.3 in the lymph vessels

2.7 cancerous tumor formation and resorption; organism-specific and plasmodia-related growth substances; 2.7.2 Mitotic disorders, pathological giant cells

2.8 Manifestations on the skin and in the skin’s appendages; 2.8.1 hair loss, disturbed nail formation; increased sweat and sebum production, acne, rosacea; psoriasis, scleroderma; 2.8.4 Infection of the oral cavity and tongue

2.9 Manifestation in the bones, joints and ligaments; path and type of destruction by Plasmodium; 2.9.1 Polyarthritis, Bechterew’s disease; 2.9.2 Osteoporosis, osteomalacia

2.10 Manifestations in the brain, spinal cord and nervous tissue; 2.10.1 Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease; 2.10.2 Sciatic and trigeminal neuralgia; Psychoses: schizophrenia, etc.

2.11 Manifestations in the digestive organs : 2.11.1 in the stomach: gastric ulcer; in the small intestine: enteritis, flattening of the mucosa; 2.11.3 in the large intestine: ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease; 2.11.4 appendicitis; 2.11.5 in the rectum: hemorrhoids

2.12 Manifestations in the respiratory organs: 2.12.1 Bronchial asthma; 2.12.2 Pulmonary emphysema, pulmonary atrophy

2.13 Manifestations in the urinary organs: 2.13.1 glomerulonephritis, tubular nephritis, nephrosclerosis; 2.13.2 albuminuria, globulinuria; Disturbances in the evacuation of urinary substances: uremia, uricemia; 2.13.4 Lithiasis in the urinary organs: urinary stones, etc.

2.14. Manifestationsin the genitals: 2.14.1 female genitals; 2.14.2 Complications in pregnancy; 2.14.3 diaplacental infection; 2.14.4 germinative infection; 2.14.5 male sex organs

2.15 Manifestations in the pancreas (diabetes)

Multiple Sclerosis

In a recent autopsy study of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients who died from the disease, ten out of ten (100%!!!) actually had microparasites inside the central nervous system including nematode small worms in the brain.

Common Anti-Parasitic Agent Eases Motor Symptoms, Aids Remyelination in MS Mouse Model


P2X4 receptor controls microglia activation and favors remyelination in autoimmune encephalitis


Duray Research Foundation –  Multiple Sclerosis 

One of our goals is to establish a firm scientific platform for some cases of Multiple Sclerosis as a brain/spinal cord chronic infection.

In 2016, using our highly specific Molecular Beacon DNA probes, we detected the specific DNA of Borrelia in the autopsy CSF of multiple sclerosis victims.

Remarkably we detected Borrelia endosymbionts inside parasitic nematode worms in the autopsy brain of ten out of ten MS patients.

Currently, it is taught in medical schools that all cases of Multiple Sclerosis stem from a degenerative condition of unknown cause.

Borrelia spirochetes were cultured from the spinal fluid of ten of ten Multiple Sclerosis patients by Dr. Oystein Brorson, MD and Dr. Sverre-Henning Brorson, MD in 2001.

In addition, all were positive for Borrelia spirochetes by Electron Microscopy.

This discovery helped make sense of what I had found in my Multiple Sclerosis study. If the MS patients had Nematodes and Borrelia burgdorferi in the central nervous system, then the proper treatment wasn’t just antibiotics but would have to be high dose antiparasitic drugs followed by antibiotics, and this combination would have to continue until all parasites in all their growth stages including eggs, had been cleared from the brain.

Why had so many missed this discovery?

In today’s fast-paced medicine, anytime MS is considered the CSF specimens are placed directly in an automated analyzer that looks for MS markers, but not for parasites. On a slide without stain, the CSF looks normal. Then if the lab looks at the slide at 40x magnification or higher, they will miss the worms. It’s like looking at an elephant’s leg an inch away and trying to figure out what the whole animal looks like.

What this means to MS patients?

Clearly this suggests that despite any other treatment, the MS patient should first be placed on an antiparasite medicine for nematodes, followed by antibiotics for Borrelia. Treatment would have to be aggressive to get past the Blood-Brain-Barrier, and prolonged to eradicate the Borrelia.

Dr. Paul Duray MD Research Fellowship Endowment Inc

In Dr Paul Duray’s career, he single-handedly expanded the number of Borrelia illnesses to include:

Borrelia-related Parkinson’s disease;
Borrelia-related intrauterine infections with fetal deaths;
Borrelia muscle diseases, fasciitis and cystitis;
Fatal Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) due to Borreliosis;
Borrelia-related necrotizing splenitis;
Borrelia hepatitis

He also published many landmark manuscripts which redefined and enlarged the medical and scientifc understanding of spirochetal diseases.

Cautionary note:

Nematode infestations of the CNS require very careful treatment and monitoring by an experienced physician. Patients should not attempt to self-treat with antiparasitic drugs. Some anthelmintics can cause severe inflammatory reactions which might require concomitant steroid treatment in order to avoid fatal encephalitis.

Clearly, this suggests that despite any other treatment, the MS patient should first be placed on an antiparasite medicine for nematodes, followed by antibiotics for Borrelia. Treatment would have to be aggressive to get past the Blood-Brain-Barrier and prolonged to eradicate the Borrelia.

Seven Provocative findings -p5

Multiple Sclerosis

Vitamin D increases remyelination by promoting oligodendrocyte lineage differentiation

Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis: A Comprehensive Review


Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferi) treatment: 2 herbal compounds may beat antibiotics

Screening thousands of drugs, Stanford scientists determined that in mice, azlocillin, an antibiotic approved by the Food and Drug Administration, eliminated the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.

A Case of Lyme-Associated Parkinson’s: Could Timely Treatment Have Saved a Man’s Life?




Parasites and heart diseases

Dr. José Ignacio Santos Preciado (parasite researcher at the renowned University of Stanford / California and General Director at the Hospital de México) and his team found out back in 2012 that this is the main cause of all cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, heart failure/CHF, Cardiac arrhythmias, angina pectoris, etc.) is the infestation of the heart with parasites.  According to Dr. Santos Preciado triggered by parasites.


