Ready to begin an exercise program? That is great, but there are several steps you must take should you want your exercise regimen to achieve success.

1. Determine Your Readiness for Exercise. There are two elements you will need to consider before starting an exercise program. The primary is your physical readiness. The one solution to determine should you are physically ready for exercise is thru a medical exam. Tell your doctor you need to begin a fitness program and you need to be sure that you might be healthy enough to begin. The second consideration is your mental readiness. Specifically, you will need to consider how likely you might be to stick to an exercise program once you start. Research has identified several aspects which might be related to long-term success including past exercise experience, high self-confidence with regard to exercise, a positive view of exercise, an awareness of the positive health advantages of exercise, support from family and friends, and convenience. The more of those aspects you might have in your favor, the more likely you should have success in your fitness program.

2. Concentrate on Increased Activity, Not a Formal Exercise Program. You don’t have to interact in vigorous physical activity to extend your level of fitness and improve your overall health. In actual fact, the American College of Sports Medicine has emphasized that half-hour of moderate physical activity (e.g., walking, golfing) on most days is enough to understand necessary health advantages. While it will not prepare you to run a marathon or ride the Tour de France, you’ll reach a better fitness level than a sedentary person. You may even feel higher.

3. Select an Exercise You Really Enjoy. Maintaining a long-term exercise program is very correlated with having fun with that program. You’ll almost definitely quit should you don’t enjoy your fitness regimen! Due to this fact, be sure that you choose activities you actually like. Remember, you might have a spread of activities to pick from comparable to walking, cycling, running, weightlifting, rollerblading, dancing, golf, handball, tennis, racquetball, basketball and plenty of more.

4. Learn Methods to Perform the Exercise Safely. The only biggest reason exercise programs fail is injury. An injury can include significant damage to muscle tissue comparable to a sprain or the relatively minor muscle damage that manifests itself in soreness. Either situation can diminish your motivation to exercise. Due to this fact, whatever activity you select, be sure that you learn the best way to perform it safely and take it easy, especially to start with.

5. Exercise with Others. Boredom is one other common reason exercise programs fail. One solution to overcome this problem is to exercise with friends. This provides several advantages including a way of camaraderie, a positive social experience and the flexibility to push one another to higher levels of performance. Remember, for this to work you might have to search out an exercise all participants can enjoy, and you will need to accommodate various degrees of fitness.

6. Take part in Organized Fitness Events. An awesome solution to motivate yourself is to participate in an organized fitness event. On any given weekend, there are actually hundreds of fitness events, competitive and non-competitive, geared toward a wide range of physical activities. These include swimming, climbing, cycling, climbing, running, walking, rollerblading and racquet sports. Select an activity you actually enjoy and participate with a friend.

7. Prepare for Setbacks. Irrespective of how successful you might be along with your fitness regimen, you’ll experience setbacks. There will probably be missed workouts, poor eating days and plateaus where you simply can not seem to improve. Don’t fret about it! Setbacks are inevitable, so recognize that they’ll occur and do not get down on yourself. Just give attention to getting back on schedule as soon as you’ll be able to.

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