15 Suggestions for Sticking With Your Exercise Program

You’ve got decided to start out an exercise program and that is great. Unfortunately, greater than half of all individuals who begin an exercise regimen quit throughout the first six months. It’s tough to develop a successful exercise program that you’re going to keep on with for the remainder of your life. Nonetheless, there are steps we will take to spice up our enthusiasm and to facilitate long-term program adherence. Specifically, these 15 behaviors will make it easier to keep on with an exercise program for years to come back:

1. Set realistic goals. Ensure your expectations regarding your exercise program are reasonable.

2. Write your goals and post them in a visual area. This provides you with a continuing reminder of why you’re exercising.

3. Share your goals with others. This permits your pals and members of the family to encourage you.

4. Consistently monitor your progress. Regular improvement is an incredible motivator.

5. Select a convenient time and place on your workouts. You might be rather more prone to keep on with your exercise program whether it is convenient for you.

6. Start easy and slowly construct your effort. Simply stated, don’t overdo it!

7. Keep your exercise sessions transient. half-hour is enough in most instances.

8. Select a wide range of exercises and activities to avoid boredom. Boredom is a typical reason for quitting an exercise program.

9. Mix family and exercise time. For instance, walking, climbing, skating and bike riding all offer a chance to mix exercise with family time.

10. Learn do your exercises safely. Injury and soreness are common reasons for quitting an exercise program.

11. Work out at the identical time daily. This can help you get within the habit of exercising at a selected time of day.

12. Keep an exercise journal. This provides you with an image of your progress, which might be an incredible motivator.

13. Schedule activities around your exercise sessions. Once you’ve got identified the times and times you’ll exercise each week, schedule your other activities around these times. This demonstrates the importance of your exercise program in your life.

14. Don’t stress out in case you miss a workout. Missing an occasional workout will not be an issue. In actual fact, it’s to be expected. Just get back to work the subsequent day.

15. Ensure you’ve got fun. Nobody sticks with exercise unless they enjoy it. You may make certain you’ve got fun by choosing activities you actually enjoy and by understanding with others.

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