Parasites and Cancer Books:


**CDC Warning about Neglected Parasite Infections in the United States


What does it mean when 2 billion people share their brain with a parasite?

Nearly one-third of the 7.25 billion people on earth, including an estimated 60 million people in the United States, are chronically infected with the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii.

A working immune system can keep the parasite in check, so only a minority of those infected has significant symptoms. But when an unsuspecting woman gets infected during pregnancy and passes the parasite on to her unborn child, the consequences can be profound.

They include devastating damage to the brain, nervous system and eyes. Now there is growing evidence that some people, maybe a lot of people, have subtler symptoms triggered by the infection.

Perhaps the immune response, while keeping the parasites in check, causes collateral damage elsewhere. Or maybe the parasites, which produce the neurotransmitter dopamine and interact with the cells it infects, modifies behavior of its host.

We asked a leading authority on Toxoplasma gondii and toxoplasmosis, Rima McLeod, MD, professor of ophthalmology & visual science and pediatrics and medical director of the toxoplasmosis center at the University of Chicago, a big question: What do we think happens when billions of people go through life with a parasitic brain infection?

For starters, what is Toxoplasma gondii?

In Vitro Effects of Ivermectin and Sulphadiazine on Toxoplasma gondii


A Cat Parasite May Be Controlling Our Minds!


The impact of parasite infection of mental illness


Toxoplasma gondii: An Underestimated Threat?

Negative Effects of Latent Toxoplasmosis on Mental Health

Sero-molecular survey on Toxoplasma gondii infection among drug addicted and non-addicted individuals: a case–control study

This Parasite Triggers Histamine Intolerance


The Roles of Mast Cells in Parasitic Protozoan Infections



Ginger extract treatment reversed T. gondii-induced pathological changes in the brain, liver, and lungs. These findings indicate that ginger extract could be a potential alternative therapeutic for treating chronic toxoplasmosis.



Click HERE for more REFERENCE STUDIES on using Anti-parasitic drugs for cancer.


You can order Ivermectin,  Mebendazole, Fenbendazole and Nitazoxanide here

Fenbendazole, Ivermectin, Nitazoxanide and Mebendazole are all powerful anti-cancer drugs that have been proven to be effective in treating a variety of cancers.

They work by targeting cancer cells (parasites) and preventing them from growing and spreading by stopping their uptake of glucose.

With their high success rate and minimal side effects, They are an excellent choice for those looking for a safe and effective treatment for cancer. Contact your oncologist and tell him about the studies showing the efficacy of these drugs.


Nattokinase: A Promising Alternative in Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases

Nattokinase for High Blood Pressure


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Dissolution of Spike Protein by Nattokinase

Holy Grail of COVID-19 Vaccine Detoxification

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

Far and away the most common question I get from those who took one of the COVID-19 vaccines is: “how do I get this out of my body.”

Nattokinase is an enzyme is produced by fermenting soybeans with bacteria Bacillus subtilis var. natto and has been available as an oral supplement. It degrades fibrinogen, factor VII, cytokines, and factor VIII and has been studied for its cardiovascular benefits.

Out of all the available therapies I have used in my practice and among all the proposed detoxification agents, I believe nattokinase and related peptides hold the greatest promise for patients at this time.

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Degradative Effect of Nattokinase on Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2

Immunofluorescence analysis showed that S protein on the cell surface was degraded when nattokinase was added to the culture medium. Thus, our findings suggest that nattokinase exhibits potential for the inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 infection via S protein degradation.


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Information on Beta blockers for anxiety

Here is an audio program on eliminating negative self talk. Negative thoughts plays a huge part in anxiety and getting stuck on them is called “rumination”.  Stress increases histamine and chronic high histamine can cause OCD and rumination.  Check out our page on mental health

Listen to soothing Chakra music to relieve stress and help fall asleep



Joe Tippens blog on his story of him defeating cancer with an anti-parasitic drug

Here is a website on doing a parasite cleanse.

But you should contact a medical doctor or a naturapathic doctor especially if you have cancer or Multiple Sclerosis before starting removal of the parasites.

Many common foods contain natural compounds that can help fight and kill parasites.
Give any of the below foods and herbs a try to help keep bad bugs at bay, but be sure to visit your doctor if you suspect you have a parasite infection.
They will be able to provide you with additional remedies to take care of it.


This site is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual. Through this site and linkages to other sites, I provide general information for educational purposes only. The information provided in this site, or through linkages to other sites, is not a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a visit, call consultation or the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider. I am not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this site.

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Memory loss
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Memory Nutrients

Natural Products that help with retaining your memory

MAO–B inhibitors can help your nerve cells make better use of the dopamine that they have. Monoamine oxidase type B is an enzyme that wrongly hooves up dopamine that is not being used by your brain. MAO-B inhibitors stop this enzyme so that more dopamine becomes available to treat your symptoms.

Natural Products Screening for the Identification of Selective Monoamine Oxidase-B Inhibitors:

1. Gan Cao (Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Root)

MAO-B Inhibition Very High (IC50 <.07 mg/ml)

Gan Cao is a type of licorice (same genus), and is used in much the same way. Its traditional uses involves female disorders, digestive disorders, ulcers, and heart arrythmias. One of the most interesting sue of this plant, is as a “harmonizer” of other medicinal plants.

In Chinese traditional medicine this is one of the main herbs used in formulas for its ability to improve the outcomes of other plants.

The roots of Glycyrrhiza uralensis (aka Chinese licorice; family Leguminosae) is another commonly used medicinal plant in traditional Chinese and natural medicine. Our new finding that GUREE inhibits hMAO-B selectively is supported by our previous finding for its hMAO-B inhibition [].

Interestingly, GUR was more selective than Glycyrrhiza glabra in our screen. Reported Glycyrrhiza uralensis different active constituents from other Glycyrrhiza genuses may influence its MAO-B selective inhibition []. GUR contains unique phytochemicals including isoprenylated phenolics [] flavonoids, chalcones, and triterpene saponins [].

