As you get older, your skin changes-and so should your beauty products. The tinted moisturizer can have worked if you were a teen, nevertheless it won’t have the opportunity to ward off the wrinkles if you’re 30. By the point you hit 40, it’s possible you’ll even must call in reinforcements: eye cream, night cream, firming gel, and a weekly beauty treatment. See, that is why people buy nice houses after they grow up. They need larger bathroom cabinets.

Why does this occur? Three words: hormones, moisture and skin cell generation. When estrogen levels flare (during adolescence and pregnancy), so do our breakouts; after they dip (after menopause) our skin becomes thin and susceptible to tremendous lines. Our skin also loses its ability to retain moisture, and produce healthy skin cells that end in that natural radiant glow (thank God for blush).

That is where beauty products and wonder treatments are available. They supply the nutrients, helping skin cell production. They add moisture, stopping dryness and wrinkles. They remove dead skin cells and any nasty impurities that may cause breakouts. So which beauty products and wonder treatments do you wish now? Read on.

Teens. Today’s clogged pores are tomorrow’s pimples. Wash your face twice a day and never, ever fall asleep with makeup on. Soap dries the skin, so use a beauty product- like a facial wash, cleanser or astringent-that doesn’t contain alcohol. One other beauty tip: use moisturizer, even in case your skin is so supple now you do not think you wish it. It prevents future problems, and controls flakiness. If you have got combination skin, use an oil-free beauty product.

Twenties. Your skin is at its best now: you are past the hormonal fluctuations, but still freed from wrinkles. Nevertheless, long hours at work may cause dark circles and flakiness, and sun damage is starting to set in (you only cannot see it). Be extra vigilant about sun protection. Search for beauty products that serve dual purposes, e.g. moisturizer with SPF. You furthermore may need regular beauty treatments to exfoliate dead skin and take away impurities (hey, an excuse to go to the wonder salon together with your girlfriends!). By your late twenties, you must also expand your beauty supplies to incorporate night cream and eye cream to scale back puffiness. If it sounds complicated, discover a beauty brand that carries a whole line from cleanser to moisturizer.

Thirties. Your skin produces less oil, causing it to crack and flake. You wish beauty products that contain glycolic acid, which reduces tremendous lines and wrinkles, and keeps the skin smooth. Chances are you’ll also must upgrade your moisturizer for a richer cream, or a beauty product specifically for older skin. Beauty treatments like deep-cleansing and deep-moisturizing masks are a must-hey, they’re cheaper than cosmetic surgery.

Forties. Your skin begins to lose its battle with gravity. Amongst your beauty product essentials are a firming cream, or any moisturizer that incorporates alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). Skin doesn’t heal as quickly because it used to, either, so you wish your Vitamin C. The drop in estrogen levels also can trigger a pale skin tone; to bring back the glow, head for the wonder salon for a rejuvenating facial (oatmeal and avocado scrubs work wonders) or have your individual beauty treatment at home.

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