There are specific classes that one may attend to further develop their self defense techniques and learn more self defense moves. Particularly to those classes is one which is named Model Mugging. Now what’s model mugging? It’s a category designed to empower women each physically and mentally, to organize them for what scenarios may occur outside the security of their homes, and to provide them an idea on how you can react to those violent situations.

Now, model mugging will consist of a single, normally female, defender and either a lone assailant or more. The defenders can be trained on self defense techniques which can consist of either unarmed or armed techniques. Unarmed techniques will concentrate on striking the opponent in pressure points, or those areas with a good amount of nerve bundles. For instance, the temple, nose, eyes, throat, armpits, solar plexus, false ribs, groin, inguinal area, thighs, knees, or shins. Armed techniques can be with the usage of mace, pepper spray, key chains, or the like.

The assailants alternatively, can be wearing full body pads or armor. It is going to be smart to notice that these classes will hold lessons which can be reality based. Meaning, the assailants will truly attack the feminine students with full force. So, a lot of these situations will force the scholars to release adrenaline, which may even be the case in the event that they were attacked out on the streets. The adrenaline based self defense moves will teach students to plan and coordinate every movement to achieve one goal, immobilize the assailant and run away. If it is feasible to strike the opponent once and run away then that can be great, but when more strikes are needed to disarm or immobilize the opponent then striking vital areas can be among the many targets to hit to ensure that the assailant to be dropped at a halt.

Even before the attack is made, the defender should all the time look for tactics to flee. If running away is feasible, then that might be the wisest decision. But when not, the defender should all the time convey to the attacker that she isn’t going to provide up with no fight. Stand your ground with an open stance, look him in the attention and be indignant. Don’t show him fear for it’s going to only fuel his ego. If he starts charging at you then your best bet can be attacking the lower portion of his body with kicks. Don’t go kicking your brains out because he might catch your leg. Be methodical. A single kick to either one in every of his shins, knee, or groin will likely immobilize him. Kick him such as you mean it.

With all these self defense techniques and self defense moves, the one pre-requisite is…be alert and focused. Don’t give in to the concept he’s going to win, or that he’s stronger. Use your brain and you should have a greater advantage. Study pressure points and you should have an edge. Take heed to your intuition and it’s possible you’ll prevent a lot of these situations. And most of all trust your instincts, it might save your life.

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