Chalcone isoliquiritigenin, is an inhibitor for MAO-B [] with multifunctional anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cytoprotective [] cellular detoxification system activator [] and anti-apoptotic [] anti-amyloid-β toxicity [] neuroprotective properties. GUR total flavonoid extracts showed neurogenesis protective effect in depressed rats model [].

The flavonoid liquiritin showed antioxidant and antiapoptotic neuroprotective effects in mice [] and ameliorated depression in rat model []. Its benzopyran dehydroglyasperin-C also showed neuroprotection []. Xiao Yao San, a traditional herb combination containing GUR for chronic depression, was effective in both animal models and clinical trials [,].

Other multifunctional properties of GUR constituents included reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines, nitric oxide, reactive oxygen species, lipid peroxidation [], and mitochondrial impairment []. Interestingly, GUREE reports covered its chemopreventive [] and anti-diabetic properties []. Therefore, specifically investigating GUREE as a selective MAO-BI could be beneficial.

2. Psoralea Fruit Babchi (Psoralea Corylifolia)

MAO-B Inhibition Very High (IC50 <.07 mg/ml)

Psoralea fruit is a lesser known Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicinal plant species. It was used in the past for conditions like vitiligo and other skin related conditions. Recently it has received a lot of attention for its MAO inhibiting properties, and is suggested to be a norepinephrine, re-uptake inhibitor.

In addition, the seeds of Psoralea corylifolia (aka, Bu Gu Zhi or Babchi; family Leguminosae) are important in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines []. PCSEE was one of the most potent and selective hMAO-BI using our fluorometric screening assay.

Our PCS findings are supported by our previous investigations on its hMAO-B inhibitory potency tested spectrophotometrically [], and its selectivity for hMAO-B using a luminescence assay [].

Previous PCS screened extracts for active constituents revealed that the ethanolic extract composes more medically active compounds than some other PCS extracts, which makes it a better candidate for novel phytomedicines [].

PSCEE is rich in benzopyrone structure constituents including coumarins and flavonoids. PCS furocoumarins psoralen and isopsoralen showed rat MAOs activities inhibitions [], which were supported by total furocoumarins potent antidepressant effects on mice []. PCS also contains isoflavones, which have been used as dietary supplements in various diseases, including osteoporosis, cognitive dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, and inflammation [], which are close to PCS multifaceted properties [].

We previously investigated bavachinin and genistein flavonoids constituents of PCS. Bavachinin exhibited a selective hMAO-B inhibition [] while isoflavone genistein was similarly potent but less selective against hMAO-B [].

Moreover, PCSEE contains monoterpenes that protected against the MAO-B substrate 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP) SN cell damage and MPTP-induced motor deficits in PD model [], inhibited DA and norepinephrine (NE) transporters [], and showed antidepressant effects with catecholamine neurotransmitters regulation [,].

The PCS extracts were also neuroprotective against the MPTP precursor MPP+ [] and the nitropropionic acid (3-NP) induced cytotoxicity and mitochondrial dysfunction [].

Although the seeds are used in dermatological disorders health supplements [] and increasingly investigated on in vitro and animal models, the extract and its phytochemicals clinical effects on degenerative diseases are yet to be clinically considered.

From our results, the observed association between PCS constituents MAO-B inhibitions and the extracts neuroprotection in the previous reports suggests more investigations for potential beneficial PCS phytochemicals for PD.


3. Ferula assafoetida roots

MAO-B Inhibition Very High (IC50 <0.07 mg/ml)

This resin has been used as a spice and a phytomedicine around the globe for centuries. In the folklore medicine, it is mostly used in asthma, gastrointestinal disorders, and neuronal disorders [].

In recent reports, the resin improved memory and learning in rats [], and exhibited neuroprotection and nerve stimulation in mice peripheral neuropathy [], and anticonvulsant properties [].

FAR contains bioactive phytochemicals such as polysulfides, sesquiterpenes, sesquiterpene-coumarins, diterpenes, phenolics, and flavonoids [,]. Its coumarin umbelliprenin showed anti-inflammatory properties [], while ferulic acid showed anti-atherosclerotic, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties [] and became a candidate for AD [].

Therefore, investigations on the resin concerning PD need to be considered.


4. Amur Cork Tree (Phellodendron Amurense)

MAO-B Inhibition Very High (IC50 <.07 mg/ml)

Amur cork tree is one of the 50 fundamental Chinese herbs. It’s commonly used for it’s sedative, muscle relaxant, antiarrhythmic, positive inotropic, hypotensive, and antibacterial actions.

 Phellodendron amurense (aka Amur cork tree; family Rutaceae) is a meagerly investigated Chinese medicinal plant. In our study, its bark ethanolic extract clearly was a selective hMAO-BI as its potent inhibition was previously spectrophotometrically confirmed [].

The plant constituted alkaloids such as phellodendron, palmatine, jatrorrhizine, and berberine [,] where the later displayed safe antidepressant-like activities in mice by the possible mechanism MAO-A inhibition and increasing DA, NE and serotonin brain levels [,].

PAB is high in the flavone tetramethyl-o-scutellarin, and the triterpenoids limonoids []. Limonoid obacunone was found neuroprotective in glutamate-induced neurotoxicity in vitro [].

In clinical studies, PAB extract supplement safely reduced cortisol [], and relieved mild anxiety in women []. Also, PAB inhibited pro-inflammatory cytokines [,] and protected from prostate tumors progression [], property found in some MAO-AIs [].

Based on our results and literature, there is a lack of knowledge on MAO-B inhibition and selectivity benefits of PAB extracts and phytochemicals. Further studies on PABEE as MAO-BI source for PD are highly recommended.

Natural Products Screening for the Identification of Selective Monoamine Oxidase-B Inhibitors


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The Role of Exercise in Reducing Inflammation and Promoting Joint Health


Exercise is often hailed as a valuable asset for maintaining, generally speaking, health and
prosperity. While it&#39;s typically connected with weight the board and cardiovascular wellness,
its advantages expand well past these perspectives. One of the less popular yet urgent
benefits of customary exercise is its role in reducing inflammation and promoting joint
health. In this article, we will investigate how exercise can significantly keep your joints
healthy and even improve conditions like facet joint infection.

