Online marketing is an excellent business model, but identical to a business you’re going to have some expenses that occur with marketing online. There are little doubt many things that you’ll need to pay for, but is traffic certainly one of them? Here I would like to share with you my thoughts on paying for traffic, and if it is admittedly value it.

Truthfully the considered paying for traffic makes me cringe just a little bit. It’s because since traffic might be had without cost, why must you pay for it?

When most individuals take into consideration paying for traffic, the mechanically assume that I’m talking about PPC. I don’t do much PPC marketing, because the clicking costs might be outrageous in most of the profitable, competitive niches. Subsequently in case you are going to pay for traffic, you want to find more economical strategies. Paying over $1.00 per click just isn’t an efficient traffic strategy, unless you’ve an enormous budget.

For those who are going to pay for traffic, then take into consideration promoting on a web site or blog that gets a ton of highly targeted traffic. That is the kind of paid promoting that may work, because you might be likely going to get very targeted traffic, and never lose your shirt for it. One other paid traffic tactic that has benefited me is solo ads. That is where you pay the owner of an email list a certain price to send a “stand alone” ad promoting your offer to their email list.

With all of that said, I still prefer free traffic methods. There’s just a lot free traffic available when you consider classified ads, social media, article marketing, forum posting, etc. Just remember, it just isn’t the affiliate with probably the most traffic that wins, however the one who can convert it into sales!

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