Understanding Inflammation and Joint Health

Inflammation is the body’s regular reaction to injury or infection. A defensive instrument
helps the body recuperate and fend off microorganisms. In any case, ongoing inflammation
can prompt various health issues, including joint problems. Conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid joint pain are described by constant joint inflammation, resulting in pain,
firmness, and diminished versatility.

Facet Joint Infection: A Special Test

Facet joints are little synovial joints situated along the spine that assume a critical part in
spinal steadiness and portability. While facet joint infections are generally intriguing,
contrasted with other joint diseases, they can be particularly challenging because of their
area and expected influence on spinal health. Facet joint infection is brought about by
microorganisms infiltrating the facet joints, leading to inflammation and pain in the back
and neck. In some cases, medical professionals may recommend a treatment known as facet
joint injection to address issues related to these joints. Facet joint injections involve the
precise administration of medication or a therapeutic substance directly into the affected
facet joint.

The Association Among Exercise and Joint Health

Customary exercise offers many advantages for joint health, fundamentally by addressing
inflammation and supporting, generally speaking, joint capability. This is the way exercise
can decidedly affect joint health, including its possible role in managing conditions like facet
joint infection:

1. Weight The board

Carrying an overabundance of body weight puts extra weight on the joints, particularly
those in the lower body. This can add to the turn of events or compounding of joint issues
like osteoarthritis. Exercise supports the board&#39;s weight, helping to diminish the heap on the
joints and decline the gamble of joint-related problems.

2. Worked on Joint Oil

Exercise advances the creation of synovial liquid, a characteristic grease for joints. This
assists with maintaining joint portability and lessens rubbing, which can mitigate uneasiness
related to conditions like osteoarthritis.

3. Strengthening Muscles Around Joints

Solid muscles go about as defensive help structures for joints. Ordinary exercise, including
strength training, can help fabricate and maintain bulk, providing added joint steadiness.
Strengthening the muscles around the spine can be especially useful for facet joint health.

4. Upgraded Blood Flow

Exercise further develops blood course all through the body, including the joints. This
improved flow conveys fundamental supplements to the joints and eliminates side effects,
aiding in the maintenance and maintenance of joint tissues.

5. Reducing Inflammation

Exercise has been displayed to affect the body. It can assist with regulating the safe
framework, reducing the development of support of inflammatory particles. This can be
particularly applicable in managing persistent inflammation related to rheumatoid joint pain
and facet joint infection.

6. Upgraded Scope of Movement

Customary active work, including stretching and adaptability exercises, can work on the
joint scope of movement. This is vital for maintaining joint health and preventing solidness,
which can be a typical complaint among individuals with joint issues.

Choosing the Right Exercises

With regards to promoting joint health and managing inflammation, not all exercises are
made equivalent. Low-influence exercises are often the most secure and best decision for
individuals with joint issues, including those with facet joint infection. Here are some
appropriate exercise choices:

1. Swimming: Swimming is a brilliant low-influence exercise that supports joint health.
The lightness of water diminishes weight on the joints while providing a full-body exercise.

2. Cycling: Cycling is a joint-accommodating, oxygen-consuming exercise that strengthens
leg muscles without putting unreasonable strain on the joints.

3. Yoga: Yoga offers delicate stretching and adaptability exercises that can work on joint
portability and diminish solidness. It likewise advances unwinding, which can be
advantageous for managing pressure-related inflammation.

4. Judo: Yoga is a low-influence military craftsmanship that underscores slow, controlled
developments. It can further develop balance, joint strength, and, by and large portability.

5. Strength Training: Strength training with legitimate structure and strategy can assist
with building bulk, providing backing and soundness to the joints. It&#39;s crucial to start with
light loads and progress continuously.

Consulting a Healthcare Professional

Before beginning any exercise program, particularly if you have joint issues or conditions like
facet joint infection, it&#39;s significant to talk with a healthcare professional. They can give
customized proposals and guarantee that your picked exercise routine is protected and
proper for your particular requirements.


Exercise is a powerful device for reducing inflammation and promoting joint health.
Whether you are aiming to forestall joint issues, oversee ongoing circumstances like
osteoarthritis or rheumatoid joint inflammation, or address special difficulties like facet joint
infection, everyday actual work can play a critical part in maintaining your joint health. By
choosing the right exercises and seeking direction from healthcare professionals, you can
leave on an excursion to more grounded, healthier joints and better general personal.

Facet joint injections

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Bad Body Odor and Tips on how to Avoid It

Not many men will admit it, but we sweat so much. The typical human has 2.6 million sweat glands of their skin, and men have considerably greater than women. This is not an issue in itself, but for guys like me sweat and the body odors it could actually cause is an embarrassing issue to debate.

We may not discuss it, but after we smell it’s probably not a secret to others. While my girlfriend loves my soft and sensitive skin, I’ve all the time felt somewhat self-conscious round her each time I feel she might smell my body odor. Perhaps that is why men have a popularity for being down and dirty.

The explanation why sweating makes you smelly is straightforward: bacteria eat fluids in our sweat and create the smell as their byproduct. Naturally our body must sweat somewhat to be healthy and keep cool, and since of it men need to wash up much more.

The primary and most blatant step is to make use of a skin cleansing body wash while you bathe. Many guys have already got a favourite soap, but in case you do not: Search for a body cleansing gel specifically made for men’s skincare since we now have more pores to cleanse. Try using an exfoliating body scrub to hold off the dead skin and bacteria which cause body odor after an excellent sweat. This can leave your skin clean and smooth.

Next you will need to select the correct deodorant for underarm sweat, which is generally the primary wrongdoer of body odor. As with soap, many men have already got a favourite scent, although for guys with sensitive skin it could actually be tricky to select one. In my experience the one smell worse than body odor itself is when it’s added to fragrance-filled deodorant, which may sting sensitive skin within the armpit.

Until recently I all the time thought antiperspirant sticks were the most effective option, since they use aluminum to dam sweat within the armpit. But these take a toll on the natural strategy of the body, blocking sweat without really killing the bacteria which cause body odor. As a substitute, search for a deodorant which uses natural extracts as antiseptics to the bacteria; the most effective solution is to search for an aluminum-free, fragrance-free deodorant which can clean and protect the skin.

Finally be sure that to maintain your skin properly hydrated. Retaining moisture in your skin is particularly difficult while you’re sweating more, so all the time drink loads of water. And after all remember to inform your pals what they will do to maintain their skin clean and healthy too.

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Suggestions For Preparing Easy To Make Healthy Dinner Meals

For many families, dinner is crucial meal of the day. It’s that only a part of the day wherein all relations are present and everybody can make amends for all of the essential familial and college matters. Parents who’re answerable for preparing dinner may even have more time to cook and won’t must feel rushed about making the night’s meal, unlike during breakfast, when everyone has to rush to go to work or school.

Since dinner is often the one time through the day that everybody may be present on the table, you will definitely wish to spend less time preparing the meal and more on conversing with the family. As such, it will be helpful to know some suggestions for preparing easy to make dinner meals which are healthy and delicious, too. Below are a few of the following pointers you possibly can follow for making easy to cook yet healthy dinner meals:

• Create a dinner meal plan. Put aside a while through the weekends (if you’re free) to provide you with a dinner meal plan for the week. Ensure your meal plan has healthy recipes. As such, do not forget to include whole grains, greens, lean proteins, and other healthy and nutritious ingredients.

• Put aside time to make some prep works as well. When you have got some free time, do the obligatory food prep tasks, too. This implies peeling and cutting vegetables and fruits and storing them properly within the refrigerator. You may as well chop some additional vegatables and fruits so which you can have extra ones for everybody to snack on or so as to add to other meals.

• You may as well make certain you’ll at all times incorporate healthy vegetables in your meals without spending an excessive amount of time on prep work by buying pre-cut fresh vegetables similar to broccoli, squash, and mushrooms.

• All the time store and use healthy cooking staples. For straightforward, healthy food preparation, at all times keep your staples handy. These include extra-virgin olive oil, egg substitutes, and fat-free or light soymilk. Leading nutritionists recommend using extra-virgin olive oil in a twig bottle because it is a sure and a neater method to reduce the fat and calorie content of a dish.

• Modify your cooking methods. Lastly, by changing the same old way you cook, you possibly can effectively reduce everyone’s fat and calorie intake. As such, should you’re at all times pan-frying chicken, consider baking or broiling it. You may spend less time watching what you cook while serving and eating healthier dishes. Grilling, broiling, or poaching fish is a healthier option as well. You may as well avoid using an excessive amount of oil by microwaving diced vegetables similar to onions and greens as a substitute of frying them.

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The Hindrances To Drug Abuse Treatment

It’s a indisputable fact that a one who experiments with drugs becomes more deeply involved the longer he continues his use of the substances. Along the way in which, the user becomes aware of the harm drugs are causing him. When not under the influence of the drugs, the user regrets that he began using them and desires he might avoid them.

Some drug abusers come to this realization after their first few trials. For them, it might be relatively easy to quit. However the longer an individual continues to make use of drugs, the harder it becomes for him to provide them up.

Coping with addiction through drug abuse treatment is kind of a challenge, and there are quite a few real hindrances to finish recovery. These include some unsolved personal problems, the fear of ridicule by friends who’re also into drugs, and the fear of failure. Let’s examine how each of those aspects can hinder recovery from drug addiction:

Unsolved personal problems:

This factor constitutes a fantastic hindrance to recovery from drug addiction. After the user has experimented with the drugs and has indulged for a time, it becomes even harder for him to unravel the very problems that prompted him to proceed his use of the drugs in the primary place.

The person’s continued use of the drugs has taken away his courage and weakened his stamina. Worse, it caused him to lose time in the private development that might have enabled him to make improvement.

Fear of ridicule by drug-using friends:

Within the likeliest of possibilities, a teenager who’s into drugs belongs to a bunch of drug users. There are instances when a few of them also want to quit, but will not be successful of their try to accomplish that. Understandably, they will not be willing to see anyone of their group succeed where they’ve failed.

The drug users who desired to quit but failed may even be afraid that the one who successfully gave up the habit will turn against them by becoming an informer. It is just not obscure that a drug pusher will make it as hard as possible for his “clients” to quit.

We now have to do not forget that people of their teens need friends. In the event that they discontinue the use of medicine, their friends, who’re also drug users, will not allow them to participate of their social activities. By this time, the drug user has already established an unpleasant repute, which makes it difficult for him to develop latest friends. It is because a teen who has not used drugs fears that his influence will likely be an obstacle to those that do.

Fear of failure:

The habitual drug user is at an obstacle in the case of continuing his education or finding work. There may be a really slim likelihood that he’ll get a scholarship or land a good job. He is definitely hurt emotionally by such failures that he yields easily to pressures to proceed using drugs.

This, in fact, is just not to say that there is not any hope for a chronic drug user to get better from his addiction. There are therapies and skilled help available to make him reach “kicking” the habit.

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Napping Advantages and Suggestions

Considered one of today’s biggest health problems is that of fatigue; many types of fatigue could also be helped in the straightforward act of napping. By definition, a nap lasts for lower than 20 minutes or greater than ninety, but is not a full rest extending into the deeper cycles of sleep. The perfect nap, especially in today’s world, lasts for between 10 and 20 minutes.

Many individuals who aren’t used to napping have trouble identifying with the advantages of being asleep for such a short while. I liken napping to rebooting a pc – at weary times alertness will be restored by even a number of minutes of unconscious rest. Just like the refreshed computer we operate faster, higher, more efficiently… and happier!


1. One or two short naps per day (they might be had almost anywhere protected, and at any time) complement the remaining we do not get during our evening sleep. If we’re shift employees, especially working nights, napping can be especially useful.

2. We may not have a superb feel for what alertness is. We could also be so drained that alertness is a distant memory. Step by step with weeks and months of napping practice behind us, we start to learn the way good it’s to feel alert. I am unable to consider a greater felt end result, personally, than being alert.

3. The rational, logical, reasonable mind is thwarted by tiredness. It will probably render us defenceless and our decision-making, and due to this fact our confidence, is undermined. We feel incredibly more efficient, effective, and social once we’re well rested.

4. Generally speaking, everyone can improve, to some extent, their level of felt alertness. Even the chronically sleep-deprived or those with sleep disorders should profit from naps.


1. Do discover a quiet, relatively dark space and create a cushty bodily position (sitting back or lying down is best).

2. Don’t fight the eyes. Once we’re drained, or worse overtired, our eyes can turn out to be so rigidly open they do not close easily. Just attempt to chill out the attention muscles. Let the lids find their very own position, empty the mind, and feel the lids heavier and the mind lighter.

3. Do set your alarm. The reassurance that you simply won’t oversleep reduces anxiety. Phone alarms are easy, though there’s the chance of receiving a call. A watch alarm might prove helpful. Allow a number of extra minutes to go to sleep.

4. Don’t panic for those who have not fallen asleep inside five or ten minutes. To rest or have your eyes closed even for a temporary period is useful, whether you nap or not. And if you wake, resist the concept to return to sleep; wake yourself immediately. For me, this generates extra alertness – to spring away from bed.


There’s hardly a greater feeling than alertness. Being well rested is central to operating at our peak. A basic life skill, napping helps. It’s never too late to develop the skill. Our wellbeing may thoroughly, because of this, abound – through such an easy act.

© 2023 S. J. Wickham.

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The Top Spa Treatments for 2016 – Get Able to Rejuvenate!

Spas offer the proper opportunity for those with stressful lifestyles, which is everyone, a method to refresh and feel able to tackle the longer term. When one is feeling overloaded and never like themselves the reply is usually booking at spas where they’ll take pleasure in massage, facials, manicure, pedicure and a wide range of other popular treatments that may renew them head to toe.

Anyone who’s planning on treating themselves to a spa day or vacation should consider a number of of the next hottest treatments this yr.

Vitamin C Facials

A vitamin C based facial is great for tightening and hydrating the skin using pharmaceutical grade products that also exfoliate and soften skin. It really works even on probably the most sensitive skins and renews the cells for brighter skin that is firmer than ever and provides a youthful glow.

The method at many spas often includes an intensive cleanse and rinse, application of a high-quality masque or two, after which complete moisturizing with a product that features Vitamin C.

Mineral Body Treatment

This treatment encompasses a nice, long soak in a hot mineral bath. Many resort spas offer access to natural springs which is an amazing start. Next, the skin is exfoliated using a product that may leave skin silky and smooth to the touch. Finally, a warm cream massage containing more natural minerals is performed leaving the recipient feeling energetic and after all, pain-free.

Mineral treatments have been used for hundreds of years to alleviate joint and muscle pain. See what a mineral body treatment can do for a stressed body that’s in need of maximum recovery.

Oil and Salt Scrub

This treatment uses each Dead Sea salts for an intensive scrub to remove dead skin cells, and the applying of the ever-popular essential oils. In some cases, the spas fastidiously mix the salts with the oils, but either way it is a treatment to not be missed.

Because the oils penetrate to revive vitality and erase dryness, an additional benefit that shall be experienced is that of the stimulation of the lymphatic system through the careful massage that comes together with. Boost circulation and drainage of poisons from the body while softening the skin.


Slip right into a bubbling bath infused with either essential oils or various anti-aging and antioxidant products depending on what one is in search of. Underwater jets have been proven to cut back the looks of cellulite and relieve drained and sore muscles.

Water alone is top-of-the-line ways to invigorate oneself after a protracted work week or stressful situation. Regular soaking is really helpful and produces amazing ends in the realm of not only skincare, but mental health as well.

Holistic Facials

Expect a facial assessment where the holistic therapist will determine a tailor-made experience that may best suit your skin type and wishes. Steps often include:

  • A hydrating cleanser
  • Refreshing toner
  • Exfoliation
  • A hydrating or firming mask
  • Facial massage
  • Eye cream application

Spas often mix this service with makeup application for a fun night out, however the natural beauty left behind after this treatment doesn’t even need makeup, truly. The selection is the clients as as to if they need to incorporate that service or not. Regardless, having a facial that’s built to at least one’s specific needs for his or her skin is a treat that should not be passed up.

Wrap Massage

As an ancient method, wrap massage has been around for hundreds of years but is gaining in popularity as of late. It entails spas providing a heated wrap of some sort which is placed on any areas of tension or pain. The specialist then proceeds to massage through the wraps for the final word relief.

Circulation is increased for added health advantages, and the recipient feels nurtured and cared for like they deserve, giving them a refreshed feel. Various herbs and grains could also be used along with the wraps.

Finding the very best spas that supply these treatments and more will guarantee one feels a lot better facing every day.

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How Do You Do So Much?

I’m sure we have all had occasions after we’ve looked on in awe and wondered, perhaps out loud, how someone’s capable of slot in as much as they do. While we’re still pondering tonight’s dinner menu they might have been to the gym, organised the food shop, made several vital calls, volunteered at a neighborhood charity and accomplished a very important piece of labor.

How do they achieve this much?

– Being organised is the important thing to getting things done. Without organisation things can grow to be too random, dipping out and in of tasks with little or no focus or planning. Lists may be an efficient way of introducing order and method, so enabling things to be sorted by degree of urgency.

– Some things are too big or complicated to tackle in a single go. Input or a contribution could also be required from a third-party, so being efficient is about passing things on quickly in order that every person can tackle their part. Regulate what is going on on and where individual tasks are as much as.

– Delegating is a helpful tool in a busy life. Being precious and insisting on doing all the pieces yourself may feel like a very important position to guard, but not all the pieces must be jealously guarded. Let others help, share within the story and possibly provide you with recent, even higher ideas. It motivates everyone once they’re included as a part of the team.

– Don’t wait for all the pieces to be perfect before you begin. There is no must practice-run every possible scenario or set of circumstances upfront. Often things come together well enough once you start. Allow your mindset to be flexible and receptive to different possibilities and luxuriate in where it takes you, unless it’s one among those times when it’s essential to follow very specific criteria.

Double up. Some social arrangements could, under normal circumstances, potentially be combined. Eating out, seeing a show or concert and catching up with friends may successfully maximise your time and create almost a celebration atmosphere. Equally business networking combined with a game of golf pulls together two areas of life, as does exercising or having fun with a hobby with family or friends.

– Hire help. Certain routine or mundane tasks like ironing, cleansing and gardening could also be value outsourcing. It could be value paying good money to unlock your time for other things. Equally, tasks outside your area of experience could also be higher done by another person, reasonably than having you spend hours agonising over your accounts, admin or design work.

– Learn to say ‘no’ appropriately. After we work for ourselves or are recent to a location, are keen to slot in and be accepted it may be tempting to say ‘yes’ and comply with all the pieces. Sometimes we want to review what we’re already committed to, or we may run ourselves ragged, attempting to accommodate all the pieces and everybody.

– Take regular breaks and recharge. A twenty-minute break gives enough time to eat a healthy snack, hydrate, possibly get outside for some fresh air. Often people find that they then return to work with a clearer mind and renewed enthusiasm for the job in hand.

– Remember to present yourself credit for every achievement. Reasonably than systematically working your way through your list, as a substitute pause to understand each stage of the journey, every task accomplished.

And sometimes might it’s relevant to ask yourself why you achieve this much, why you permit your time to be so fully occupied. Some individuals are consistently busy because they must be on top of things and are detest to pass on work to others for fear it could lead to them being cut out of the loop, it could allow others to be seen to do a greater job or have their mistakes and shortcomings discovered.

FOMO, fear of missing out, having something to prove, attempting to be indispensable, not wanting to let go of the reins and filling every second with meaningful activity can all create their very own stress.

But then, there are those people who find themselves desperate to try all the pieces that is on the menu, cannot wait to sample every option that is on offer. Whilst not wanting to dampen their enthusiasm an excessive amount of, it is also vital to take time to rest, savour, rehearse and make the most effective decisions for you. Enjoy doing one thing at a time. You’ll be able to all the time return one other day and take a look at a distinct delicacy.

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Reassessing Worksite Wellness After All These Years: Still Medical or Blossoming Into REAL Wellness?


One advantage of stayin alive beyond expectations (i.e., reaching a state of perennialhood) is increased wisdom and, sometimes, witnessing desired changes. That is the hope, in any case, attributable to a long time of increasingly prescient observations and greater openness to alternate experiences. What higher time than later life to reexamine opinions and beliefs? Why finish with that old time religion or other fossilized attachments political, social and so forth? Oftentimes, these hardened impressions are outdated or otherwise ripe for reforms. Or not.

In any case, many might profit from periodic scrutiny of long held views. On occasions, some opinions, even biases, could possibly be in need of amendments, or at the very least refinements.

A private example is an extended held claim that worksite wellness programming has been and stays overly medical, dating back to the trendy restart of the wellness movement within the early 1980’s. Particularly with respect to a few of the 4 dimensions of REAL wellness, worksite programming has ignored systematic efforts to advertise positive mental skills, similar to reason (critical considering), exuberance (joy and added meaning) and liberty (expanded personal freedoms). The opposite coping with exercise and nutrition (Athleticism) has received ample attention at worksites and elsewhere.)

Is there credible evidence of a turn toward REAL wellness, recognizing that such initiatives could be addressed by other terms?

Some colleagues more attuned to workplace best practices and innovations have urged a reassessment. I’m told there are REAL wellness priorities and programs underway that promise results.

Spurred on by an invite to seem on a webinar of a number one worksite wellness organization to debate the book Not Dead Yet (NDY). I made a decision, in true stayin alive fashion, to explore what’s latest in corporate wellness.


On October 30, I participated in a hour-long webinar with Dr. Paul Terry, senior fellow and editor of the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO). The theme was Thriving & Flourishing (At Any Age)! The initial focus was the 56 suggestions for successful aging described within the book. Sharing the webcast podium with me was Susan Bradley Cox, certainly one of the eighteen world triathlon champions over age 75 profiled in NDY.


Under the most effective of conditions, the impact of worksite wellness will necessarily be incidental relative to the larger issues employees face. Social determinants similar to deficient educational levels, poor housing conditions, dysfunctional cultural influences, economic pressures, crime, mental and physical disabilities and way more are more consequential but not malleable by worksite wellness. While essential, it’s helpful to appreciate that macro changes in society and the environment needs to be a priority, to not be missed while promoting employee wellbeing. A couple of health promotion classes and other initiatives to encourage good health skills and practices in the course of the few hours per week available for worksite programming mustn’t distract from the larger issues that the majority affect quality of life.

This point was made by economist Thierry Malleret on the 2023 Global Wellness Summit in Singapore October 15-17:

Skyrocketing costs of healthcare, housing and education are decimating the US middle class and causing rising inequality and anxiety-and the phenomenon is just not limited to the US. But on the subject of social and environmental progress, the US appears as a big, underperforming outlier. Based on the Social Progress Index, the US is the one developed country that’s backsliding, each in absolute and relative terms, in comparison with its peers. It now ranks twenty sixth in social progress, while Norway comes first.

Many (e.g., Benjamin Libet, Dan Wegner, Thalia Wheatley, Sam Harris and a majority of latest scientists) marshal evidence to support the view that free will is a myth, that determinism prevails. In that case, this takes the zing out of oft ballyhooed enthusiasm for self-responsibility, and witticisms similar to P.J. O’Rourke’s crack that no drug, not even alcohol, causes the basic ills of society. If we’re on the lookout for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we must always test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.


HERO is a national think tank whose mission is to advance best practices in worker health promotion. HERO provides leadership in research and education on the impact of worksite wellness, on best practices for positive health outcomes and on the role and nature of healthy cultures for successful worker performance.

Over the course of several years, Paul Terry has prolonged polite and at all times collegial invitations to contemplate more charitable assessments about worksite wellness. Within the weeks resulting in the webinar, while looking for to raised appreciate positive (i.e., REAL wellness-like) programming, I reviewed HERO’s archived interviews with worksite leaders, in addition to the organization’s annual forum proceedings, research studies, think tank meetings, scorecard initiatives, briefs, blogs and news releases. All impressive, to make sure.

After receiving an advance partial draft of this text, Paul offered the next:

It is a tall order to summarize all of the ways in which workplace health is aligned with REAL Wellness as it has been occurring for a very long time and has already apparently eluded your observant proclivities. I’ve pasted an editorial below that can be published in January. I feel the ‘Pillars’ exemplify the freedom and reasoning points of your philosophy. My editorials are open access. Up to now years I’ve written about voluntariness and autonomy (liberty), about parsing between facts, truth and empirical evidence (reason and liberty) happiness and meaning and life purpose in an interview with Richard Lieder and Vic Strecher (reason and enthusiasm). In each editorial I feature cases and examples of how the private and public sector are increasingly collaborating to realize these REAL approaches.

All that strikes me as encouraging and welcome news. The theme of the recently concluded HERO forum was Thriving Organizations Achieving Well-Being Through Collaboration. Much attention was focused on the Federal government’s Healthy People 2030 initiative, a science-based rendering of 10-year national objectives. The goal of Healthy People continues to be improving the health of all Americans.

Based upon short (under six minute) expert interviews conducted on the last HERO conference with national figures in worksite wellness, an extra glimpse into REAL wellness-related initiatives in corporate programming may be sensed.


Krystal Sexton, head of Human Performance and Care at Shell, identified psychological characteristics of employees who most impact organizational performance. Such Individual qualities include hope, optimism, resilience and self-confidence; team dynamic aspects that matter most are those who are likely to lift people up, provide role clarity and find common ground.

Unfortunately, this and the opposite interviews didn’t discover specific company wellness programs that addresses these drivers of company success. I’ll look on the brilliant side and assume there have to be training for all that promotes specific agendas.

A video of and follow-up telephone and e-mail communications with Jessica Grossmeier, HERO’s Vice-President of Research, revealed the character of the HERO scorecard. The instrument is designed to assist organizations discover best practices for promoting workplace wellbeing. It identifies opportunities to enhance and measure progress.

Nevertheless, Ms. Grossmeier noted that the present version of the tool only addresses the Athleticism element, but invited suggestions about future iterations of the Scorecard. One resource was cited as an effort to assist industry professionals develop more critical considering skills. HERO has since provided more detailed examples of find out how to apply these critical considering tricks to findings in quite a few research studies.

The Expert Interview Series on HERO’s YouTube Channel features additional short videos of national leaders who spoke on the recent HEROForum19′ gathering on the Achieving Well-being through Collaboration theme.

• Nico Pronk, Dushanka Kleinman and Mary Pittman on Healthy People 2030: Objectives for the Nation and the Role of Business.

• Sara Singer, Stanford professor on 4 pillars of a culture of health and the role of internal and external collaboration.

• Brian Castrucci, President and CEO of the deBeaumont Foundation on the business case for personal sector and community partnerships and collaboration.

• Andrea Walsh, JD, President and CEO HealthPartners on the advantages to business of community health, on reducing stigma of mental illness and the imperative of partnerships.

• Matt Steifel, Kaiser Permanente on the connection between social determinants of health and the role of those aspects in workplace health and well-being initiatives.

• Karen Moseley, President, HERO on the role of collaborations and measurement development on what’s next and mission critical for HERO.

• Paul Terry, Senior Fellow, HERO, on latest study findings released for the primary time at HEROForum19′.


Before going any further, let me express gratitude to Paul Terry for extraordinary assistance that made possible this quick tour of latest developments and meaningful advances within the art and science of worksite health promotion. The links alone needs to be of value to many who may not otherwise have discovered these informative resources.

What’s amazing is that Paul provided this guidance while climbing down and out of the Grand Canyon, communicating only by carrier pigeons and mirrors to relay data to HERO headquarters in Minneapolis. (The part about climbing within the Grand Canyon is true.)

So, did I profit from this periodic review of my notion that worksite wellness has done too little to advertise wellbeing while focusing an excessive amount of on identifying and modifying dangerous habits? It seems so. As all study authors note on the conclusion of their research reports, further studies (and generous grants to fund same) are imperative.

It was definitely helpful to learn more in regards to the work the HERO organization is doing on this field. HERO is to worksite wellness what the National Wellness Institute once was to the promotion of the wellness concept and the Global Wellness Institute is for the concept today — a worldwide promoter of research, initiatives, roundtables, annual summits, discussions, gatherer of wellness evidence and sponsor of daring initiatives, similar to The Wellness MoonshotTM: A World Freed from Preventable Disease. In their very own words, the GWI informs and connects key stakeholders able to impacting the general wellbeing of our planet and its residents. Not incidentally, GWI makes all of its worthwhile information and resources available for free of charge, which allows anyone, anywhere, access.

In conclusion (finally), this review has made me more informed and way more inquisitive about learning more about latest developments in worksite wellness relative to REAL wellness. Again, due to all who contributed, directly and otherwise.


Wellness initially took root as a life-style, a way that individuals make informed selections to ascertain and sustain positive levels of mental and physical health beyond the absence of illness and disease. The approach to life is founded on personal responsibility, disciplined habits and skills related to effective decision-making, enjoyment of life, exercise, nutrition, stable emotions, personal freedoms of mind and body, ample meaning and purpose, a supportive culture and environmental awareness, amongst other life-enriching qualities. In a piece setting, safety may also be promoted, in the shape of freedom to talk freely without fear of retribution.

This meaning of the word is consistent with REAL wellness, the difference being that the modifier REAL introduces 4 specific categories or dimensions through which vital skills and positive outcomes are organized. These 4 dimensions can encompass all venues through which we function, similar to the social, occupational and other life areas commonly put forth as wellness dimensions. (As if different skills were required for optimal functioning in varied spheres of life.) The 4 REAL wellness dimensions are reason, exuberance, athleticism (exercise and nutrition) and liberty.

REAL wellness should encourage and guide people to think and performance rationally, to live exuberantly, to take care of physical fitness, to dine properly consistent with factual dietary knowledge and to live as freely as possible. The latter means becoming liberated from cultural or circumstantial elements similar to superstitions, irrational dogmas and other mental and social limitations that add constraints on personal liberties.

And that is about it, folks.

The tip.